Sunday, November 16, 2008

Same old Politics of Agent Orange.. forever.

Sent in by one of my Battalion members

Article By Judge Joseph E. Fahey

Judge in New York State and an adjunct professor of law at Syracuse University.

“If our representatives in Congress and the White House are not willing to act, then perhaps they ought to skip the meaningless platitude — the one about thanks and a grateful nation — that is uttered when the widow is presented the flag that draped her husband's coffin.”

Judge Fahey

I agree with this Judge and will not say it so nicely.

Every President, every member of our Congress, the folks that work at the management level at the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs since this issue began should be ashamed; their shame is the shame of this entire nation. Certainly no Veteran, Widow, Veterans Orphan should ever call the Secretary of the VA Honorable. That is reserved for those that earn it. Not serve as the taskmaster of some White House Philosophy to mess over the only segment of society that has no rights, thanks to our Congress.

The Marine Private on 861 fighting for his life while at the very same time our government plotted on how they were going to cover up and minimize the mistakes made by the Department of Defense and that DA Johnson and his side kick moron McNamara has more honor and integrity in his little finger than the entire Department of Veterans Affairs in total.

Concurrently with that shame is the broadcast media and the print media who turned their backs on the men and women that through their sacrifices allow them to print their crap and political half-truths. Only not the facts on as the Judge stated, Veterans lay dying, AO destruction continues (still being denied in many 10’s of thousands of cases) will be told. Or how Veterans Affairs is treating these warriors in their so call Veterans’ Legal system will not be told.

If civilians had a legal system like Veterans they would burn the White House to the damn ground and the constitution would be null and void just as it is now for Veterans/Widows/Orphans.

I will add AO issues are still being covered up by a less than forthcoming Institute of Medicine, Congressionally known memo by the White House to all federal agencies not to associate the AO issues with death and disability and support your local chemical company instead, and known and charged by me and others citing several violations of federal integrity laws when it comes to government studies. Government AO studies that remain untruthful and will not publish the real findings of fact even though the participating scientists insisted the data be published.

So much government integrity.

Just let them die or become disabled they are nothing but used up government assets anyway. That is the White House and Congressional philosophy flow down to Veterans Affairs and they should stop, as the Judge said, the “meaningless platitudes" as well as other rhetoric politician's utter everyday as if they really cared about Veterans and not just some politically party power struggle or themselves.

And the whole issue was never about just AO; that is our governments spin to minimize the impacts.


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