Friday, December 26, 2008

Reasons for blogging.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

I was just thinking about Blogging in general and all the different kinds of subject matter, titles, crusades, objectives, missions or just good old fashion therapy. All kinds of motives, pure, honest, selfish, flamboyant, kind, helpful and boastful. My friend, Carolyn and I are into Bible prophesy, true Christianity and Witnessing, in my opinion-- and that is NOT a popular subject now days... lol. I know that we are both witty and talented enough to be able to write 'popular themes' that would garner many more readers and followers, if that is what drove our hearts. For my part, I inject much about combat Veterans, corruption of the VA system, Gov't and finance, history, because I feel qualified to speak about those subjects too. Also, my favorite mission of connecting with other combat and disabled military Vets because I am one and I enjoy the comraderie! The end game is focusing on the most important thing that I know that is GOOD FOR ALL HUMANKIND-- God's Will and the bible. Hey! I love my super dog, 'Deuce' the Rottweiler, our trained "service animal" and number one joker and and entertainer, and othe3r varied subjects, hobbies, like my woord carving and small knife collection. But I just don't know for sure if 'Deuce' is going to heaven.. LOL.[just kidding..] One thing I DO know-- we are all here for eternity and 70-90 years on a ruined planet filled with wicked, greedy, selfish, corrupt, immoral people doesn't come close to the rest of all eternity in either heaven or hell !

Of course there are different ways to live on earth--- being rich is nice-- being poor is much harder. I have actually been in both situations. At one time I lived for a while in Arvada [a Denver suburb], CO, where my wife and I collectively had about $9K of spendable cash, and we bought a quarter of a million dollar beautiful house, but she was emotionally unstable and her son and daughter controlled her and sabotaged our short relationship so that she left me within months of the wedding. It's very hard for me to finally put this in print. I loved her very much. She claimed to be a 'Christian' but didn't know the bible at all and attended a "feel good" church that just tickled her ears. And I had trouble breathing the thin, dry air near the beautiful mountains. Yes, I learn so much stuff the hard way, and I have a soft heart like a Teddy bear that over rules the logic of my brain... too often, and gets me into trouble. Long distance relationships seldom last! And the term "Christian" is nothing but a 'buzz word' now days, and few people take their wedding vows seriously! I lost tons of money in that adventure and was cut to the heart. I think that I should have just stayed single after that, but I got lonely and duped again. A slow learner is poor old Tom.

And before we know it, old age is upon us and we look back on our former life to see the real meaning of life and what we think we accomplished... The Book of Ecclesiastes [written by wise old King Solomon] used to be my FAVORITE book of the Bible for all it's Wisdom and Understanding. There, Solomon, was a rich man who also had to learn the hard way... lol. At least I can get a good laugh at the truth of his words, like: Eccl. 10:3, "Even when the fool walks along the road, his sense is lacking and he demonstrates to everyone that he is a fool." HO-HO-HO !! But the last two verses of the last chapter sums is all up in Eccl. Chapter 12: 13, 14,
"The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear GOD and keep His commandments, because this applies to EVERY person. (14) For God will being every act to judgement, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil."

I feel that this advice should be my main priority in life, especially as I turn age 60 on Feb. 20th, Woo Woo!

Now I am in a mental debate as to whether I should haul my fat body to the Kenosha YMCA Gym to PUMP IRON and then get in the hot whirl pool and Sauna, or jsut stay home to help clean the messy house.

I bid you peace and safety.


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