Monday, November 10, 2008

Milwaukee VA drops the ball again... Late Meds.

<<< This is a picture of me, Tom Schuckman, age 20, DoorGunner/ crew member Sp/4, with the 240th Assault Helicopter Company, in BearCat, RVN [Vietnam] 68-70.
I am using red type this morning for a reason -- I am angry. The Milwaukee VAMC -hospital pharmacy dropped the ball again [standard SOP {standard operating procedure} ], and forgot to send my important medication. The way it works is that some scripts need to be renewed on a monthly basis and I call [phone] in that particular prescription about 7 days ahead of time. I don't miss a beat and soldiers know how to obey orders. What boils my hide is that the VA staff and Pharmacy are NOT above lying, passing the buck or just passing you off on a never ending [good old boys] goose chase to tire you out so that you just want to quit the system.... and that costs the Gov't less money when you quit or abandon the VA program! It was also documented and gone public that the VA staff actually got bonuses for denying Veterans' disability claims!! Hello! Well, today I was expecting the meds even late as it was, to be delivered by Fed Ex, and when they didn't come I called up the VA Pharmacy-- 5000 W. National Ave., Milwaukee, W|I 53295-1000 [888-469-6614 ext. 46765], and that is when the goose chase began. Its an old story.... lol. I know the 2 ladies' names and Kathy has been truthful enough to tell me that the other gal 'lets things slip and forgets alot...' With medications and people's health involved you just can't do that! If they can't do their jobs right--let them transfer to a less attentive job. If I did my job like that in combat- Vietnam, my helicopter crew might have died-- or at the lest the other guys in my platoon would have really 'readjusted my mind, and perhaps body'... lol. The same when I worked for AMC/ Chrysler.

I got handed over to a female, Lindy W, who wanted to pass me on the the head pharmacist, but I convinced her that my medications were already late and I was out of them-- so that she PROMISED to have them sent to me special over night delivery- tomorrow, Ha! We shall see... Dealing with the VA system for over 30 years, I have taken notes, recorded things and surely know their system, tricks, and lies. Other Veterans have told me the same story-- and I like to 'interview' them when I go to the VA and wait for my turn. I even give them my 'business card' in case they want to get back with me and talk about the grand promises of God in His Word- the bible, and also try to hand out small pocket bibles for their encouragement --part of my small Christian ministry, as known by my Journal readers and friends at church, etc. Most of the guys are happy and very thankful to get that pocket bible! It makes me feel good inside to cheer them up and help if I can.

When some Vet gets pissed off enough to contact their State or Federal Rep. or Senator-- things go public and the VA goes into 'Damage Control' and puts on a little 'floor show' to appease the public out cry, but in a few weeks after it all dies down they are back to their old screwed up, sloppy ways of mediocre medicine, service/ treatments. I have heard that other countries take care of their disabled Vets a lot better. Don't get me wrong-- there are still some very good doctors and nurses that want to help the Vets, but IMHO [in my humble opinion] most people that work at the VA are there only for a paycheck, judging from their condescending attitude.
Since this happens about every 2-3 months, I guess it's about time to forward this blog post to my State Reps. Our two big time Lefty Dems in Wisconsin [ Senators, Russ Feingold, and Herb Kohl] won't even reply to me as they prob. know that I lean conservative/ Republican, and in their eyes perhaps that spells 'troublemaker', when in fact this old, disabled, tired combat Vet of age 59 won't just roll over and die. Don't worry, I don't think that I will live much longer...dear Senators... lol. I am getting shafted enough by my own company, Chrysler even in retirement, so I will not be pushed around, abused by the Gov't / VA !! My dear wife is disabled with Sarcoidosis, and we live in a 100 year old house that I bought about 7 years ago in Union Grove,WI 53182 -- our humble hovel with a fine veggie garden in the back yard, a dog and a cat. I get injections in both knees for 'bone on bone' Osteo Arthritis, and my back is injured too. I also suffer from combat PTSD, service-connected.

Your comments, support and help are very much appreciated!
I hope that some of you will take this opportunity to forward this post to your OWN Gov't Reps.

Apocalypse Now - Helicopter Attack- Kilgore

Thank you.

Thomas G. Schuckman
Union Grove, WI 53182
Hi Tom,

Things like this always really gets me fired up. Other countries wouldn't have to try very hard at all to treat their veterans better than we do here. I know you OK' d forwarding to our Senators/Representatives, but I wanted to clear with you first if it was OK to forward this as is with you name on it.

I hope you get the medication soon. This is ridiculous. Hope you are well otherwise, my brother.


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Dirk said...

Hi Tom,
I sent a copy of your post, along with a couple of thoughts of my own, to Rep. Phil Gingrey and Senators Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss, all Republicans. I checked the box wishing for a response. If enough people hit their Congressmen/women about this, maybe it would get something going on this.