Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Why is it so hard to Repent?"

Heli-gunner Tom

Old Solder Tom's Journal--

Sharon's back was too sore from yesterday's rough welding work as our 'go-fer', but so is mine.... so I went to church by myself and there was a big crowd of new visitors. I figure it will take most of next week to heal us up-- as we are disabled and really not supposed to be doing this work... but it was a two day labor of love for the church, and I know how bad we needed that old, busted snow plow to be fixed. Pastor did alot of welding and working yesterday, and he was aching this morning too, and hurt his finger and wrist. And my friend, Marvin Ellis, helped out alot too, and he is a disabled Vietnam Vet [Marine] and retired Chrysler worker too. It's so nice to help each other!
Pastor Jerry Beaver's sermon was: WHY IS IT SO HARD TO REPENT?
Luke 15:11-24, Romans 8.
Illustrations: 1. People don't want to admit their conditions. 2. People don't want to make changes in their lives. 3. People don't want to walk back where they came from.
Not all talks from the pulpit are going to be fun and games, exciting and bombastic. Sometimes it's the 'nuts and bolts' that we really need to know --that knowledge is passed on-- but it was a good talk and we all needed it.
Pastor also mentioned a few times in the earlier 'Sunday School' today [for adults] that he was done forever using my Milwaukee Drill, as it twisted the heck out of his wrist and tore up his finger... and that was the $20 drill bit I bought a day before that was damaged and twisted. I told pastor that I would have to give $20 less in the collection bowl next time I He said, 'OK.' We are all getting pinched for money these days, and I figure I have over $3K invested in my welding tools in the church garage, locked up. But it sure gives me a good feeling that we all have the proper tools now to fabricate and/ or build ANYTHING.
We were discussing at church, what did Paul mean when he used the word, "content?" As I said before, Christians feel the poor economy too, and WE KNOW THAT NO MATTER WHO GETS IN OFFICE-- THINGS WILL GET WORSE! Having posted all the 'legal power' that the executive branch has in it's hands-- and they can declare martial law and 'Federalize' the National Guards in a heart beat as posted in my blog the other day! Beware! While, not to burden you all down with so much repetition, but the same thing went down in Noah's Day [Genesis] --people were eating and drinking and going their greedy, wicked and violent ways until it started to rain BIG TIME and only 8 humans were saved in that ancient world. The same 'run away train' is about to hit the slippery slope of humanity again, but not with water this time. Just a gentle reminder, friends. And you won't have the lame excuse that you never her this bible warning either.
I am but a humble tool being used by God-- and that is a very special purpose for a humble old soldier and I am honored. Actually, I have been praying half my life to be used in such a way. OK, so the |Holy Spirit uses my mind, heart and fingers, and drags up the correct words for me to write. PTL! But the widow, or child or house wife who has to work their fingers to the bone every day so as to provide a warm, clean home for the family at ALSO DOING GOD'S WILL AND WORK!! I know that friend, Carolyn, likes the term, "domestic engineer' -- but wives are a lot MORE when they serve the Lord in any way they can, including getting to the church on time ! I will post the Pastor's corrrect on-line Church web site so you all can listen to that fine sermon in the privacy of your own comfortable home: VICTORYBAPTIST4U.ORG ... and there are many great audio tapes for your encouragement and advice that you can just tap into and listen. Pastor Jerry Beaver is also a biblical family councelor... and a personal friend of mine. The phone number there in Pleasant Prairie, WI [right next to Kenosha], is: 262-694-7531.
So, I brought home some hot Popeye's chicken after church and that brought the best out of my wife... Woo Woo !! Now she is baking an apple pie, from scratch! Life is good for the tired, weary old man. Out Rottweiler is happy too.

Bless all believers and those who want to be.

Wisconsin !


garnett109 said...

It is great that you help the church

a corgi said...

seems like a good message at church!! and then to top off the afternoon with a homemade pie!

content - to feel well with your life no matter what is going on around you; sort of like the peace that transcends all understanding


AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

HOpe you have a good week Tom...hugs,TerryAnn

Sue said...

What a great sermon Tom. I think it's wonderful all the things you do for your church, your pastor and your friends. All our best to you and Sharon. Sue