Saturday, October 18, 2008

Does God have the right to destroy AMERICA?

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The short reply would be, YES ! Even for abortion alone. But there is more to it...
Ha! I stroked the wrong key and ERASED the wrong post!! What next??
Well, getting back to a great comment by Corgi, she mentioned that God has every right to destroy us [USA, etc] for all the unborn babies we have aborted [murdered], and the extent that we [the lefty- libby- far left Dems-- and others who didn't get off their asses to fight them...] -- the porous borders that let in drugger, murders, rapists and kidnappers, etc, the overwhelming gay-agenda oinks who use the Media to brain wash our kids that, 'good is bad and bad is good' and just do your own thing! One of the biggest benefits of reading/ studying the Bible--especially the OT [Old Testiment] is that we learn not only the Love, Kindness of God Almighty-- but also His Wisdom and sense of JUSTICE!
It's true that God sacrificed His only begotten Son, Jesus, so that every member of mankind has the CHANCE to accept the Saviour and go to heaven. But God tells us thru His Word, the Bible, that most of mankind will choose Satan's world of glittery riches, immorality, and sinful ways. This theme is repeated all though out the OT from Adam and Eve to right now! Just like Jesus said in the book of Matt-- the last days of this world that we are living in right now...2008, will be like the days of Noah! Only 8 people out of an estimated 1 million or more survived that evil world from the deluge.
Guess what? We are all "free moral agents" and can CHOOSE to do what ever we want-- but there will come a day of true JUSTICE and accounting... and it may be soon. It will come as 'a thief in the night.' Now-- if everyone knew that day and hour-- we would probably live like the devil and then change and be good right before that day... but God doesn't want that. God promises us that He will NOT be Late concerning His promise-- even as true Christians in other countries are being tortured and killed for their steadfast Faith and Trust in Him as we speak. And they actually pray for US in America-- for all our temptations!
For the most part in America-- we have lost our spine bone and turned into jellyfish, growing fat, spoiled by our "good life" and higher standards of living... having the best of riches and freedom. We truly deserve death and 'prison in Hell' forever for our lack of Faith andTrust in Jesus! Yet, God is holding back His sword of JUSTICE until the last of His chosen believers is safe and tucked in bed. The job of ALL Christians? We are commanded to meet regularly in His name to incite Love and Fellowship, worship and bible study -- and do the very best we can to 'win souls' over to Christ and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Read 1st Timothy 3-4, "This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, 4. who desires ALL men to be SAVED and to come to the knowledge of the truth." NASB. If you don't know how to go about doing this... please contact me. And if I can't do the job-- I know many that can. I don't want to go before God's throne of Judgment one day and not be able to give a good account of myself -- after I was SAVED, like, 'what did YOU do [Tom Schuckman] [after you were saved] to help share/spread/ tell others about the Kingdom message of Jesus Christ and salvation ?? Complacinsy, laziness and fear will get you in deep water, sorry to say.
I cannot help all the bad things, poor judgment and sins in my past-- [I keep telling my unbelieving mother...]. She thinks that since I was a sinner most of my life-- these last 10 years of my being SAVED and telling others about God's salvation thru Christ-- don't count. Or I don'thave any credibility or "right" for being a sinner in the past... Ha! Ah... misery loves my mother's case... lol. Many people just don't want to be accountable to ANYONE for their actions -- or lack of in-action. I know that others are battered by evil tongued relatives and "friends", just like Job's wife and "friends".... and I don't think that those unbelievers will have the last laugh. You know that Jesus spoke more about Hell than He did about Heaven?? Just read the 4 Gospels. And if you say that you just don't have the courage-- read Revelation 21: 8 and what it says about COWARDS, etc. It takes a stout heart and courage to be a soldier of Christ! But the Holy Spirit will give you everything you need after your get SAVED and get right with God.
We will continue this thread latter, if you want.
Have a great, blessed day--- Winter is on it's way, up in Wisconsin!

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Hab ich das Recht - The Honeycombs -- great old song.