Friday, October 10, 2008

We finished repairing the church snow plow!

Heli-gunner Tom

Old Solder Tom's Journal--

My wife came along this time to help us expedite and 'go-fer' things so that Marvin Ellis and I could concentrate on the church snow plow repair-- welding, cutting, blowing holes in the front structure so we could bolt hardware on. At the end of a good 8 hour Friday, we stood back and admired our handiwork and called it victory! We took our time on this beautiful 71 degree sunny Fall day and had some great fellowship, fun and discussion. Pastor Beaver came out in between his counseling sessions to check on our progress and had some of the Danish rolls we brought from the local bakery. We decided to take a break and shop at the local Kenosha welding shop to browse and buy a new helmet and leather apron for Sharon who asked me to show/ teach her how to weld and use the cutting torch. I gave her the first lesson today and she said that she learned a lot-- and compared these skills to her own sewing skills. We both share some of the same terms, like the term "tacking" welds, etc. She soaked things up like a sponge-- and that made me happy!
As far as politics and the failing economy-- according to the inspired book of Ecclesiastes [written by Solomon], nothing has really changed under the sun since he wrote that book about 4000 years ago. Men are running around looking to build their financial empires, people live and die and their money gets passed on to a son who just squanders it all away without ever having worked for it. People will not listen to logic but they think and vote 'with their pocket books' --not their brains, or just because a politician 'looks like them' in skin color/ racially and how many Federal Gov't entitlements he promises to those who will not work for a living. Those type of people remind me of Lemmings with a mob mentality... weak, lazy, stupid and greedy. Yes, somethings never change under the sun.
I have to admit that people like me could be missing the correct idea and TRUTH -- that God will certainly work His will in heaven and earth no matter what we do or how hard we pray and labor!! Why else would the far Left Dems dump all morality in favor of ABORTION, THE GAY AGENDA, SAME SEX MARRIAGE, ANTI-2nd AMENDMENT, and total corrupt Gov't, God haters , and race baiters??? It just occurred to me these past few weeks that God's 'time table' is winding down in these 'end times' so that He WANTS TO LET SOME IGNORANT GOOF BALL LIKE OBAMA INTO THE WHITE HOUSE! And a total 'stink storm' will certianly follow as our nation will go bankrupt for sure. God allows such things to happen to fulfil divine prophesy... 2 Timothy Chapter 3:1 says, "But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. 2. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy....... etc." Older folks like me can compare the times when things were much different and peaceful compared to right now when every thing and everybody has become unglued and full of panic! I have been a serious student of the Bible, History and Finance/ Stock Market for many years and these times are highly unstable, even being HISTORIC as the Markets fall so low and talk of bigcompanies like GM going down the tube. The Gov't isn't really telling us the whole truth of how bad things are-- in the entire world!
But in view of all this worldly disorder and scary economic times-- real, studied Christians should realize that this is just God's well laid plan to do what He has promised. Remember, It's HIS game, plan and giant stadium. He loves the whole world of mankind-- but only those who really 'KNOW AND LOVE JESUS will go to heaven when everything else burns up. Yet, with this great message of His servants all over the world in all languages-- only a small fraction will CHOOSE to get with the program.
Ahhh! We shall sleep late into the morning for a change and recharge our totally exhausted bodies for Sunday. We both took our showers right after we got home to wash off all the grit and shop dirt from grinding metal in the church shop/ garage, and that crud gets in the ears, nose, hair, etc. My wife was so tired that she asked if we could order our supper--Italian, so we did. Time to relax and stretch out! Do you want a cold glass of apple cider??

Tom Schuckman
Union Grove, WI 53182

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