Saturday, December 6, 2008

Keeping Warm in Germany.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

It was just a nice, cold, windy, blustery day and we both wanted to take things easy and slow on this Saturday morn. My wife needed some personal supplies from town so we bundled up and took our time on the snowy patched slippery roads. Sure enough, we saw a few cars in the ditch while we were out and about. It never fails that some airhead is on the cell phone driving with bald tires and/ or too fast for road conditions.. lol. But honestly, when the air temp is down to 10 degrees F. with high winds and blowing snow, you must have both hands on the wheel and concentrate to have 'eyes wide open' while driving up in WI. When we got home we were spent-- like two old folks. I carried Sharon's two old heavy power chair batteries down to the basement and they weighed 75 pounds each! I am so out of shape these days! I will FORCE myself to work out more at the Kenosha YMCA this Winter, as I get 'cabin fever'... easily, I promise!

I was searching for some verses to reinforce my advice via email to a friend of mine about: 'we fight a spiritual warfare against the spirit realm and principalities-- not carnal battle...' [And a friend named Nelishia helped me find it, THANK YOU! >> see Ephesians 6:12] and I couldn't find it in time early this morning. But I ended up searching thru Romans [speed reading] all the way to Philippians or so! On that short trek I got side tracked and bogged down highlighting other powerful texts that I wanted to mark for future reference. And it dawned on me that all these books, small and larger, make up our glorious Bible-- God's own Word! Some times we go to church, listen, digest, get something out of the sermon that we can take home and use... not just to make us 'feel good.' But it's so nice to put it all together and simplify things to see the 'Big Picture', finally, by the grace of God. To answer the questions of: 'Why are we here? Where did we come from? What is our God appointed commission and main reason for LIVING? How should we live and who is our real Master?'

If we were just heathen people with out any knowledge of the one true God in heaven, and we only watched that darn goofy boob tube, TV, we would prob get the impression that we are here on earth to stuff our faces with tons of fast food, candy, soda pop, alcohol, booze, have sex with everyone, get rich without working and be goofy and happy all our lives...Ha! Then we wake up to reality to find out that most of the people on earth [especially in the USA] are honestly like heathens... are we not?

When you buy a can of food and look at the ingredients, you find them listed in the greater quantities first, like [BEEF STEW] : water [first] then peas, carrots, onions and last of all BEEF.. LOL. Or they took a half cooked chicken and dunked it in a pot of water twice to make their famous "chicken soup" lol. I was just trying
to draw a clumsy comparison to our different sins. Some that are serious and more dangerous than others. OK, sin is sin, but driving fast and loose while drunk and/ or on drugs has got to be more dangerous than telling your wife that she has prepared the beef stew just PERFECTLY, when in fact that she could have added more pepper or salt. Both are sins-- but I know that you all see my point. And by the way we always make OUR stew from, PTL.

So to tie this short post together, we may as well be heathen if we elect some politician who champions abortion, euthanasia, the gay agenda, removing God from school, courts, public displays,lying when he knew that he could never deliver, etc. That might be called, "community responsibility" and those who voted for the wrong person even when they knew he was wrong for the job-- are somewhat culpable, now and latter. Weather we are talking about things that could happen in 2 months from now, or two years down the road, we shall surely "reap what we sow." The last two sentences were directed at those who claim to be 'believers...' Be careful what you wish for, ask for-- and pray for.

Well, I never, ever thought in my wildest dreams that a fat old man could get cold in the Winter, but here I find myself wanting to have the warmest, finest, 'high tech' Winter clothes and long johns available to modern man! I am just wondering how in the heck my great German ancestors made it thru those Winters hundreds of years ago! Woo Hoo! But I have slept in German hotels while serving in the Army in early 1968, and those smart krauts have super large pillows filled with goose down that are about 10 inches thick that they use for 'blankets' and if they are married-- two warm bodies equal a toasty night in bed.. lol. Too, I wondered how the Germans make it thru church with out any heat.... and one German gentleman told me that they take a snort of Schnapps before they go to church. I enjoyed Germany, loved the great, tasty food like sauerbraten, hasenpheffer, schnitzel, and the beer and sausage with krautm dumplings, Woo Woo! And I visited with the German people as often as I could, and even made a close friend, Helmut Singer, from Deutenheim [Bavaria], whom I mailed when I was in Vietnam. I understood and studied a little German [wish I was fluent!]-- and a little Vietnamese. My fondest wish was to be sent to language school at Fort Ord, CA and study as many languages as I could, but the all-knowing Army stuck me in aviation school at Fort Rucker, Alabama. It turned out OK because I am still alive-- and I have the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior now.
Deutschland uber alles!

Keep Warm!



Nelishia said...

I was thinking that the passage your were referring to might be in Ephesians 6 regarding spiritual warfare. Yes, people will indeed reap what they sow regarding who they voted in, even those who knew better. I don't understand the thinking of some who think their car will just take them wherever while they talk on the cell, put on makeup, mine for gold, whatever, lol. I've seen many on the sides of the road and in ditches. I did get your 'soup' analogy.
I get extraordinarily cold too especially as I've gotten younger and once I get that cold it takes past forever to get warm again.
I had to smile at taking some Snopps before service.
I hope you two have an enjoyable and peaceful Sunday.
I don't know how much longer I can comment. I'm borrowing Dirk's laptop as my adapter plug died today.
Oh yeah, no apologies were necessary in my blog. You are warmly invited to be yourself there and nothing was taken wrongly or badly. Humbly open to receive and also to give when the Holy Spirit puts something on my heart.


krissy knox said...

Very good post, Tom.

Krissy :)
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garnett109 said...

People are to much in a hurry today,being it is winter in a hurry gets you in the no drive zone.
I love making beef stew from scratch warms the tummy up.

Keep warm Tom!