Saturday, November 15, 2008

My beautiful Grand kids.

...And we know that every grand parent thinks that their kids and grand kids are 'drop dead beautiful'.... Ha! Well, get a load of this ! >>>>


Call me every vile name in the book-- but good European [German-American] blood makes great looking, smart babies.. Woo Hoo! [You know that I am full of cow pies now, huh?] Just kidding... Sure! If other 'folks' can brag about their homely kids, etc., then I can brag about my grand kids.

You see, if the shoe fits--wear it. The way the 'Lefty- Libby Dems' talk their liberal goofy trash-- the so-called 'have-not's' should get some of my hard earned bread $.

I guess I still have the right to believe in Jesus, work hard, study hard in school and not drop out to do drugs and get young girls pregnant, and then wonder why I can't earn a better wage to do my own thing. I was tempted to drop out in my Junior year of high school, but my dad put his foot down and his word was law. I had to learn the hard way, made many mistakes, but finally got serious when I had a wife and kids. And now after investing money in my Chrysler 401K and other things--some high and mighty folks in D.C. think that they should spread MY MONEY AROUND TO THOSE WHO NEVER WANTED TO WORK AND GET AHEAD!

Most good parents that I know want something better for their kids-- with out spoiling them, but teaching them good, proper 'work ethics.' I live in an old house, but in a small town with hardly any trouble/ crime, so my house and auto insurance are low. Would I wish that MY kids or grand kids live in a ghetto ...duh? Let the ghetto people kill each other off-- and let the Christians get out of Dodge City, even if they have to live poor! If a Christian doesn't drink, smoke or gamble, he/she will probably have some silver to put in his sock. The person [and his kids] who follow the bible principles will USUALLY come out better any way you cut it!

I think that is pretty much it in a nut shell. I just love simple things and God keeps His Word on a 5th grade level-- but He only allows honest, sincere followers to 'understand' His Word, the Bible. It's a MYSTERY for the rest of mankind.

We want to visit another congregation earlier tomorrow morning that is closer to our house. We do NOT INTEND to be 'butterflies' who are never satisfied with one home church and keep moving all the time to find the "perfect congregation/ church". Unless a church starts teaching something that is not scriptural [like the Purpose Driven church thingy or 'New Age' thing], we would want to be 'faithful' to our home church and support it in every way. Even as I claim to be Baptist, I know that the Southern Baptist churches are disappearing.. for some reason, and others too. God surely doesn't pay attention to 'labels' or what WE call ourselves, but rather how we conduct ourselves and bear witness to the Gospel and Bible. You can usually tell a Christian by the way he/ she 'walks and talks.' It is a lifestyle -- not a name or emblem around your neck or sleeve!

At least I got some back yard work done today and helped pick up the house. Sometimes you just have to PUSH yourself to get things down even though it hurts. I guess that I would rather have a lazy, poor house keeper wife than some one with out faith... but it would be nice to have both... lol. That is always a thorn in my side... and I still need to deal with it some how. Suggestions??
Eric Clapton - My Father's Eyes


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Anonymous said...

Hello. I have to say that I visited your blog and I found that you expressed your opinions.

You recently left a comment in someone's blog and it was rather harsh and not very open to the person's feelings or opinion's he or she had.

I think that you have a right to express your opinions but not when you express them in a rather rude manner. Please do consider the feelings of others when you leave a comment in someone's blog.

Thank You