Sunday, November 2, 2008

A "Flash Back" from 35 years ago.

Let me introduce a dear friend of mine and fellow Christian warrior/ Journalist.... CAROLYN:

Hi everyone. I just posted a new one, called Jesus is... Something to think about. C'mon by please. Thanks! God Bless and have a wonderful week! Carolyn
Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.
John 14:6,7

Hi Friends,
I took a long nap after church and lunch. Sharon is a great cook and made a shoulder of Lamb yesterday, and I love roasted lamb. My mom's dad came to the USA from Croatia [the best part of Yugoslavia] at the age of 11 alone with out a penny to his name, and became a citizen and worked himself up to be 'well to do' in Milwaukee, WI. That is where I developed my taste for roasted lamb. The other side of my family [my dad's] is German-American for 4 generations and wheat farmers from the [SW] Hays, Kansas area. My father died of multiple organ damage on Nov. 4 th, 1997, two weeks after he heard the news that I had just broke my neck [C1 and C2 anterior] from a terrible truck collision- caused by Sleep Apnea on my part-- but no one was injured except me, PTL. He sat down, had a stroke and died 2 weeks latter. End of the invincible, hands of steel, Navy man/ farmer/ supervisor at Harnishffeiger Corp [Crane Co.-- Milwaukee], etc., who sired and raised me. End of my life long struggle to win his affection, respect, attention and acceptance in a life long love/ hate relationship of two male Rams butting heads and ideologies.

I was watching a late movie tonight with my wife, entitled, "The year of living dangerously" about US spies in turbulent Jakarta, Indonesia [I guess]. And it caused a 'Flash Back' in my mind that shot me back to age 19 when I was in a Vietnamese restaurant in Bien Hoa air base at night in Vietnam as a soldier in USARV. I was eating a good, tasty dish of spaghetti and all of a sudden we were under rocket and mortar attack from the Viet Cong- enemy. Everyone rushed out the building and sought shelter and protection any where they could. Please understand that the enemy was smart enough to know where the American G.I.'s hung out on the Base and wanted to hit and hurt us. I remember taking my plate of food out the door with me and I knelt down on my knees along side another building near by and started praying to God for deliverance.
I have not remembered that time/ incidence for the past 35 years until tonight here in Union Grove Nov. 2nd, 2008 ! I suppose that my mind had stuffed that fearful night way back in some pigeon hole in the back of my mind until now-- and most folks know that all it takes is some small spark to ignite that 'stressor' and repressed history/ nightmare. Actually, my 1st tour in RVN [Vietnam] was more scary and life threatening, IMHO. than the 'more dangerous' 2nd tour when I was flying in Huey's as door gunner 7 days a week-- forever--until 30 March 70, my ETS ! I have heard a VA administrator tell me about an older WW-2 Vet, aged in his late 70's who suffered all his life after battle and war, who had terrible nightmares forever-- before the VA finally gave him his 100% service-connected disability rating award $$$. A small, too little/ too late bad of silver after a life of pain/ anxiety and horror... in my opinion. My friend, Carolyn's blog post touches on this subject.
In Vietnam, you could go days or weeks without any incident of attack from the enemy-- and then bang! --out of the blue all hell is breaking loose and blood and guts are flying all over the area! That caused untold, big time stress in a soldier's life, high BP, grey hair in their 20's, anxiety, unstable relationships, depression, substance abuse, etc. That year at Bien Hoa, 1968 was when we lost 3 dead and 13 wounded in a rocket attack-- and 3 nasty rockets landed about 50 years away from my9 man tent as we were all sleeping about 0300- morning. The CO ordered me to don battle gear and stand guard in the impact area as we were trying to put the place back together again and get things organized. the Air force Base Commander approached and I had ordered to "halt him" so indignantly told me to go find my Captain so that they could talk Orders are Orders...

I am NOT a whinny, wimpy G.I. asking for sympathy. I was NEVER with out work for more than a few weeks in my whole life and had meaningful employment/ higher education, learned skills and raised my family and 3 kids [Barbara, Andy and Sarah-- and my wife of 22 years, Karen] without EVER going one day without food, clothing of shelter! We bought and sold 2 houses in Kenosha and had a good life... but their was stress and arguing. Even now, I consider myself 'middle class' / middle income with a few toys, money in the bank and in my pocket. I love my '07 Dodge Ram pickup 4 by 4!

I am not writing this post to massage my ego or thump my chest. I am sharing this personal history to show and encourage others that they are not the only ones with a hard, super active life with joys, hurts, struggles, triumphs and disasters.

The most important thing that helped changed my sour, depressed outlook on life has been the knowledge that God loves me [and the world of mankind-- see John 3:16] and has provided a Savior, Jesus Christ, who HAD THE ANSWERS AND REMEDY TO ALL OUR WOES, SUFFERING, QUESTIONS AND PROBLEMS !! I am sorry, but when B. Hussein Obama made that statement to the people in CA about rural, small town Mid-Westerners "clinging to their bibles and guns" for support, that really steamed my glasses !

The pastor had a great sermon today that involved 'people in the world [unbelievers] just CANNOT understand the Bible and/ or Christians !' We are a 'mystery' and puzzlement to them. And that is just the way God works things-- and Satan blinds the eyes of all unbelievers. Thousands of Christan evangelizers daily carry the Word of God door to door, the "fruitage of the lips", the Word and message of God's merciful salvation thru His Son, Jesus-- so that EVERYONE ON EARTH WILL AT LEAST HAVE A CHANCE TO KNOW THE LORD AND FOLLOW HIM ! We think and believe that perhaps 95% of mankind will NOT be 'bothered' or make/ take the time to follow the Lord-- and they will suffer their fate.. and perhaps soon. These are not Tom Schuckman's thoughts or words -- but the Bible's. I am nothing more than 'dust in the wind', dirty rags, filthy sinner -- but God, in His great Mercy, provides SALVATION thru His Son, Jesus. "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be SAVED!"! [book of Romans]. Only humans with Spirit filled hearts will be able to understand these words.

Well, I am so glad to get this stuff out of my system and onto my Journal. If only one person in the world is inclined to catch/ learn this message -- than I can die satisfied and happy as being a good slave to Christ! Please pray for my own ministry, or sorts, in my older age and infirmities/ disabilities. And please pray for my wife who fell down [and we believe hurt/ bruised her lung] outside the other day trying to get the dog in-- and she hurt her chest and that aggravated her Sarcoidosis, that KILLER disease. She has trouble breathing and uses Oxygen.
We have a lot of bills this month, like 2 vehicles insurance, etc. and things will be tight this time of years, as always. I purposely tried hard to set aside extra money in my Mutual Fund, etc., so as to have the money by insurance time -- but other 'emergencies' came up and I had to raid/ loot my investments... Ha! What a



krissy knox said...

I'm praying for Sharon.

By the way,I went to Carolyn's blog and left a comment. It was an excellent entry.

So speaking of PTSD, is it real difficult to deal with? That may sound like a stupid question. I don't know a lot about it. I bet you have some sidebar articles about it, I just haven't had the time to check...

Krissy :)

Yasmin said...

I love roast Lamb my favourite, especially with when done with garlic and rosemary. Sorry not to comment much on the rest of your entry as it a subject I know very little about but I'm I will learn as I read more.