Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'Love is the Answer' -- not money.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

How many of us have had [and still do] have 'intrusive thoughts', and dreams/ nightmares? For whatever reason, I do. That is one of the common hall marks, complaints and evidences of PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder]. I believe that my Lord, can and will take all my problems away-- after we make it to heaven as firm believers and servants/ followers of Jesus Christ. In the mean time-- we just have to 'make due', pray often, live simple, and immerse ourselves in God's Word [that means the Bible] and try to make friends with other mature Christians, if possible, IMHO. The Victory Baptist church, where we attend [but the name/ label of the church and it's organization doesn't matter to God...], is about 22 miles from our humble hovel in U.G., and slick, icy roads, Winter driving is not my finest season especially at night when I can't discern 'black ice'. And I think my vision is failing somewhat from old age and inherent genes.

Now I want to change gears for a moment and talk about something that my dear friend, Carolyn posted a few days ago: The book of Ezekiel. From my 30 years of bible study [and I sure don't know everything..], to the best of my knowledge, the term or symbol: AMERICA is never mentioned. Talking about the all so important "end times" that many fundamental Christians believe we are in NOW, there are a set chain of events that must precede Christ from His promised coming back to earth to 'take care of business' and calling all His saints to heaven before the stink hits the fan for the 'left behind folks...' I certainly encourage all my readers to consider reading Carolyn's fine post on this subject-- and I am sure that she could use some encouragement and prayers too. We know that the nation/ state of Israel will come to be first and foremost an important factor, and that they will always be the apple of God's eye, no matter how much they suffer and are persecuted for reason of their past unfaithfulness to God. Russia especially, and Europe should play the antagonistic role of persecutor [if I understand this properly], but America is out of the picture! Logically, as we can see from recent events, American could just 'implode' from our own greedy, unsound financial indiscretions. The PEOPLE will of course be saddled with and pay for the sins of the fat cats and CEO's of the banks, lending and investment corps, massive Gov't corruption. And millions of honest, hard working, families who played by the rules will lose all or most of their investments, 401K's, UGMA's, nest eggs, retirement accounts and even the "safe" investment grade Money Markets [that I just got out of a few weeks ago!! Personally, I recommend saving and investing in Gold, Silver and Cash in a fireproof hidden safe and enough money in a checking account to pay bills. I know it sounds outlandish. Without the 5 main components that make up investment grade [not from a bank] Mutual Funds, like 'commercial paper' that keeps companies solvent in order to pay the weekly pay roll, we will suffer a near total collapse, or worse. How will the Army and Navy pay their people to defend us without money?

It is estimated that if every man, woman and child coughed up a half million bucks each [to pay off China, India, our chief creditors,etc], that still would not pay for our Gov't to keep working/ functioning! I will have to teach my friends the most important "Rule of 72" -- the 'magic of compound Interest' that only rich folks and bankers know. China already OWNS us! So, honestly, we only have a limited number of options on the table. And yes, God knows and knew about what would happen to us-- and for many reasons He has let us hang ourselves. And those Lefty Loosey Dems thought they could vote for a man who in Pro-Abortion and Pro-Sodomite-- big time....Ha! Not that the Republicans have all the answers-- no human can put us back together again, as we are past the 'point of no return'. And when the poorer, third world nations are starving to death, they will, of course, revolt, riot, over throw their Governments, and do the unthinkable if they have nukes.
But there could also be a small nuclear war where America could be bombed back into the 'stone age.'
What will really be our final arrow in the heart-- I just don't know for sure, except that it will be simple, logical and reasonable in God's good Justice. And He has ALWAYS given ample warnings, sometimes hundreds of years in advance of His chastisement. In the book of Revelation when He 'shepherd's the Nations with an Iron rod..' --that means Death.

Personally, I have always thought it wise to 'hope for the best --but plan for the worst.' I expect to be very poor in the end and lose everything I have worked for these past 60 years with all my strength, smarts and where with all. Don't worry, the Feds will 'FIND' some way to rip off this old, disabled Vet, and my hard won Chrysler pension could evaporate in the heart beat..lol! How solvent is YOUR company or employer? It probably depends more on what kind of mood/ temperament he is in when he walks in the door. Hey, it's a cool thing when I am laughing silently at my own jokes at o400 in the morning and the air temp is 1 degree F. Ha!

Don't shoot or hate ME! I am just the bearer of bad news. But he 'Good News' is that God will NOT forsake His own children [for Jesus' sake and sacrifice] who put their Faith and Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ! And you can take that to the proverbial bank in Heaven! 'Lay up your treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy.' And for those of us who are blessed enough to have a handful of mature Christian friends, we ought to use all of out talents, mercies and kindness to encourage those who are down, depressed, broken in spirit, in flesh and poor... and that includes Tom Schuckman too. I hope that we can comment, discuss and get more involved in helping each other more from now on. Seems like I already have a nice, tight circle of real believing friends now, but I will never have too may friends, and I would really like more 'blog followers' AND some advice on how to transfer my pictures when AOL ends that too. I hope my mighty Ram 4 by 4 truck starts today.

I bid you all peace of mind, refreshment, love and hugs. Vietnam Vets need lots of HUGS! Many of us are big old teddy bears. And please, don't squander all your hard earned money on Christmas gifts that will be tossed aside. Love is the answer, not money.

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sober white women said...

I always expect the worse and hope for the best. This year has been a roller coaster ride for us, but I always land on my feet.

Carolyn said...

Hard times are coming for all of us Tom, and for many, it is also hard in spirit, but I thank God for you and my other brothers and sisters so although I know I've always had Jesus to carry my burdens for me- I don't feel so alone with all of you. God Bless and I know we will make it through all and anything that the enemy throws at us- if we keep our faith and hope alive in Christ! God Bless you dear Tom!