Friday, October 31, 2008

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Friends, First off, I need to draw your attention to the "new" feature on my Blog [thanks to Krissy for helping me]. On the right side of the format is an area for visitors to become one of my "followers" --and there by get my latest blog posts zapped right into their own mail box every time I post !

Most everyone is unhappy with the way AOL Journals kicked us out and left us in a quandary to figure things out for ourselves. It has been a royal pain in the neck! Some of us are quicker to catch on to this new operation/ web site. I am JUST an average guy--not a main brain, technical guy, and I depend on my patience, experience and friends to get me over the hump. To them I say THANK YOU!

In my personal case suffering from depression, PTSD, many times I just get in a 'funk', a rut, a sour mood that doesn't help anybody I came in contact with. So I have developed a regimen to jerk myself out of those foul moods, out of the sour "poor me" mentality and mind set. Some may called it a "chill pill" or a new lease on life. Daily contact with the Bible, like reading Psalms, Proverbs, etc will brighten my outlook. Going to church regularly and seeing my true friends [brothers and sisters in Christ] and prayer really helps too. But I seem to get into a 'new kick' [that fires up my heart and soul] like recently getting back into guitar. I just LOVE music-- but now days MOST of it is God-dishonoring trash or Satanic-- but there are still some good, quality, happy songs/ music. Music takes my mind off my own problems and can be used to cheer up myself and others. It also can be used to honor, praise and worship the Lord!

As so many of you fine folks have helped to cheer me up so many times with kind, warm comments on my blog posts and personal emails/ letters -- I want to reciprocate and give back--- return the kindness and joy. This is one of the main reasons for my on-line Journal; I consider it part of my Christian ministry, or sorts, much like going 'door to door' sharing the Good News of God's Kingdom!

As I was listening last night before bed to a Christian radio, WVCY 107.7 FM about 9:10 PM, a soft spoken gentleman was saying that we should all be praying hard concerning the coming presidential election. Regarding prayer the bible tells us that we servants of God should prayer over many matters, but even the 'righteous' won't always get their prayers answered or what they want! God surely knows what is best for us and what is hurtful for us in the long run! Only He knows if the last 'signs of the end times' have all been fulfilled. No matter what WE may think or want - God just plain knows IF the world is ready for JUDGMENT or not ! I surely don't know what is going to happen [obviously, mere human that I am...duh]! But just like Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane before he was betrayed at Mark 14: 36 "And He was saying, Abba! Father! All things are possible for You; remove this cup from Me; yet not what I will, but what YOU will." Yes, we must understand that if the most Liberal 'abortion man' gets elected-- God may be planning to loose His terrible judgment on all mankind after His servants have been preaching far and wide all these years and the Bible news just falls on deaf ears and the world grows more wicked and immoral every day.

I am writing this post not to scare anyone or be a defeatist -- but to prepare my friends, fellow believers and readers of ALL possibilities and the probable out come that must EVENTUALLY come to pass as God Himself warned. We are positively voting for McCain-- but we surely recognize that GOD'S WILL trumps ever thing else in the world of imperfect mankind.

And now to help Sharon clean the house.... Ha!
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