Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Heli-gunner Tom.


When people say kind words to me and describe me as smart-- in the back of my mind are different ways to digest this info. Who DOESN'T like to hear praise and nice compliments. Most Christians I know and hang around fear a prideful attitude in themselves or others, aside from gentle kidding/ goofing around in fun, because we all know that PRIDE is a big old sin that can send one to hell, or in the short run- displease our Lord and Master, Jesus, and then He has to lovingly correct us, if we are His believers/ followers. I am well aware of this condition and have learned the hard way. Give the praise to the Lord, and He will bless you in a large way. "Pride goes before destruction." - Proverbs 16:18.
I know that I slip up almost every day, and I have to mentally challenge myself: 'am I just putting out information -- or bragging again?' Maybe some smart person out there can help me in understanding myself better... "I get so happy with praise when I get to work with someone who knows how to study hard, retain that knowledge, communicate well while working with me!" "I get so frustrated with stupid, lazy, uninformed people with NO BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF LANGUAGE and work skills/ trade." If a person has served in the military service-- it means [to me] that that individual has had some structured discipline and a job skill-- and I deeply appreciate that! Not that he/ she is 'better' or brave or a hero, or patriotic-- but I like structure in people, including me. Maybe this is a poor example, but if a dog is not trained well, WHAT GOOD IS HE?? Stupid, lazy and intentionally ignorant people cause many accidents, damage and are unsafe to be around, IMHO. Who wants to be around them? It's NOT about 'class distinction' but a hard, smart work ethic, and loving but firm parents who encourage their much loved children to reach out and excel in this world. Jesus had a trade and was educated. Paul was a tent maker. Peter was a fisherman, and so on.
As I have posted many times, I only want to be "balanced" in my life and not too extreme in word and deed. Although right now in 2008, I feel a special urgency to understand, study the Bible and get right with God, and help others too. "Why polish the brass on a sinking ship?" Would we invest all our time, effort and treasure into something that we knew would not exist in the near future? Would a combat soldier stuff a bunch of heavy rocks in his/ her back pack-- or be lazy and NOT carry his basic battle gear, food and water before going on a dangerous mission, logically? I believe that I carried a little extra of what I needed in Vietnam, just to be on the safe side... and I made it home alive, by the grace of God!
Proverbs- Chapter 16 is loaded with wise counsel. It doesn't take much effort to relax with the Good Book and read that one chapter... and if you don't own your own bible-- shame on you! And if you need help in choosing a copy, just email me for info, and I will help you for free. But verses 6:16 says, "There are 6 things that the hates, Yes, even seven which are an abomination to Him: HAUGHTY eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devices wicked plans, feet that run rapidly to evil, and one who spreads strife among brothers." Well, you get the general picture.
I heard that writing a journal or Blog is healthy for you and helps put your thoughts in prospective.... so that we can look back and keep tabs on our thinking and progress. I hope I don't see some president of constant pride in my journals because I WANT TO PROGRESS and gain more fruits of the Spirit. I have added many personal things in my Journals so that people mightget to know me better.
Your comments are very welcome.... and 98% of my comments are positive. thank you!


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