Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Americans being killed by Tire Companies' Lies.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.
<<<< my 2 daughters, Sarah [left], and Barbara.
This is a video of a segment that aired on the well-known ABC TV program, "20/20." Please watch this; and, for Heaven's sake, whatever you do, pass this along to everyone you know! It may save your life, or that of someone you know! Click on the link below. If that doesn't work, copy and paste it into your web browser.
I had never heard of this before. This is worth watching.
Check your tires and read the code on (the inside of) your tires...a worthwhile safety tip
It's stuff like this that I love to EXPOSE and share with my friends ! If that gives me a bad reputation as a 'sour grapes' complainer... oh well... LOL. I feel that I am helping others.
I got really tired of LIES after I got home after the combat in RVN. Tired of main line religion lying to me and watering down the truth of the Gospel [I thought] and not being savvy enough to tell me the simple answers I needed in life. The Gov't and VA certainly LIED to the American people about some aspects of the war in Asia, Agent Orange, PTSD and didn't volunteer much info about our rights to earned benefits we Veterans had coming to us.,, and that is STILL GOING ON WITH THE YOUNGER COMBAT VETS FROM IRAQ! Banks never explained the "Rule of 72" -- the magic of compound interest and the high schools didn't teach us the nuts and bolts of sound finance. Life Insurance companies always hide the truth about the "bundled" mixture of investments and Life insurance.. with their crappy 'Whole Life' , etc, that I learned latter on my own while working for PFS Investments. The Democrats are STILL LYING about how they pushed bad loans to the minorities in the U.S. even though most of those folks didn't have jobs, collateral or means to pay the mortgages... see Barney Franks, under the word Sodomite, or scam artist. And that crap went down under Pres. Clinton's watch, and I bet Mrs. Clinton was smart enough to know about it too!

Well, let us give thanks for what GOOD things we 'still have.' I will attempt to explain a basic 'rule' of mankind, please: When people run out of food and begin to starve-- and have to watch their kids starve [and I have seen it], they get very anxious, angry and violent. They WILL revolt and try to topple the Gov't. FLASH! Word has it that Obama will soon be starting to build huge "camps" to hold many people in the U.S.A. Why? Go Figure: to keep tight control over people who do not want to starve to death, IMHO, and follow "Executive Decisions" that he thinks will have to be made in the near future when things continue to go a rye. There could be all sorts of scenarios leading up to these mean, draconian orders, but I am NOT going to stay up all night worrying about it either. My Faith in God and my Bible knowledge eliminates much of that worry, Praise the Lord.

I am not too much afraid of death-- but I only hope that it will mean something or set a good example for those who remember me. My main concern is that I might yet be seduced by Satan and/ or loose women again to dishonor myself and bring shame on the name, Christian. Some of my friends say, 'Tom, you are a very smart man
!' 'Why do you do such stupid things ??' Well, I should think that I am just a sinful, selfish, weak human sinner, and I have a long memory that keeps on reminding me of my past mistakes. Funny thing.. my infirmities help keep me from sinning more.. and I sometimes wonder if that too is part of 'God's Plan.' I can tell/ share what does help keep me walking straight. It is CONSTANT study/ reading/ sharing the Bible every single day, and meeting on a regular basis with other believers of like Faith ! Garbage in-- Garbage out. You are what you eat. Actually, we eat too good at our house in Wisconsin...LOL. Our dog and fancy cat prob eat better than 1/3 of the people on earth.

I could use some direction now. I am looking for more fundamental Christian Blogs of others to visit and read. But that might be hard now days because the term 'Christian' is just a 'buzz word' in our modern day vernacular. I have some very close, great friends now-- but one never has TOO MANY FRIENDS. So if you all can throw some ideas at me, I would thank you very much.
Attached is a pic of my 2 beautiful daughters, Barbara and Sarah. I also have a smart, handsome son named, Andy.



Randy said...

Hello Mr. Tom,

Thank You for your kind words and you are welcome at my journal anytime. Going to check out the video.

God Bless


sober white women said...

Your daughters are just so beautiful! I think I actually saw that show on the tire company, I must say that less and less actually shocks me any more.

Penny said...

Wow! I watched the video before I read the rest of your journal, Tom. I'm already ticking off people in my head to whom I will send it. We should investigate all the "great" deals offered to us. I am so sorry it has taken so long to bring this to light.
I too wish I could find more fundamental Christian blogs. We "Bible-thumpers" are not too popular these days~
Thanks for sharing the pic of your lovely daughters. Love in Christ, Penny

Dirk said...

You're so right about the lying about Vietnam! Sadly, many Americans at the time fell for it, but I as a child about 12 years old, I saw through it, & listening to other news sources on shortwave radio confirmed it. The revisionist history writers are still perpetuating the lies. And, as they say, we're repeating history with the War on Terror. From the mainstream media, lies upon lies still. The difference now is that I'm much bigger than then, & if I ever catch anyone cursing at, spitting on, or otherwise assaulting any of our troops, yeah, I'm liable to end up in jail.

As for the tire thing - not surprising. Nothing is made worth anything anymore. Unfortunately that translates to a lot of breaches in safety.


Yasmin said...

Happy New Year Tom

Take care