Monday, December 8, 2008

Dog having fun in the Snow.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

Time for some fun in the snow. Thank you, Sheila, for sending this funny video to me.

Click here: Dog Having a Blast in the Snow - Video
It's funny but seeing the snow like that still makes me homesick after all these years. Growing up in Michigan will always be part of me :o)
"Don't it always seem to go--that you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone" -- from Sonny and Cher's TV show [song] long ago.
For the first time my hands and fingers hurt from arthritis, and I remember as my dad grew older his fingers had RA and got deformed and gnarled. When I got back from RVN in 1970, having lived thru plenty of combat and 'close calls' -- I felt INVINCIBLE at age 21 ! And now after a life time of many sports injuries, motorcycle and truck crashes [some have said I had a 'death wish'] my body has enough pain to go around. The last bit time accident that was not even my fault fractured 12 ribs and my right lung filled up with blood-- but the great ER doc saved my body and shook up my soul. I guess that some of combat Vets ask ourselves WHY are we still alive when others much better, with more smarts, good looks, better morality, gifts and talents were struck down in life at their prime. And I know all about "survivor's guilt", deep depression and much of that other psycho- babble. In my mind, God has saved us for 'something special' that He wants us to accomplish. After we have completed that task or have gone the opposite way, He will call the believers 'HOME.' I believe I 'know' where my given talents and toys lie... I don't always get the lime light my flesh craves-- but I don't need the prideful, puffed up 'head' that I once sought either... Ha! Just let me be a simple, humble slave of the Lord, and I will rejoice. I am suppose to be a 'communications expert.' Yet, as you all know for a fact, I mess up, hurt feelings, blunder and let my vanity get in the way of good sense/ judgement --in some of my posts. Good thing I have good, kind, trusted friends who know how to tactfully 'correct' me.. lol.

And now another small set back and burden I have to carry-- my fingers are developing the same OA and RA that my father had, but the meds the VA has been feeding me have 'masked' much of the pain... until I just ran out a few days ago. I called the Milwaukee VA today for more, and wouldn
't you know that their stinking computers are DOWN! All the money they get from our taxes and they are still in the stone age!! If you want to trip my trigger.. how is it that the honorable Vets ALWAYS get stink on a stick but everyone else gets the hand outs/ bail outs?? Woo Woo! No wonder some combat Vets take to "medicating' themselves with Jack Daniels. I was actually crying a few minutes ago.. and now I am laughing at my own jokes... Hello! Ha! Maybe I really need those VA meds to 'dumb myself down.'

I was crying because my wife is constantly coughing from her disease of Sarcoidosis and that disease will kill her someday. And I am feeling like an ass because there is nothing I can do, even with my good Chrysler and VA Insurance. Well, I need to 'eat what's on my plate' and practise what I preach. I need the Lord more than ever now. Please pay for my wife.

For those with psoriasis/ chapped hands, rub a good moisturizer or Jojoba butter on your hands before bed and wear some white cotton gloves that you can buy at Walgreen's.

I bid you all peace. The roads in WI will be very slippery with freezing rain and then snow tonight and tomorrow and there will be blood on the highway.



sober white women said...

You know Rusty often feels the way you do. He served his country and does not have enough ins. to pay for my surgery. That is o.k., because a prayer warrior friend of mine told me that I will need it and that the healing hand of the Lord is all over me.
As for the dog, yep that would be our dog if he ever saw snow.

Nelishia said...

I will pray for your wife every night now that I know. I will also pray for God's strength and Grace on your life to be able to be there for her.
Watching the dog in the snow I remembered how much snow we actually had as a kid in the Eastern part of KY. That was one cool dog, no pun intended.
I'm so sorry to hear about the arthritus. My husband hears my pain and it troubles him deeply too. You both are very tender hearted and compassionate.


Sharon said...

Tom the dog in the video is a Dalmatian mix.