Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Georgia Senator Chambliss gets involved with the Milwaukee VA problems.

Here is another response and good news from my friend, Dirk. Read Below please:

Brother Tom,

Update . . . . .

I received a telephone call from Senator Chambliss's Washington office! I spoke with his manager, Jerry Acosta. He had read my letter and your post, and I reiterated the concerns that I had about the VA and the problems veterans had with obtaining services and needed treatment. Mr. Acosta said Senator Chambliss has been working on the problems with the VA. Senator Chambliss was able to get an appropriation of $86,000,000,000 this year which was a 77% increase over last year. One of Senator Chambliss's top priorities is improving PTSD and mental health services programs. In Georgia, $750,000 has been appropriated for five outpatient clinics for veterans around the state (one of them in Rome just opened). I don't know about in your area, and Mr. Acosta didn't know either. Mr. Acosta also said that some funds were being diverted from the VA hospitals to help fund the outpatient clinics.

Another top priority with Senator Chambliss is revamping the adjudication process which will hopefully help veterans to receive the benefits to which they're entitled and medical treatment in a more timely manner.

I asked Mr. Acosta, even though your area is not in Senator Chambliss's district, if they were aware of the problems with the facility in Milwaulkee. He said he wasn't, but he said he would be happy to look into it though, specifically to see how many complaints have been made against it.

I was surprised at the response, especially a telephone call the next day and on a Federal holiday! I don't know where it will go from here, but it's good to see someone in Washington is working on it. Senator Chambliss has taken on a mammoth task, and may not be able to do everything that has to be done, but it's a start. I was also surprised that his office was willing to check into the situation in Milwaukee rather than referring me to your Senators and Representatives. Mr. Acosta also said he would send me a letter via e-mail about these concerns.

I haven't heard back from Senator Isakson's office or Representative Gingrey's office, but I will let you know when I do.

To me, this just goes to show that one person can STILL start a fire! Just think if many people contacted all their Senators and Representatives about this. I bet there would be some attitude changes in other members of Congress!

Your Brother in Christ,

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Br. Dirk,
You have my permission, again.. lol
:-). Thank you so much for your kind support and friendship.


Thomas G. Schuckman
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Hi Tom,

Things like this always really gets me fired up. Other countries wouldn't have to try very hard at all to treat their veterans better than we do here. I know you OK' d forwarding to our Senators/Representatives, but I wanted to clear with you first if it was OK to forward this as is with you name on it.

I hope you get the medication soon. This is ridiculous. Hope you are well otherwise, my brother.

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