Saturday, November 8, 2008

Great Friday Fish Fry-- in Union Grove, WI

My wife found out that a new restaurant in our small, humble town had 'all-you-can- eat fish on Friday. Although we had food at home, fish now days is getting very expensive-- so I know that Sharon needed to get out--so we went about noon. I just love fish to death and they like me! I was very surprised at the quality of the late lunch with all the trimmings and the price was OK too. My wife doesn't care for fish so she had some roast beef, etc.

I left the waitress a big tip and explained to my wife why. I want her to remember me next time we go there so she will continue to give us good service, even though she was a bit grumpy to start with. We complimented her several times so as to make the event more cordial and peaceful... lol. If I wanted to trash someone for poor service-- I would not intend to ever come back, not that I am a vindictive person... just a tired old Vietnam Veteran.

I told Sharon that this place would be a good outlet for us to get out of our couped up house in the Winter time and enjoy someone else cooking our fav. dish for us. She loves to get out of the house to enjoy good food without cooking it herself. Are most women this way?? LOL!

When a good time comes my way I like to STRETCH it and 'keep it alive' for as long as I can. The world seems to be getting so gloomy and full of bad news -- why not try to brighten things up and share some good news/ activity?!

Our Wisconsin weather is finally getting cold and windy. I am so happy and glad that I invested in the new guitar and Amp to give me another outlet / pass-time, in the cold Winter months, and my buddy, Marvin Ellis, plans to practice with me. The Victory Baptist church is letting me give a short talk to the AWANA [Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed] kids next Wednesday for Veteran's Day and show how the Military compares to the bible and the book of Joshua [the great military general of Israel]. I am wondering if I can play a short song on my guitar too, like, 'Onward Christian Soldiers' and teach them how a "march" sounds. I will wear my Army Camo BDU's [Battle Dress Uniform] too and I spit shinned my old combat boots. Ha!

Maybe I like the lime light.

Have a great day!



Yasmin said...

The Fish restaurant sounds good often here in the UK we have fish and chips(quite different to what you have in the US)and is quite popular, as I live near the coast I'm able to get quite a section of different fish to eat.

Enjoy your weekend


a corgi said...

sounds like a great program you'll be doing for AWANAs; I know they will appreciate it!

that restaurant sounds like a nice place to go and I bet the waitress will be kinder the next time in; its gotta be hard on them; you know tipping is probably down


Sue said...

Hi Tom, sorry I've missed a few posts recently, I've not been on the computer for a few days. Too many things going on around here. I did send you an email though....did you get it?

Sue :)