Friday, October 31, 2008

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Friends, First off, I need to draw your attention to the "new" feature on my Blog [thanks to Krissy for helping me]. On the right side of the format is an area for visitors to become one of my "followers" --and there by get my latest blog posts zapped right into their own mail box every time I post !

Most everyone is unhappy with the way AOL Journals kicked us out and left us in a quandary to figure things out for ourselves. It has been a royal pain in the neck! Some of us are quicker to catch on to this new operation/ web site. I am JUST an average guy--not a main brain, technical guy, and I depend on my patience, experience and friends to get me over the hump. To them I say THANK YOU!

In my personal case suffering from depression, PTSD, many times I just get in a 'funk', a rut, a sour mood that doesn't help anybody I came in contact with. So I have developed a regimen to jerk myself out of those foul moods, out of the sour "poor me" mentality and mind set. Some may called it a "chill pill" or a new lease on life. Daily contact with the Bible, like reading Psalms, Proverbs, etc will brighten my outlook. Going to church regularly and seeing my true friends [brothers and sisters in Christ] and prayer really helps too. But I seem to get into a 'new kick' [that fires up my heart and soul] like recently getting back into guitar. I just LOVE music-- but now days MOST of it is God-dishonoring trash or Satanic-- but there are still some good, quality, happy songs/ music. Music takes my mind off my own problems and can be used to cheer up myself and others. It also can be used to honor, praise and worship the Lord!

As so many of you fine folks have helped to cheer me up so many times with kind, warm comments on my blog posts and personal emails/ letters -- I want to reciprocate and give back--- return the kindness and joy. This is one of the main reasons for my on-line Journal; I consider it part of my Christian ministry, or sorts, much like going 'door to door' sharing the Good News of God's Kingdom!

As I was listening last night before bed to a Christian radio, WVCY 107.7 FM about 9:10 PM, a soft spoken gentleman was saying that we should all be praying hard concerning the coming presidential election. Regarding prayer the bible tells us that we servants of God should prayer over many matters, but even the 'righteous' won't always get their prayers answered or what they want! God surely knows what is best for us and what is hurtful for us in the long run! Only He knows if the last 'signs of the end times' have all been fulfilled. No matter what WE may think or want - God just plain knows IF the world is ready for JUDGMENT or not ! I surely don't know what is going to happen [obviously, mere human that I am...duh]! But just like Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane before he was betrayed at Mark 14: 36 "And He was saying, Abba! Father! All things are possible for You; remove this cup from Me; yet not what I will, but what YOU will." Yes, we must understand that if the most Liberal 'abortion man' gets elected-- God may be planning to loose His terrible judgment on all mankind after His servants have been preaching far and wide all these years and the Bible news just falls on deaf ears and the world grows more wicked and immoral every day.

I am writing this post not to scare anyone or be a defeatist -- but to prepare my friends, fellow believers and readers of ALL possibilities and the probable out come that must EVENTUALLY come to pass as God Himself warned. We are positively voting for McCain-- but we surely recognize that GOD'S WILL trumps ever thing else in the world of imperfect mankind.

And now to help Sharon clean the house.... Ha!
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Guitar Chords that I need to re-study and brush up on.

A Guide To Guitar Chords

Guitar Chord Charts for Bar Chords

Here are the guitar chord charts for the basic guitar bar chords. Included are major, minor and dominant guitar bar chords.

The Guitar Chord Charts:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Great, cool, funny, Song attached on this Post.

Great, cool song below! >>> Woo Hoo! :-)

Thomas G. Schuckman
Heli-gunner Tom.
"Life is a Vapor" -James 4:14

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Subject: [Heli-gunner Tom.] Great, cool, funny, So...

Super fine song for the McCain' Palin ticket! Woo Hoo! You will LOVE it >>> turn on the sound!

This good, fine Fall type of paradise Wisconsin weather won't last forever! But we will take it.

I just don't know why I have been in a good, joyful, thankful state of mind lately-- but I'll take it. I don't know who is going to win the election on Nov. 4th -- but I will HAVE to take it too. I am doing my level best to spread a conservative combat Veteran's philosophy/ mind set concerning protecting America in it's greatest challenge for survival with so many enemies who want to crush us any way they can-- but if it's going to be God's Will --- I'll take it. I know that with most of the world they will vote for the bottom line-- MONEY $$$, and how much they can get from a certain candidate, [B. Hussein Obama] how many hand outs and entitlements if they are too darn lazy to educate themselves and WORK for a living.

Well, my type of hard work ethic, Christian warrior may becoming extinct-- and if that is so we might just conclude that the heavenly Father above has also had a 'belly full' of this immoral, baby killing, God-hating society that much resembles ancient Sodom and Gomorrah and the violent time just before the Noahian flood. For most worldly people, God is not even in the equation! You know that the God of the Bible can be worked out and banished from a country or region in just ONE GENERATION?? God is loving, merciful and Just-- but He is also a Jealous God with righteous indignation and Anger. He has PROMISED to vindicate His name and clean up the world by erasing the wickedness in one big sweep.. and soon! Yet, most humans don't care, but laugh in derision at that prospect.

So, now on the eve of the great election in the USA, what ever/ who ever the people elect, IMHO [in my humble opinion] -- my God is and will be in control. I figure that no matter who wins-- this gigantic, colossal mess of immorality and economic woe will just be too much for any human to "fix."

My wife and I, and most likely 99% of our church members will vote for the McCain/ Palin ticket, because they are the guardians of unborn life in the womb, one man - one woman marriage, respecters of the Constitution, the 1st and2nd Amendments and other good things that protect our way of life and freedom. They are far from perfect and I actually strongly disagree with some of McCain's past actions and ideas. But that is the way I see things, and perhaps his short time in office will provide a little more time to reach more people and share with them the wonderful promises of God, in the Bible. That is all I wish to say in this public forum today.

Have a wonderful say before the snow comes!
Enjoy that cool, funny song I inserted above.


Posted By Heli gunner Tom to Heli-gunner Tom. at 10/30/2008 12:14:00 PM

McCain or Obama? Stay up

Movie ! The Everlasting effects of Agent Orange.

The Everlasting, horrible effects of Agent Orange --- Movie >>> watch!
Thank you, Dow Chemical and Monsanto, for making this monstrous chemical weapon! The Lord will certainly judge you according to your merits. And American soldiers are still fighting the VA for just compensation! Ha!

http://www.thepower schedule. htm

PAUL COX along with, DANG HONG NHUT and TRAN THI HOAN from an all-women delegation of Agent Orange victims from Vietnam are currently traveling across the country to advocate for compensation from the US government, Dow Chemical and Monsanto (the companies responsible for making the majority of Agent Orange) for both Vietnamese victims and US Veterans, as well as a commitment to clean up lands contaminated by Agent Orange.

Please Note: Dang Hong Nhut is from Ho Chi Minh City. She suffers from cancer & had multiple miscarriages due to exposure to Agent Orange. Tran Thi Hoan, a 21 year old college student. She was born without legs due to her mother’s exposure to Agent Orange.
Website: agentorange. org



Great, cool, funny, Song attached on this Post.

Super fine song for the McCain' Palin ticket! Woo Hoo! You will LOVE it >>> turn on the sound!

This good, fine Fall type of paradise Wisconsin weather won't last forever! But we will take it.


A pic of Tom adjusting his Oxy-Acetylene torch... getting ready to cut some steel-- above >>>
I just don't know why I have been in a good, joyful, thankful state of mind lately-- but I'll take it. I don't know who is going to win the election on Nov. 4th -- but I will HAVE to take it too. I am doing my level best to spread a conservative combat Veteran's philosophy/ mind set concerning protecting America in it's greatest challenge for survival with so many enemies who want to crush us any way they can-- but if it's going to be God's Will --- I'll take it. I know that with most of the world they will vote for the bottom line-- MONEY $, and how much they can get from a certain candidate, [B. Hussein Obama] how many hand outs and entitlements if they are too darn lazy to educate themselves and WORK for a living.

Well, my type of hard work ethic, Christian warrior may becoming extinct-- and if that is so we might just conclude that the heavenly Father above has also had a 'belly full' of this immoral, baby killing, God-hating society that much resembles ancient Sodom and Gomorrah and the violent time just before the Noahian flood. For most worldly people, God is not even in the equation! You know that the God of the Bible can be worked out and banished from a country or region in just ONE GENERATION?? God is loving, merciful and Just-- but He is also a Jealous God with righteous indignation and Anger. He has PROMISED to vindicate His name and clean up the world by erasing the wickedness in one big sweep.. and soon! Yet, most humans don't care, but laugh in derision at that prospect.

So, now on the eve of the great election in the USA, what ever/ who ever the people elect, IMHO [in my humble opinion] -- my God is and will be in control. I figure that no matter who wins-- this gigantic, colossal mess of immorality and economic woe will just be too much for any human to "fix."

My wife and I, and most likely 99% of our church members will vote for the McCain/ Palin ticket, because they are the guardians of unborn life in the womb, one man - one woman marriage, respecters of the Constitution, the 1st and2nd Amendments and other good things that protect our way of life and freedom. They are far from perfect and I actually strongly disagree with some of McCain's past actions and ideas. But that is the way I see things, and perhaps his short time in office will provide a little more time to reach more people and share with them the wonderful promises of God, in the Bible. That is all I wish to say in this public forum today.

Have a wonderful day before the snow comes! Change the filter in your furnace. Pick up the back yard one more time. Get out your 'long johns' underwear. And send your wife to get a pedicure [about $30.] !
Enjoy that cool, funny song I inserted above.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AWANA at Church on Wednesday nights.

Before we arrived at church tonight for the Prayer Meeting and the AWANA meeting [Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed] Christian kids group- Baptists, we stopped at the Music Store in Kenosha for a music stand, wide leather guitar strap and a harmonica. Are we ready to rock 'n roll or what!? I am going to buy a rubber squeeze ball to strengthen up my left hand and wrist to makeit easier to play mynew guitar.. and Iam so out of shape and stiff for all these years of non-practise. I broke both wrists and both radius and ulna [fore arms] when I was a Senior in high school wrestling-- lifting too much weight on a "clean and jerk" power lifting manuver. I was afraid that it might keep me out of the Army-- but I toughed it out.. lol.

After the adults prayer meeting was over I walked over to see the closing moments of AWANA, and the kids were so very unruly, rude and ill mannered and loud. With all due respect, this has been a real source of concern for most of the AWANA workers and helpers. And on the bus ministry that our church/ pastor started, some of the kids from the ghettos have verbally abused our leaders, drivers and staff with very COURSE, vulgar, language and cursing/ fighting! The pastor continues to ask the staff to be firm but patient and kind to the ghetto kids because their souls are on the line. He keeps telling the workers and staff that they are only "kids."

As you all know, I like and respect the pastor and obey him in all things that are biblically lawful. I know he has the best interests of everyone at heart. But I, personally could/ would NEVER volunteer for that teaching position, even though many say that I am a good teacher, and the pastor has acked for more muchneeded volunteers-- because I will just not tolerate such misbehavior/ mischief. Actually, some of the kids are sent home and asked never to return--as they are so bad with dirty, disrespectful mouths and habits. But some of them regardless of race are very nice and eager to learn and memorize the scriptures and love Jesus. My wife cracks the whip and stands for no foolishness... lol.
I guess that some of us just don't have the temperament for AWANA, etc, and many times it amounts to an hour of 'babysitting' while the parents are 'goofing around,' doing drugs, drinking, etc, and we all know that. Another 'sign of the times.' Oh well...

I wish I had more energy because our house is so messy and my wife lets everything stack up to the ceiling and procrastinates. I have another close friend who's wife is an immaculate house cleaner but she is so hard to get along with... lol. I would NEVER want a perfect wife-- because then she would only MAGNIFY all MY imperfections... Ha! I think that most men would be very satisfied with an average hard working woman who likes flowers, candy, a good rub down/ massage for her aching muscles, a pedicure and taken out for a good T-bone steak once a week...
Woo Hoo!! Dream on --Dream on--Dreamer...

Tomorrow morning I have to drive to Milwaukee VA to pick up some late meds. They are NOT reliable all the time...but then that's the VA and we are only disabled combat Veterans. If Obama wins-- we can expects things to get worse. Good Night.


The "Bakken Formation."

<<< Great Song !

Ever heard of the Bakken Formation?

GOOGLE it or follow this link. It will blow your mind.

The U.S. Geological Service issued a r eport in April ('08) that only scientists and oilmen knew was coming, but man was it big. It was a revised report (hadn't been updated since '95) on how much oil was in this area of the western 2/3 of North Dakota; western South Dakota; and extreme eastern Montana ... check THIS out:

The Bakken is the largest domestic oil discovery since Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, and has the potential to eliminate all American dependence on foreign oil. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates it at 503 billion barrels. Even if just 10% of the oil is recoverable... at $107 a barrel, we're looking at a resource base worth more than $5.3 trillion.

'When I first briefed legislators on this, you could practically see their jaws hit the floor. They had no idea.' says Terry Johnson, the Montana Legislature's financial analyst.

'This sizable find is now the highest-producing onsho re oil field found in the past 56 years,' reports The Pittsburgh Post Gazette. It's a formation known as the Williston Basin, but is more commonly referred to as the 'Bakken.' And it stretches from Northern Montana, through North Dakota and into Canada. For years, U.S.oil exploration has been considered a dead end. Even the 'Big Oil' companies gave up searching for major oil wells decades ago. However, a recent technological breakthrough ha s opened up the Bakken's massive reserves... and we now have access of up to 500 billion barrels. And because this is light, sweet oil, those billions of barrels will cost Americans just $16 PER BARREL!

That's enough crude to fully fuel the American economy for 41 years straight.

2. [And if THAT didn't t hrow you on the floor, then this next one should - because it's from TWO YEARS AGO, people!]

U.S.Oil Discovery- Largest Reserve in the World!
Stansberry Report Online - 4/20/2006 Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lies the largest untapped oil reserve in the world is more than 2 TRILLION barrels. On August 8, 2005 President Bush
mandated its extraction.

They reported this stunning news: We have more oil inside our borders, than all the other proven reserves on earth. Here are the official estimates:

-8-times as much oil as Saudi Arabia
-18-times as much oil a s Iraq
-21-times as much oil as Kuwait
-22-times as much oil as Iran
-500-times as much oil as Yemen- and it's all right here in the

Western United States.

HOW can this BE? HOW can we NOT BE extracting this!? Because the democrats, environmentalists and left wing republicans have blocked all efforts to help America become independent of foreign oil.

James Bartis, lead researcher with the study says we've got more oil in this very compact area than the entire Middle East -more than 2 TRILLION barrels. Untapped. That's more than all the proven oil reserves of crude oil in the world today, reports The Denver Post.

Don't think 'OPEC' will drop its price - even with this find? Think again! It's all about the competitive marketplace, - it has to.

[Got your attention/ire up yet?
Hope so! Now, while you're thinking about it ... and hopefully P.O'd, do this:

3. Take 10 minutes and compose an e-mail; fax or good old-fashioned letter to all your friends and associates. Alert them to the fact that democrats and 'liberal' republicans have been and will continue to obstruct all plans to make America independent of foreign oil. The only solution is to vote all democrats and Marxist oriented republicans out of office.

If you don't take a little time to do this, then you should stifle yourself the next time you want to complain about gas prices .. because by doing NOTHING, you've forfeited your right to complain.

Cobb County...Expect The Best

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I bought a new guitar.

Hi Friends, Readers and Believers!
I bought a new guitar!
Some one recently asked why I set the size of my text so large-- and I said it's because some of my friends' eyesight is getting worse with age-- and mine too.. lol.
But the last post was WAY TOO BIG.. and I apologize for that. Here is a good idea for those who can't see that well, from Yasmin: Check it out and share! Thank you, Yasmin.

I had a great day again and had a few short chores to do, then I went to visit a friend of mine to see his guitar. He said it was a beginner's, starter guitar [cheap] and when he told me the cost, i said, 'let's go and check them out at the music store.' So we did and I got that nervous feeling in my stomach-- when I am about to lay out some money, more then I really want to spend... lol. I ended up buying a nice solid body, electric GUITAR and Fender Amp. I thought, 'how am I going to explain this to my wife?' I make 90% of the income in our house hold-- but I still feel guilty... and I preach about saving money for hard times, etc... Ha!

But Sharon was excited and happy I bought the instrument! So I am 'off the hook' --and it wasn't too much money, relatively speaking. My buddy and I intend to learn a few Christian Hymns and perhaps play at church in the future if the pastor agrees. When I called my mom and told her about my new guitar she said it was a wonderful idea that would be much better than watching TV in the Winter months ahead. Actually,she bought a nice guitar for my dad about 50 some years ago and they used to play and sing as we kids would listen in awe and wonder. Dad even taught me guitar cords and some country and 'Old German Songs, etc.' Well, when I got to be a high school Junior, my parents bought me a small guitar for Christmas and latter I bought better equipment and played rhythm guitar and sang in 2 small, unknown rock 'n roll bands before I joined the Army in 1967 and made a few bucks. My youngest daughter, Sarah, studied the Viola as a child in grade school and we even played a a few tunes together. I love music anyway-- and my mom says that I should "make my own kind of music." Well, it's nice to see that mom is in good humor today... and that made me feel good too.

The guitar and Amp will be my Christmas present-- and I pleaded with my wife NOT to buy me anything more. I just don't put a lot of stock in all the Christmas material, commercial going's on and every year they start a few weeks earlier! And IMHO, I think that the majority of people now days could care less about the Lord Jesus Christ and His birth. It just gives them another excuse to party down, get drunk and immoral... like everything else. Not to be negative, but I get sick watching the early commercial aspect to the Holidays and buy, buy, buy.. and get into debt over something that they don't even believe in! I call them hypocrites and liars with the Santa Claus thing, instead of telling them the TRUTH by reading the Bible to their kids. And then their kids are "conditioned" to think that their parents must not love them if they don't get their fav. presents--even though their parents maynot be able to afford them. I just think the TRUTH would go a long way.

I am going to go to bed for a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP in our cozy warm bed... Woo Woo! Sharon is upstairs sewing on a few Veteran patches on my new chamois shirts that just came in the mail. I think that I will take her out for a late super of Spaghetti at a great Italian restaurant after church tomorrow evening to thank her for her hard, kind work. She loves that!

I know that my fingers will take a while to limber up and grow callouses so the hard steel strings won't hurt and cut my pea pickin' finger tips. But I know how to focus and practice often to get back to speed. I feel like a kid again!
Now my wife got the bug and is being more serious about her own keyboard practice [I bought her a nice piano/ organ key board last Christmas], but she was depressed when her teacher left for another state, and Sharon is kind of lost now and looking for a new instructor.
We are very blessed in our 'humble hovel' in small town, Wisconsin, America... amid all the lay-offs and hard times. The Spancrete company in IL where my brother and his 2 sons work at that concrete factory is closing it's doors permanently very soon. My brother, Albert, has over 34 years and will retire, but his sons probably will never earn the big paychecks that they used to in Chrystal Lake, Illinois. Been there-- done that. Not fun at all to be unemployed. And the beat goes on.
Click on:

02:24 From: expertvillage


Below is a compilation of articles received on Barak Obama.

Interesting website:


Why I Can't Vote For Obama By Huntley Brown

Dear Friends, A few months ago I was asked for my perspective on Obama, I sent out an email with a few points. With the election just around the corner I decided to complete my perspective. Those of you on my e-list have seen some of this before but it's worth repeating...
> First I must say whoever wins the election will have my prayer support. Obama needs to be commended for his accomplishments but I need to explain why I will not be voting for him.
> Many of my friends process their identity through their blackness. I process my identity through Christ. Being a Christian (a Christ follower) means He leads I follow. I can't dictate the terms He does because He is the leader.
> I can't vote black because I am black; I have to vote Christian because that's who I am. Christian first, black second. Neither should anyone from the other ethnic groups vote because of ethnicity. 200 years from now I won't be asked if I was black or white. I will be asked if I knew Jesus and accepted Him as Lord and Savior.
> In an election there are many issues to consider but when a society gets abortion, same-sex marriage, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning to name a few, wrong economic concerns will soon not matter.
> We need to follow Martin Luther King's words, don't judge someone by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I don't know Obama so all I can go off is his voting record. His voting record earned him the title of the most liberal senator in the US Senate in 2007.
> NATIONAL JOURNAL: Obama: Most Liberal Senator in 2007 (01/31/2008)
> To beat Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton as the most liberal senator, takes some doing. Obama accomplished this feat in 2 short years. I wonder what would happen to America if he had four years to work with.
> There is a reason Planned Parenthood gives him a 100 % rating. There is a reason the homosexual community supp orts him. There is a reason Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Castro, Hamas etc. love him. There is a reason he said he would nominate liberal judges to the Supreme Court. There is a reason he voted against the infanticide bill. There is a reason he voted No on the constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. There is a reason he voted No on banning partial birth abortion. There is a reason he voted No on confirming Justices Roberts and Alito. These two judges are conservatives and they have since overturned partial birth abortion. The same practice Obama wanted to continue.
> Let's take a look at the practice he wanted to continue
> The 5 Step Partial Birth Abortion procedures:
> A. Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby's leg with forceps. (Remember this is a live baby)
> B. The baby's leg is pulled out into the birth canal.
> C. The abortionist delivers the baby's entire body, except for the head.
> D. The abortionist jams scissors into the baby's skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the hole.
> E. The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child's brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed.
> God help him. There is a reason Obama opposed the parental notification law.
> Think about this: You can't give a kid an aspirin without parental notification but that same kid can have an abortion without parental notification. This is insane.
> There is a reason he went to Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years.
> Obama tells us he has good judgment but he sat under Jeremiah Wright teaching for 2 0 years. Now he is condemning Wright's sermons. I wonder why now?
> Obama said Jeremiah Wright led him to the Lord and discipled him. A disciple is one in training. Jesus told us in Matthew 28:19 - 20 'Go and make disciples of all nations.' This means reproduce yourself. Teach people to think like you, walk like you; talk like you believe what you believe etc. The question I have is what did Jeremiah Wright teach him?
> Would you support a White President who went to a church which has tenets that said they have a ...
> 1. Commitment to the White Community
> 2. Commitment to the White Family
> 3. Adherence to the White Work Ethic
> 4. Pledge to make the fruits of all developing and acquired skills available to the White Community.
> 5. Pledge to Allocate Regularly, a Portion of Personal Resources for Strengthening and Supporting White Institutions
> 6. Pledge allegiance to all White leadership who espouse and embrace the White Value System
> 7. Personal commitment to emb racement of the White Value System.
> Would you support a President who went to a church like that?
> Just change the word from white to black and you have the tenets of Obama's former church. If President Bush was a member of a church like this, he would be called a racist. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been marching outside.
> This kind of church is a racist church. Obama did not wake up after 20 years and just discovered he went to a racist church. The church can't be about race. Jesus did not come for any particular race. He came for the whole world.
> A church can't have a value system based on race. The churches value system has to be based on biblical mandate. It does not matter if it?s a white church or a black church it's still wrong. Anyone from either race that attends a church like this would never get my vote.
> Obama's former Pastor Jeremiah Wright is a disciple of liberal theologian James Cone, author of the 1970 book A Black Theology of Liberation. Cone once wrote: 'Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him.
> Cone is the man Obama's mentor looks up to. Does Obama believe this?
> So what does all this mean for the nation?
> In the past when the Lord brought someone with the beliefs of Obama to lead a nation it meant one thing - judgment.
> Read 1 Samuel 8 when Israel asked for a king. First God says in 1 Samuel 1:9 'Now listen to them; but warn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign over them will do.'
> Then God says
> 1 Samuel 1:18 ' When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, and the LORD will not answer you in that day.' 19 B ut the people refused to listen to Samuel. 'No!' they said. 'We want a king over us. 20 Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles.' 21 When Samuel heard all that the people said, he repeated it before the LORD. 22 The LORD answered, 'Listen to them and give them a king.'
> Here is what we know for sure.
> God is not schizophrenic
> He would not tell one person to vote for Obama and one to vote for McCain. As the scripture says, a city divided against itself cannot stand, so obviously many people are not hearing from God.
> Maybe I am the one not hearing but I know God does not change and Obama contradicts many things I read in scripture so I doubt it.
> For all my friends who are voting for Obama can you really look God in the face and say; Father based on your word, I am voting for Obama even though I know he will continue the genocidal practice of pa rtial birth abortion. He might have to nominate three or four Supreme Court justices, and I am sure he will be nominating liberal judges who will be making laws that are against you. I also know he will continue to push for homosexual rights, even though you destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for this. I know I can look the other way because of the economy.
> I could not see Jesus agreeing with many of Obama's positions. Finally I have two questions for all my liberal friends.
> Since we know someone's value system has to be placed on the nation,
> 1. Whose value system should be placed on the nation?
> 2. Who should determine that this is the right value system for the nation?
> Blessings, Huntley Brown

> Obama's Trip to Grandma's House Has a Detour thru the Hawaii Supreme Court??

By Informed Lawyer - Posted on October 21st, 2008

If you are deeply saddened by Obama's need to take two days off from a VERY close and heated election race to visit his deathly ill grandmother, fear no more!

Word has it that grandma will indeed recuperate. The problem may actually be with Obama.

You see, it appears that "An hour or so before Obama’s announcement, conservative commentator and Obama critic Andy Martin was scheduled to file an emergency petition with the Hawaii Supreme Court to “release Barack Obama’s family records,” including his “birth certificate and related records.” (No additional information at this time.)"

See: Curmudgeonly Skeptical Blog at:

"Martin alleges that the public should have access to the complete file of Barack Obama’s birth records, that we have a constitutional right to satisify ourselves as to a candidate’s qualifications for public office. In his emergency motion to the Hawaii
Supreme Court Monday, Martin, representing himself, argues two valid points: First, that “the authenticity and contents of a presidential candidate’s birth certificate is at the apex of First Amendment concerns.” And second: “….If Obama has posted a version of his birth certificate (on his website), it would appear he has waived any privacy issues…”

See: TD Blog at:

Barack Hussein Obama II

By Judah Benjamin

It has been asserted by a number of sources, including Andy Martin, that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Mombassa, Kenya and not in Hawaii.

Philip Berg's Latest Motion to the Court is more explicit since it gives an exact Place of Birth. I must assume that Berg did not simply pluck the Location out of thin air, Mombassa has more than one Hospital, though Coast Provincial General was the best in 1961.

British Birth Certificates have a Standard Format which has been more or less the same since 1837 and they can only be challenged in a British Court. Kenyan Law is explicit and can only be challenged in a Kenyan Court. Indonesian Law is explicit and can only be challenged in an Indonesian Court. Be clear, if Obama was born in Kenya this is not simply a matter for the US Courts, or US Law.

If he was born in Kenya, and his parents were Legally Married [which on the Preponderance of Evidence they were, his father's first "Marriage" being a Tribal, or Village, Marriage, which was not Legally Recognized] due to the age of his mother he would NOT have been a US Citizen. The Immigration and Nationality Act 1952, 8 U.S.C. 1401. Sec. 301 (g) [Effective November 14, 1986] does not apply, nor does Title III, Immigration and Nationality Act Section 309. [8 U.S.C. 1409].

Unless he has taken the Oath of Allegiance as a Naturalized Citizen since he was 18 years old, and if he was born in Mombassa, Kenya, Barack Hussein Obama II would not be a US Citizen, period. The issue of whether or not he was Natural Born under Article II of the Constitution of the United States would cease to matter and he would need to be Deported as an Illegal Alien.

Impeachment as a Senator would seem not to be necessary since he would never Legally have been one, but Diane Feinstein and the members of the Senate Ethics and Rules Committee would be liable to Impeachment. So would their opposite numbers in the Illinois Senate and the appropriate officials of the Illinois State Supreme Court and Bar, so far as I can see.

If Senator Barack Hussein Obama II was born in The Coast Provincial General Hospital at Mombassa in Kenya at 7.24 PM on August 4th 1961, or at any other time, he is not a Natural Born Citizen of these United States and he never was. Philip J Berg, Esq, is correct, under the Nationality Act of 1940, as Revised June 1952 and in accord with United States of America vs Cervantes-Nava 281 F 3d 501 (2002) and Drozd vs INS, 155 F 3d 81, 85-88 (2d Circuit 1998).

Senator Barack Hussein Obama II would not ever have been a Legal US Citizen at all, unless he was Naturalized.

If he was born in The Coast Provincial General Hospital at Mombassa in Kenya any Certificate, or Certification of Live Birth, issued for him by the State of Hawaii is a Fraudulent and Illegal Document.

At Birth he would have been a UK and Colonies Citizen and in accord with the Kenyan Constitution he would have become a Kenyan Citizen in December 1963. He would not have been a US Citizen.

Alternatively, his UK and Colonies Birth Certificate issued in Mombassa in August 1961 could be a Fraudulent and Illegal Document. The two BCs would need to be compared. By this I mean the Original Vault Copy of the Hawaiian Birth Certificate and not the Amended, Post Adoption, Copy, Legally available to the Senator, assuming he was, as indicated by the Preponderance of Evidence, Adopted by Lolo Soetoro.

This case might also need to go through the UK and Kenyan Courts and becomes a Matter of International Law and Controversy.

Posted by Alan Peters at 3:40 PM

ALAN PETERS: For many years involved with intelligence and
security matters in Iran with significant access at top levels during the
rule of the Shah, until early 1979. Currently an Iran SME (subject matter
expert), analyst/commentator, and multi-linguist.


From Sunday's Televised 'Meet the Press'
> Sun, 07 Sept. 2008 11:48:04 EST, General Bill
> Ginn' USAF (ret.) asked Obama
> to explain why he doesn't follow protocol when
> the National Anthem is played.
> The General also stated to the Senator that
> according to the United States Code,
> Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171... During rendition
> of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all
> present except those in uniform are expected to stand
> attention facing the flag with the right hand over the
> heart. At the very least, 'Stand and Face It'
> Senator Obama Live on Sunday states, 'As
> I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be
> perceived as taking sides, Obama said. 'There are a lot
> of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol
> of oppression. And the anthem itself conveys a war-like
> message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It
> should be swapped for something less parochial and less
> bellicose. I like the song 'I'd Like To Teach the
> World To Sing.' If that were our anthem, then I might
> salute it.'We should consider to reinvent our National
> Anthem as well as to redesign our Flag to better offer our
> enemies hope and love. It's my intention, if elected, to
> disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East
Brethren. If we as a Nation of warring people, should
> conduct ourselves as the nations of Islam, whereas peace
> prevails. Perhaps a state or period of mutual concord
> between our governments. When I become President, I will
> seek a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those
> who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom
> from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation have
> placed upon the nations of Islam an unfair injustice. My
> wife disrespects the Flag for many personal reasons.
> Together she and I have attended several flag burning
> ceremonies in the past, many years ago. She has her views
> and I have mine'. Of course now, I have found myself
> about to become the President of the United States and I
> have put aside my hatred. I will use my power to bring
CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path of

hope. My wife and I look forward to becoming our
Country's First Family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to
overwhelm the United States of America.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it right. This
could possibly be our next President.
I, for one, am speechless.
Dale Lindsborg, WashingtonPost

Monday, October 27, 2008

More Welding today in chilly WI weather. Brrr.

Another full day of welding repair and good fellowship.

Since my close friend has entrusted me with some personal things today as a fellow Vietnam combat Vet and Christian brother-- I will only speak about the stuff that I consider OK... We took our time this morning getting started at 0900 at the church garage again, and today was very windy and cold, about 37 F., and we both should have dressed a bit warmer. We are both about the same age, I am age 59. Bro. Marvin [one of the many names I call him-- and we love to joke around and kid each other] seemed to have much on his mind so I MADE time for him-- and we ae both retired from Chrysler. Marv just felt the need to take a sit down break and talk to me and clear the air about the past, etc.
There was a lot on his mind about the past and his insight/ observations/ past fears/ nightmares and problems. I didn't know that he contracted Malaria over in 'Nam, and also used to be very heavy! Now he is skin and bones, about 6 ft tall, but malaria whittled him down, plus he suffers from Emphysema and COPD. His doctors say that he has already out lived their projected 5 years.. and he knows that he is living on borrowed time and looks forward to Heaven. Stuff like this has always bothered me and angered me-- that every time I finally get to meet and like another person, they either die, leave, move and I have lost them some how! Or perhaps, God is using me in a small way to walk into their lives and help, encourage and listen to their problems, pray for them/ with them and share the grand hopes of the Bible, God's Word. We biblical Christians and combat Vets seem to have a peaceful out look on Death and eternal life.
As we go on with life and Witness to others about God's salvation where ever our paths may take us, we recognize that this is the finest labor/ work that we can do for the Lord--- WITNESS! The 'fruitage of the Lips.'
I agreed to help Marvin with his new claim to the VA for another service-connected disability, PTSD [100%], and I believe that if he gets it, he will only pay off his bills to help his wife survive and gain a tiny bit of dignity before he goes to meet the Lord. We both prayed and confessed our many sins of the past to each other and expressed some guilt. But I kept reminding him that he [ we] are already forgiven and should NOT feel any more guilt-- but just try not to make the same mistakes [me too, of]. Both dodging bullets in Vietnam, and missiles from Satan afterward, we know the mercy of Jesus Christ, our personal Savior.
Actually, just writing this post is getting me too emotional and misty with some regret. I may have a way with words but it rough on the soul to be dredging up the proper words that best express my feelings and thoughts. I have a number of buddies like Marvin and they all tell me they love and pray for me too! God has blessed me-- and I see His purpose more clearly now.
It is my personal opinion that who ever wins this coming election in America will have inherited a wild tiger and a world mess, and NO HUMAN CAN CHANGE THIS FOR THE BETTER-- as it is too little/ too late. The world as a whole, generally speaking, has REJECTED Jesus Christ and are hell bent to continue their greed, corruption, God hating, selfish, prideful, wicked ways. They are steeped in gross immorality, abortions, the Gay agenda and violence. We are RIPE for the Lord's mighty sword of vindication and JUSTICE. My wife and I are voting for the McCain/ Palin ticket-- the lesser of 2 evils, but even if John does win-- he is pulling/ working against a loaded deck of far Lefty, Dems agenda with the majority in both houses! He would be a 'lame duck' from the get go.
Friends, in all this confusion and total mess, we can still TRUST in the promises of God's Word, the bible. We are not left alone in the 'Lion's Den' but we must continue to do the Lord's work and stay as close to Him as possible in these 'end times.' I guess that there are many other web sites like mine-- but if you ever want to just sit down and talk... I will be here for you. Bless all my feinds and believers!

Warm Regards,

Great VA 'Watch Dog' web site for Veterans ! Share!

Heli-gunner Tom.
I just found a few more super good Veteran 'watch dog' groups/ web sites! Woo Woo! Please share these important sites withother Vets and their families! Thank you!

Tom Schuckman
On Wisconsin! >>>> <<<<<

This just got worse -this is my post this AM at as to
latest VA Watchdog story-

"On October 22, 2008, the New York State Division of Veterans'
held a Counselor Refresher Training Seminar at Stewart Air
National Guard Base
in Newburgh, NY. Early in the meeting a New York
VARO representative, who gave his name as John B., said problems
found by VAOIG were improper entry dates on documents and improper
procedures. John B. stated 20,000 pieces of mail were not opened and
paperwork files were not collated or properly attended to.
Apparently, this had been going on for some time."
full story at the Watchdog link-
Source :http://www.vawatchd nf08/nfoct08/ nf102708- 1.htm

Larry Scott said it all this morning:

"And, it's time for more VA employees to come forward with
information to help the VBA and VAOIG, and the veterans they serve.
Can one person make a difference? Remember, this entire shredder
scandal story started with just one VA employee in Detroit who cared
enough to do the right thing."

Doing the right thing is what will help resolve this problem.

VBA employees are actually posting on the comment section at Watchdog
and other vets sites-anonymously-
while I applaud their willingness to confirm what we claimants have
known for years-and of course who really knows if they are a RO
employee or not-
the unsung hero of this whole story is a Detroit VARO employee who
had enough and was brave enough to come forward.

Jim Strickland -VA Watchdog -will be my guest at SVR on November 5th.

By then it will probably be worse-

Any vet or widow with active denied claims whose evidence was Never
considered by the VA should send the VA (and the OIG too) a letter
demanding that in light of the recent news, they want their evidence
found and properly assessed for their claim.

Of course this isnt to replace a formal NOD (but you could throw this
into a formal NOD)

Vets and widows have never had this power before to demand that their
ignored evidence be properly assessed by the VA.

and they should write to

House Committee on Veterans Affairs October 25,2008
335 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
335 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.. 20515

Department of Veterans
January 8, 2006
VA Office of Inspector General Hotline (53E)
P.O. Box 50410
Washington, D.C. 20091-0410

and tell these entities how the VARO must have lost, misplaced,or
destroyed your evidence-
because they did not consider it all -your basic rights for DTA.

I am sending my letters in an hour.

Only if vets and widows step up to the plate on this and overwhelm
these entities -will anything really be done-

And I am counting on more VA emploees to have a conscience and step
up top the plate too.

--- In veteransinfo@ yahoogroups. com, "Aletta"
> My hubby's paper work is lost in the St. Louis RO. I have the
> receipt' on the copy of the claims that they don't have record of.
> contacted our senator and it is confirmed Dr. Peake had a
new release
> on the story. I feel that is confirmation enough.
> -------Original Message----- --
> From: Thomas Schuckman
> Date: 10/26/2008 8:43:48 PM
> To: veteransinfo@ yahoogroups. com
> Subject: Re: [veteransinfo] Just a reminder-Veterans Day balloon
> Have you heard, even if we cannot confirm that news about the "VA-
> Shredder-Gate" thing that is being emailed by some knowledgeable
watch dogs?
> As Sen. Obama and Akaka are visiting the Great Lakes VA system--
VA staff
> are said to be shredding many letters from Vets that include some
claims for
> service-connected disability.
> Respectfully,
> Tom S
> tschuckman@. ..
> Heli-gunner Tom. http://heli- gunnertom. blogspot. com/
> --- On Sun, 10/26/08, Aletta wrote:
> From: Aletta
> Subject: [veteransinfo] Just a reminder-Veterans Day balloon release
> To: undisclosed- recipients@ ...
> Date: Sunday, October 26, 2008, 1:48 PM
> A nationwide balloon release to remember and honor all veterans
> affected by Agent Orange is planned for Veterans Day. Balloons will
> released simultaneously all across the nation at 1 p.m.EST.
> Everyone is invited to participate.
> For further information visit this link:
> http://www.agentora ngequiltoftears. com/Events. html
> The event is organized by the Agent Orange Quilt of Tears in
> As of mid-Octoberthere are 48 participating locations.
> Any questions contact me at Armrdangel@aol. com
> Hugz & Prayers to all! Shelia Snyder
> Veterans Information
> Veterans Information Forum
> Veterans Information Group
> PTSD and TBI
> Support Groups
> Christian Veterans and Wives
> Veterans, Wives, and Families
> AO-Awareness and Info
> Christian Parents & Grandparents Alliance (ccpga)

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Veterans Administration-- "Shredder-Gate."

Heli-gunner Tom.
Cannot Confirm... yet... but I would bet on it!

VA Shredder Gate plus:

Shredder Gate plus:

Received the following from several sources but cannot confirm the validity or the visit to the Regional Office in Chicago by Senators Durban and Obama.

This post is anonymous- not the right name- the VA employee is hoping that vets will respond to his plea:

I am sending you the same information that I recently called and relayed to a staff member of the Chicago Tribune. This Monday, October 27, 2008, Senator Durbin and Senator Akaka will visit the Chicago VBA Regional Office for an inspection. Recently, it has leaked to the public that some VBA employees across the nation have purposely thrown veterans' mail in the garbage. This is a problem because, in most instances, a veteran's claim for compensation may hinge on the missing article. I have come across veterans that have assured me that they sent in documents pertinent to their claim, only to be informed that the mail was never received.

Well, the two senators will be visiting the Chicago VBA RO on Monday. However, I am afraid that they will be unable to detect problems within this agency, as everyone has been ordered to behave in a manner that exudes professionalism and commitment to the veterans.

The Chicago VBA RO has for years been scrutinized by Sen. Obama and Sen. Durbin in an effort to determine why Illinois’ veterans receive minimal compensation for their injuries--when compared to other states. This is alarming because our state has quite a large veteran population. The workload has been a great problem for this office as they continue to struggle to reduce pending compensation claims. This is due to being short staffed, as well as having managers who received their promotions by being friendly with those in power.
Here is a brief breakdown of the organization:
Triage: 1st Stage

At this stage, this is where a veteran's initial and subsequent paper work comes into the agency. At a minimal, the mail received in Triage (the mail room) should be processed in about seven days and placed in the appropriate claims folder. However, this is not the case at this office. Mail sometimes stay in the mailroom for four to six weeks and, in some instances, are misfiled or lost.

Pre Development: 2nd Stage

At this point, veterans service representatives (VSR's) are tasked with examining the veteran's claims folder and sending appropriate notice to the veteran. For instance, they are supposed to ensure that a letter acknowledging receipt of the claim is mailed to the claimant. It usually takes months for this correspondence to be mailed, usually at the request of the veteran repeatedly contacting the office and pleading with it to send the material. The document is important because it is proof (receipt) that the claim was received and the veteran does not have to be concerned that the claim has been “lost” of “misprocessed.” This receipt is also relevant because it explains to the veteran what is needed to grant compensation, as well as inform the veteran to submit private treatment records or other evidence they may help to establish the claim.

A major problem at this stage, the VSR's sometimes fail to identify all the issues the veteran is seeking compensation. Therefore, some exams that should have been ordered or not, and when the veteran finally gets his or her award letter, the person discovers that he or she must contact the VA, once more, for proper and complete adjudication. Once, the exams have been complete and the required documentation collected, the VSR reviews the claims folder to determine if it is ready for a decision. If it is, the folder is transferred to the RVSR—the decision-maker and evaluator.

Rating Board: 3rd Stage

At this stage, the claims folder is brought to the RVSR for a decision. In theory, at this stage the case has been properly developed and awaiting a decision. However, 50% of the time (and I am being generous) the claim is not ready for a decision. For instance, the VSR (2nd stage) may have failed to examine the received medical examinations thoroughly to decide if all issues needing a medical opinion have been provided. Hence, claims folders are passed to RVSR's missing exams, service treatment records, and DD-214. The case is not ready for a decision and must be deferred for other examinations or other items, delaying the veteran’s claim.

In some instances, Triage (the mail room) fails to adequately process mail. For instance, a veteran may have submitted additional evidence showing compensation is warranted. However, if this information is not entered into the database and the mail placed in the claims folder on time, the veteran's claim may be denied—and I have witnessed this quite often.

Production standards are another problem at this office that are contributing to an employee’s mistakes. For one, a VSR must process a certain number of claims per day in order to meet his or her quota. Sometimes they are only half-heartedly reviewing the claims folder. In reality, they are tasked with examining the service medical records and identifying in-service disabilities and conditions, private medical records and tabbing relevant information that will assist the RVSR in rendering a decision. However, when there are four volumes of military medical records, a person cannot possibly examine them all and make his or her arbitrary quota for the day.

The RVSR is also under arbitrary production standards. He or she must receive a certain number of credits to meet an irrelevant quota. You have evaluators missing / ignoring issues that should have been granted. It is not that they want to shortchange the veteran; the system is not set up to allow an evaluator to properly assess the entirety of the claims folder, which can be as much as four to five volumes.

At this office, the sentiments are not "do a good job" so that veterans may receive the benefits the US promised. Instead, in all my years, it has always been let's process as many claims as possible to get the backlog down and, if we miss an issue, the veteran can always file another claim.

have worked at the Chicago VBA RO for over five years and am a veteran myself. If I was seeking compensation, I would want my claim handled appropriately and given the proper amount of time to render a fair and balance decision. Unfortunately, that does not always happen at this office.

There are some great employees in this office, and many go beyond the call of duty, often staying late to complete a claim. Nevertheless, management (at this office and those at the national office) continues to place unreasonable pressure on employees. When this occurs, it is no surprise that veterans are being harmed.

There have been recent reports that some psychologists and psychiatrists are refusing to diagnose PTSD when the finding is warranted, with some administrators instructing medical staff to make the veterans come back several times before giving away the golden goose. This is not the way we treat our veterans. They demand our deepest respect, sincere thanks, and an authentic pat on the back.

I am contacting the national media and local media in the Chicago land area, as well as veterans organizations with anticipation that Monday’s visitors will be greeted by genuine people concerned about veterans’ compensation.

Please help me spread this message to others who care about veterans. If you are not able to come out Monday call the director's office and voice your concerns.

On VA Watch dog at:

You will find Congressman Filner’s statement: "This completely shatters confidence in the whole VA system.”

Hundreds of thousands of Veterans/Widows never had any confidence in this sham of a system including the BVA and the DC Appeals Management Center. In my opinion this system is so full of biased crap, collusion, and criminal activity against the United States Veteran and family it should be disbanded entirely. I know many have said save it and fix it. But there comes a time in any endeavor that it is just throwing good money and good well-intentioned efforts away. Changing the engrained VA philosophy on behalf of the Executive Branch would be a total waste of that time and money. This whole issue should be done by an entity not associated with the Federal Government and that can be held accountable for actions like are being reported in a court of law. Also for at least rendering common sense decisions instead of clerks needing medical records which they have no idea what they say or what the meaning is (just more BS) and on top of that just putting them in file 13, on purpose as if they never received them.

This is not about a “oops we slipped” but an ingrained policy by VA as we have said all along to deny, stall, and defile the Military Service of a Veteran until his or her death.

Example is also in that same link referenced above of how VA thinks these actions should be handled. Can anyone say these are not direct criminal actions with intent to do harm?

Here was VA’s respons