Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Opinions May sometimes differ from what the Bible actually says.

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When people are kind enough to say that I am a gifted, talented, mature writer... I have to wonder then, how could I have messed up my wording so as to confuse them or give them the opposite impression that I wanted to?

Many times I highlight, underline, use ALL CAPS to put emphasis on a word of phrase and people still don't get the point -- or I am not doing the right thing. Let me put it this way, there is a big difference between quoting from the Bible to use as my highest Source as a Authority-- and just giving some one my "personal" OPINION. Well, from now on I will try hard to make a note to readers and friends which 'tool' I am using in my posts. And I well know that people can and do twist and contort the Scriptures to sell their own false agenda, but I have always prided myself to be open minded and say that: "If you can PROVE something to me WITH THE BIBLE-- I will BELIEVE IT." So you would think that I must be skilled enough and knowledgeable with my fav. book-- the Bible, huh? The bible is my bread and my meat! But I also want to be a balance man and not so rigid like some Pharasee-like, Legalistic religious Orgs., and churches. Hey! I came out of that terrible sect. org. Jehovah's Witnesses after 22 years, and I promised myself that I would never be tricked / fooled again! So I dig deep and do research.

So... here we go! My personal opinion means absolutely NOTHING! All it is --is an "educated guess" and even so-called 'great scientists' and hallowed doctors make tons of mistakes that are wrongfully taught in schools-- and medicines kill people and doctors cut off the wrong body parts and also KILL many people every single day in the USA, and world. But the Bible-- God's true, complete Word, is the highest Source/ Authority that we can teach, quote, learn from. No matter if you believe it or not-- the bible trumps all over earthly, human sources. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, " ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: [17] that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." [KJV] So real Christians cannot pick and choose what they want to believe, teach, preach and follow. We can't say, 'Well, I will obey all the Bible's commandments except for this one little thing-- I want 3 wives... or I just want to get drunk sometimes... or I just don't want to pay my taxes... etc, etc.'

So when I quote the bible-- it's NOT MY personal opinion or way of thinking, my bias or prejudice-- it's God talking and I am ALL ears! Kind of like the military, you know? If someone in command gives you a direct order, you better obey it in 'spirit and letter' or you could be in a Fed Prison for many years of hurt and shame!! And you could also get many fellow soldiers killed and maimed for not following orders. I don't know if I can put this more simple. I had to find some things out the hard way too. I have made some big mistakes in my life-- but following the Bible [God-Speak] has never led me down the wrong trail.

But the Devil and 'his World' tell you just the opposite! "If it feels good -- do it!" Or.. 'you owe this to yourself--go get drunk on Friday- payday and get sick, stupid or dead! Woo Woo!' "The devil says, 'why get married when you can get the 'milk' for free?!' "oh.. but I know some very nice, kind people who are Gay....so I don't believe that it's wrong..." You see, friends and readers, God said to us, "My ways is not YOUR ways."
BTW, if the Libby -Left really thinks that Islam is a nice, gentle religion of peace....lol... there would NEVER be ANY Gay people allowed alive in that demonic system... and the women would really get a surprise. You see! Ignorance will get you killed or beaten in some public square. Beware.

So, let's cap this up and conclude that other "respected" religions in the world have the FREEDOM to say or teach, or even die for their beliefs--even blowing them selves up as a human bomb. And being a [real, biblical] Christian-- I may have to die for my Faith in Jesus Christ and God's game book -- the Bible! Remember, I am NOT judging ANY BODY!! I can only see and hear what people do, and then compare their actions to what the bible says, one way or another. I am only merely REPEATING WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT THESE CONTROVERSIAL SUBJECTS. Just like interpreting the law of the land --our U.S. constitution. Again-- "Never hate the Sinner-- hate the Sin." God will Judge people-- not Tom! I firmly think that some other people honestly DON'T KNOW their bibles well enough to read my Journal and give an intelligent answer or observation. They are giving their OPINIONS... and that's OK ! But that was ME many years ago-- young and very ignorant. Just like other things-- I can't just pick up my electric guitar and start playing some complicated song [although I have an Autistic nephew that just might do that...] My sister Linda B used to be President of the National Autism Society. And when the grade school teachers and Principal wanted to put her son, Kent in a "special" school, she refused and fought them for her son's rights.. and won! Holy tomato, do ya' think my mad mind challenge thing runs in the family?? Linda and Tom's other son, David graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy about 5 years ago and their daughter, Emily graduated as a 'special needs' teacher. but we all love Kent vey much and he has some very great, positive things going for him. [Personally, I think that the Persussin injections or Whooping cough shots are the real culprit for Autism-- but that is only my OPINION]. Get the picture? Good !

I honestly hope that all my friends will continue to post their honest opinions and comments on my Journal-- and I love them no matter what! I know for a fact that I am not always right-- and I need 'correction' like very other servant and Christian walking God's green earth. I love ALL of your comments and hope that more people will join my blog "followers" and get involved with comments. i also hope and pray that we 'share' our blogs with our friends, to give them a well rounded view of our facts -- and opinions, please. Most of you know that I do this thing. I am not looking for the 'lime light' so much, but my fondest hope is that some unbelievers find my Journal a help to leading him/ her toward Christ! And there is a special place in my heart for combat Veterans. I want to see them in heaven too.
But I also understand that there are going to be times when I will be persecuted and beset by all manner of fiery darts and missiles, and some one will ALWAYS be offended, just as Jesus and His followers had to deal with all kinds of disapproval and criticizm! As I continue to repeat myself, most things in the Bible are black and white, but there exist some things that are in the grey area -- so I don't want to push some dogmatic stuff at people that might be MY opinion, in that sense. We all come from different backgrounds and schools of teaching/ thoughts, so we might think that the way we were raised is the 'RIGHT WAY/ correct way.' My belief is that -- in most things, it's the bible way... and that IS MY WAY. I hope this is not confusing. Thanks for putting up with me lately. And thank you, Betty, for your kind correction.

My wife's birthday is Dec. 4th so we celebrated it today as I took her out on a spending spree-- and out to lunch for a giant Prime Rib lunch. she is happy and tired now... lol. I cou8ld only eat half of mine so we took them home for a latter snack. Woo Woo! My dog, 'Deuce' loves me too...

Terrible Tom

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.


sober white women said...

The battle is all around us. Nikki goes on mission trips every year. Every year people throw stuff at her, so she has gotten very skilled on her Bible. You have to know the Bible in order to back up what you say.

a corgi said...

I know what you are saying here Tom; and I know we cannot pick and choose what parts of the Bible we believe, but in reference to your other post, homosexuality is a sin but in itself, it is not what is going to get you sent to hell; not accepting Jesus as your Savior is the only reason you get sent to hell. Homosexuality is a sin like lying is a sin like stealing is a sin; there is no sin bigger than another; all are sins in the eyes of the Lord.


krissy knox said...

Am I allowed to say something, or is my comment going to disappear, LOL? The fate of the disappearing comment! I want to say something to Betty over there! OKay, if you don't like this comment, dissapear it, Tom! I still careth about you and love you in the Lord!

Krissy :)

Edward Albright said...

Jehovah's Witnesses are not legalistic, or are not supposed to be. Some people may be but I'm trying to do something about that.

JWs are not a terrible sect.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Dear Friends and readers,
I don't recall having erased ANYONE's blog comments that i recall.. unless I got up sleepwalking... lol. I have to agree and stand corrected with Betty's comment. 'Homosexuality is just another sin like lying, stealing,etc, and not accepting Jesus as our personal Savior are the grounds for sending us to Hell.' Thank you, Betty!

I enjoyed and am encouraged by your comments... but Edward Albright doesn't have a 'profile' - lol, and it's interesting that some people like to snipe from the safety their hidden, un accessible spider hole... they hit and run like 'guerrilla's of the Viet Cong.' That is the JW way.. lol.


garnett109 said...

Happy Birthday to your wife.

Carolyn said...

Hi Tom- I had a comment dissapear on my blog too once. I don't know why, I know I didn't delete it! I agree with Betty that Homesexuality is a sin just as other sins and they are all the same in the Lord's eye. I think why we tend to focus so much more on homosexual sin is not so much the sin, but in the heart attitude of the militant gays, susch as those who blaspheme the Bible, against God and grieve the Hioly Spirit. Just my two cents ;-) God Bless you Tom- have a wondeful week my brother!

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

I have too much sin of my own to judge anyone else....I am sure I do many things that some would raise an eyebrow at...I am glad to be judged by my sins only but am sure some would beg to differ...hope you wife enjoyed her birthday..terryAnn

Nelishia said...

The more Bible you use and stand on the hotter the war gets. After reading this, I can see that we are very, very much alike. Our opinions did not differ. I was saying AMEN and adding to it.

Your wife and our precious granddaughter that we are raising have the exact same BD. Tomorrow she will be four. She was sent to us as a special blessing from God and not without a fight,still ongoing at times even. She was teeny tiny when we got her at 3, only weighing 28 pounds at 38". She was no longer potty trained and at best spoke short words, but mostly screamed, pointed and squealed. I thought she was autistic. After working with her DAILY for a year, her IQ is up, she's potty trained and her vocabulary is off the charts. She's reading and writing on a first grade level at age four. We've had her one year so far. We hope and pray some day to adopt her.


natalie said...

I do think freedom of religion and freedom of expression is very important