Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year--2009 ?

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

<<<< here is a pic of me in 1997 with my hand on "The Wall" in D.C. Some of my buddies are on the Wall, and I have been to Wash. D.C. 3 times and still want to go back again-- if I could afford it. I love all the Smithsonian Institutes, Art galleries and I get so worn out walking, but with awe and reverence when I am there. Lots of walking.

I am in a very good mood after taking my wife to get her blood drawn down by Lake Michigan this morning, shopping, getting her new prescriptions and her hair done. The price of dog food has gone up $6 too. Sharon is frying some potatoes and steaks right now at 1:22 aft, and I have not eaten all day. We will prob drink some champagne and kick back tonight but we don't believe in getting drunk... and I can get pretty silly without getting plastered.

A 'nurse' from the Milwaukee VA, called Venita phoned me about a half hour ago to 'reschedule' and push back my knee injections about 3 weeks. At the end of the 90 day window from the last shots I got, it's logical and normal that my knees are aching BIG TIME right about now with my OA--bone on bone, acute arthritis.. and there is nothing cute about it! I had to get very tough with that woman who thinks that we Veterans can just be manhandled and abused at her whim. After I threatened to call the 'Patient Advocate' to ream her out-- she reconsidered and scheduled me for one day latter than what it was originally was, Jan. 7th.
The part that really gets my goat is that you can NEVER really count on the lying, abusive VA to KEEP THEIR PROMISES, take you as they scheduled you, get your medication delivered ON TIME!!
For those of you who are still working... don't think that retirement will be so rosy and care free, with no worries or wrinkles. On the contrary, you have to watch people like a hawk so that they do THEIR jobs the right way and make good on their promises! Sorry.. but that is a 'word to the wise' and the year 2009 will get much worse with more lost freedoms.
So why am I happy today in frosty Wisconsin? I have a woman who just got a $60 hair-do and she is content at the We live in a cozy house that I own with heat and A/C, and I have enough money to pay our bills! Woo Woo!
I heard that the police and highway patrol are out in force to catch DUI's, etc. I also expect to hear abouta few shootings and murders on the TV tomorrow in Milwaukee-- usually on the "North side' of town. I believe in bringing the goodies home where it is safe and comfortable and spending some quality time with my wife.

I bid your all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
I hope that I am wrong about some of my future predictions for the New Year. I believe in walking softly and carrying a big stick, and a bullet proof pocket bible over my heart with a few $50 bills inside. Go figure: Who in the world is going to rob me of my

Oprah Denies Christ

Be Safe-- Be Happy!



garnett109 said...

lost my Uncle tim this year, he served in korea and 2 tours in nam, and was a guard for the unknown soldiers grave.

God bless our soldiers!

Jenny said...

Happy new year.
Jenny <><

Randy said...

Hello Mr. Tom,

Hope you and your Wife has a wonderful New Year!

God Bless


sober white women said...

I will never forget the first time I saw the wall. My dad has some friends that are on that wall as well.
I just spent $75 at a thrift store, our bills are paid and life is good!

jun said...

hEy Gunner!
any friend of randy has got to be one of the good guys! lol
Thank you and God bless you and your wife for your years of service to our country.
My dad retired airforce. He had a stroke and was ina v.a hospital. we got him out of there but too late. he wasnt even sixty but he did not make it.
I used to think badly of military med care until i became a civilian. lol they all suck! lol
God Bless ! jun