Thursday, October 9, 2008

A very full day of welding at church.

Wow! My wife got me up about 0500 this morning to travel back to the Milwaukee VA for a special additional injection to my right knee. The doctor was not pleased about this but respects and knows me well enough to believe my grievance about the substitute "nurse" whom I believe messed up or mixed up my shot concoction for me last Monday. My right knee actually got worse and more painful AFTER that shot! Hey! Everyone makes mistakes but health care people MUST learn to concentrate on their work--else they croak a Veteran!! And they are NOT above lying to cover their own behinds when they make these serious mistakes and many hospital related deaths occur all the time, but the VA likes to keep them quiet and sweep them under the rug, IMHO [in my humble opinion].
But this time the shot took effect immediately and I felt so much better! PTL. [Praise the Lord]
Then Sharon and I drove home and I had to rush to Kenosha, WI, 22 miles East to Lake Michigan, to help the pastor and two other brothers repair/ weld the old, beat up snow plow for this Winter season. I did alot of welding and cutting with my Oxy- Acetylene torch and we all worked hard together to get most of the 'set up' work and 'tack welding' done, but my friend, Marvin Ellis, a Disabled Marine [Vietnam Vet] who also worked with me on the Chrysler assembly line will be back tomorrow to finish the welding and make things work. Pastor Jerry Beaver is a young but highly intelligent man who is a pretty fair welder --self taught, I think, but Br. Marv and I are better trained. Him with OJT-- and me with college welding and OJT and field welding, etc. So we get along very well, crack jokes and have very much in common besides him being my Christian brother. He has a nice wife named Jan.
I know that I will sleep good tonight after getting all that fresh country Lake breeze in my lungs and a super WORK OUT... LOL! You really get a sense of self worth and a good feeling in your heart that in your own special way you are serving the Lord in helping the church. Victory Baptist church has a great food pantry that GIVES food to those who need it after the Sunday night worhsip service. I used to workin that capacity too for a while but we never needed any food from that pantry-- God has blessed our house and pocket books so far and we trust in Him, notou8r own feeble human efforts. The freezer is full and we are on a diet... LOL.
For some women/ sisters who may think that their lives are so insignificant and useless with out any adventure like we skilled / educated guys-- and disabled combat Veterans-- but I know that the Bible holds such hard working WOMEN in in the home in HIGH ESTEEM-- and they deserve honor and PRAISE for their work as domestic engineers!! Woo Woo! They will also serve in heaven with the us guys as our EQUALS! They are truly serving the Lord just as much as their men outside the house. My wife is actually much smarter than most men I know as far as being a "go-fer" / assistant to me when I am welding, working with carpentry, wood carving and automotive. I guess she was a 'tom-boy' when younger and her dad taught her a lot about fishing, hunting and mechanical tech stuff. But she can also bake a great apple or cherry pie!
At least she knows what tools I ask for and is very supportive of me, and I try to teach her any and all skills, crafts and the deeper things of the Bible. Last year in Dec. I bought her a good Key Board/ piano/ organ and paid for her lessons. I gaveher the whole upstairs of my house for her own sewing rooms, bought her two sewing machines and she makes most of her own clothes. We am very blessed... yet we KNOW that the world times are rapidly getting worse and we have not seen ANYTHING yet!
I came home to a hot meal of lamb, carrots, rye bread and cold 50/50 soda pop-- and a hot soapy shower. Yes! I will hit the sack early tonight.

Tom Schuckman