Thursday, November 20, 2008

'Two Camps'

Hello Folks,
First of all, when I use terms like, "Terrible Tom" I am just joking around and close friends of mine take simple liberties when they know and like someone. Nick names, etc. It's not a big My blog is what I want it to be --it's mine and it reflects my own personality in many ways. Most people have a 'identity moniker' or sorts, perhaps something big in their life or a 'defining moment' that sticks out, traumatic or not, perhaps some achievement. I am now different. My two years in helicopter/ aviation combat was a non-stop merry-go-round, filled with joy, humor, learning, action, extreme excitement, terror and pain. Folks like me cling together because NO ONE else can ever know that extreme 'experience !' Maybe this will put some goofy questions to rest, or at least explain them. Most people are afraid of the 'boogie man' so that they don't make their private email address available. I do. If I want to inquire about something personal or sensitive --I would rather use their email. I don't claim to be perfect-- just forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ, my personal Savior. I also admit that I am blunt, direct and too tired and old to beat around the bush or candy coat everything I post.
Have a nice day!

Question: Have you gone through life and discovered that there are basically 2 camps-- the 'Doers' and the 'Sayers?' Book of James 1:22 says, " But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves." [NASB]. Having served in America's Armed Forces- U.S. Army and a combat Veteran, I have heard so much BS [berry] how 'IF someone were in command he would have done it this or that way.' Those are the whiners and 'sick sisters' and liars and cowards in life who, in reality, wouldn't make a pimple on a soldier's glutious maximus [butt]! They are the ones who have never tried to compete in sports, hard endeavors, or do anything where failure was a possibility! They are afraid of failure and have no real character, IMHO. So they go thru their sorry life and take pot shots at people who try to succeed. Shame.

I have fallen flat on my face many times, been humiliated, humbled, made fun/ sport of and back stabbed many times [and still am...], deserted by All my family when in dire straits/ real need, etc . But I have also achieved many fine things in my lifetime, and so have that inner pride that only true warriors have amongst themselves. It's NOT just the Army and combat. It's a full life, compilation and sum total of every supreme effort and struggle these past 59 years, but especially finding the Lord and His will. Listen to the apostle Paul, in Phillipians, Chapter 3, verse 8, "Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ." How is that for being a bit 'politically incorrect ??' Don't ya just love the poetic KING JAMES VERSION... Ha!??

Yep, now days we have Congressional lip service-- and then we have a few real Patriots and biblical Christians left. I tell you today-- in the near future there will be fewer of the last two mentioned. Christians are doing the preaching work and the angels are doing the 'separating work.' God is still in charge-- but He allows mankind to stumble and hang itself [just as He has done all thru history], abuse God's name and character and His servants on earth! Books of Matt. and Timothy says that these 'end times' will be much like the days of Noah, with mockers, liars, hecklers, and violence. And the super GREED OF MONEY!! Go figure: the big Corps, CEO's and Wall Street can't lose because they and the Gov't are all in bed with each other and they have all the loop holes working for them-- a double standard! But the working man goes bankrupt and loses everything he worked for including this hard won pension and health insurance.. and Obama cannot [will not] get it back for us! Actually, no man can or will!

With a large heart and being an old softy, I have listened to women asking for help-- and getting dumped on in the end. From now on, I will just take care of my own business and give THEM lip service.

I am NOT bitter. I am happy, joyful and content with whom I am and where I am. I may lose readers from outside manipulation... but they were fair weather 'friends' anyway. They never took a stand for Christ. How can I lose when God is with me ? 'Heaven is my home.' If I died tonight-- I would not have any regrets.

God Bless my wife, Sharon's Son, and his family. May they follow God no matter what comes down the pike.

Tom Tom


natalie said...

what is your career title? What is a heli-gunner and was that your career title? What did it entail?
Would you envision doing a blog that was based on your family life now?
What does the Bible have to do with your faith; ie. for me it is symbolic right/

natalie said...

why do you call yourself terrible Tom
what can you say is important to you abotu which fruit and veggies you eat

krissy knox said...

I guess the first thing I want to know is why Natalie is asking you about fruits and vegetables? Did I miss something in this entry, LOL?

I guess the next thing I want to say is "Go, Tom, go!" I love this entry! Yes, this is politically incorrect! The Doers and the Sayers. How true! We were taught in school, well mostly those who followed us, that we were not supposed to compete in school. Teamwork only! Yes, teamwork is good, but sometimes you have to compete! Sometimes you have to get out there and fight against the evil and win! And sometimes you have to win something alone. Like that next job... The applicant next to you is not going to help you, LOL, when he wants the job also! Let's just see you try to go the cooperation route with him right then... Okay, so in this day and age, we need more warriors like you!

If you don't hear from me in a few days, I am in Hershey Hospital with John. He is spiking a fever and we must get right over. I don't know if we will be there for a week or more... You can always email if you like, but where I am going, I may not have access to a computer, not sure yet...

Krissy :)
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