Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Door to Door" Preaching / Ministry Work today.

Heli-gunner Tom.
Hoo-Rah! The Saturday morning Ministry work-- at Victory Baptist Church!
Wow! Did I ever have a great, joyful day with the brothers at church this morning-- going out door to door, 'soul winning/ evangelism !! We took my '07 Dodge Ram truck [4 guys] and went to a good territory in Kenosha, got out and started doing a 'survey' of the residents. This is my first time out doing the Baptist soul winning, door to door, and I worked with a good friend named Chip M. He is an older gentleman who knows his Bible well and is also a member of the Gideon org. who are into placing bibles to the whole world, free. We got some older folks at home who were at least courteous for the most part and we handed out a few Christian tracts. Beautiful, brisk, windy Fall day!
Eventually, as I knew it would happen, my knees and back started hurting too bad and I had to rest in my truck for a while. We then were invited to Chip's house for some pizza and good conversation. THAT IS HOW YOU REALLY GET TO KNOW OTHER CHRISTIAN! Next time I will surely take my power scooter when going 'door to door' preaching-- to take and wieght off my knees and bad back.
And yes, it does take guts, some preparation and humility-- but the Holy Spirit is what puts the right words in our mouths! I will talk more about this type of ministry and how to learn several ways to 'witness' to others. Putting our Faith and Trust in God, and letting the Holy Spirit speak thru us is really a great thing-- jsut as early Christians and the apostles did, and as we can never repay God for 'SAVING' us so that we can go to heaven --and not hell... doing the preaching work surely pleases Him!
If anyone want to know how we do this ministry-- please contact me:
Well, Sharon was busy at home cleaning house and baking a big Ham for supper, but I brought something home for your as she requested... Pastrami [meat] for sandwiches. And I also bought some Gardeneria hot relish stuff in a big jar at an Italian shop in town. It really cleans out your sinus,etc.. lol. Working at home and cleaning, for my wife, is a hard job because of her infirmities, Sarcoidosis, etc., and that is a killer disease that cripples. I love my wife-- even though we argue sometimes... lol. And I appreciate her hard and smart work at home, etc. She is more of a Tom-boy, but things just have to get down at home, and I have decided to start helping her with the dishes and laundry.

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