Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some Help for Psoriasis Sufferers.

I hope I won't get into trouble for taking the liberty of posting this info from a web site that I belong to... but I feel that it's just too good NOT to share with others.

Tom >>>

Five things work for me...none are a cure in themselves but together
I can get 80-90% clearing and sometimes 100%...and I've had psoriasis
for over 20 years...

1)Using ointments... the best for me is dovonex, a synthetic form of
vitamin a topical ointment

2) the biggest single factor for me: diet. psoriasis very well may be
caused for some people by intestinal hyperpermeability which can be
treated somewhat (for me) by avoding high sugars, fermented foods
(wine, tempeh, yeasted breads), and dairy products (cheese) are the
bad ones for me.

3) warm ocean water is excellent for psoriasis, try salt baths,
you'll see tons of anecdotal evidence on the benefits of salt water...

4) sunshine, and humid air

5) behavioral, stress related things, for me too much time on the
computer and driving irritates my psoriasis.

but the big two for me are watching my diet and using dovonex and
moisturizers. the dovonex usually kicks in after about 1 month of side effects either.

--- In PsorChat@yahoogroup, Thomas Schuckman
> And isn't it a shame that the TV commercials and 'drug stores' all
feed on us and take our money on false pretenses and false
advertisements! And most so-called meds that I have heard of cause
bad side effects. I have heard that eating fresh foods without added
coloring, additives have helped people I know. But all that stuff/
food and home preparation costs money and time too.
> Suffice it to say, after researching the FDA and Big Pharma...
that they don't want to find a cure-- they just want to continue
to 'TREAT US' and rake in that almighty dollar.
> Tom S
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Some Churches leaning too far Left and Apostate, IMHO.

What a nice calm day for my wife and I on Saturday. Sharon is folding clothes and the dish washer is going.

A close friend called me up a half hour ago, Robby B., who used to work with me on the Chrysler assembly line in Kenosha, WI., and he is a strong Christian evangelizer and Vietnam Vet too. He was quite concerned/ upset about some negative stuff going down where he attends church and needed to share with me. Two young Mormon guys came to his house some time ago to do their thing but Robb invited them inside and also witnessed to them. Then after a while he invited the two gentlemen to his church, 'BT' in Kenosha and that's when the sparks started flying... lol. The resident pastor there asked, "Who invited these Mormons to this church ?!" Robby, who used to be a Captain with Special Forces 3 years in Vietnam, immediately told him, "I did." Evidently, the head preacher at Baptist Tabernacle church, which I visited a few times, didn't like the fact that Robb invited "those people" to his church and was actually afraid that some of his flock might be tempted to follow Mormonism, so I gather. "BT" is also involved in the "PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCH" baloney that some fear to be too far Left of the true bible teaching... including me. When ever a church or org does not encourage the congregation to bring their own copies of the bible or does not keep bible copies available-- that shoots up a red flag or warning in my mind. The mind gets LAZY if you don't use it andyou lose the ability to find your way around the scriptures if you don't crack that book open --myself included!

So it seems that there is some disagreement and ill feelings at Robb's place of worship. Now, from all my years of serious, intense bible study, it seems to me that ALL Christians have a responsibility to be able to know the book well enough so as to DEFEND THE FAITH! And it is truly the pastor's job to instruct and prepare the congregation to do this--even to the extent that they would/ should look for opportunities to seek out and help unbelievers come to an accurate knowledge of God's promises and warnings in these 'end times' and slippery slopes! IMHO, Pastor Lee [?] is dropping the ball big time! But that is just my opinion according to all I know and understand these past 30 years of bible study. If I am wrong-- I will change my tune.

If by some stretch of the imagination that our national events tip Far Left and B. Hussein Obama wins-- all it would take is a stroke of the pen, a presidential decree while the Dem Congress is our on vacation-- things could change in a heart beat and we could lose our Freedom of Speech and Worship. What if our bibles where banned in public -- or worse??! Then all we would carry around would be our knowledge and understanding of the BIBLE! Some of us would be in a bind because we allowed ourselves to get slack and lazy and never put the money in the "bank..." , our minds... lol. Guess what? Much of the world is ALREADY THERE!! Even in Canada, some freedoms were lost.

Many scholars and wise bible understanding Christians already know that the "Evangelicals" are slipping into the 'New Age" thing, too far LEFT, Paganism, the 'Purpose Driven Church' thingy that leans toward the touchy feely, fuzzy warm, NO SUBSTANCE and less bible ways or dumbing down the Holy Scriptures. And that is DANGEROUS! I feel strongly about this especially because I was trapped in a religious cult called the Jehovah's Witnesses for 22 yers of my life after I got home from the Army and was searching for the truth with PTSD on the brain -- and it really messed up my mind and life and my family!! Just read the 3rd Chapter of 2nd Timothy that talks about 'Difficult Times will Come' and the Divine prediction/ prophecy to learn what is happening right now in the world and USA.

Pray for Robby B. and his family as they go thru these difficult times and perhaps they will find it necessary to leave that dysfunctional "church" or errors.

We invite ALL kinds and types of people to our church so that they may see the error of their past life style-- but then find out about the loving, living mercy, kindness, Truth and wisdom of God and His Word, the Bible. All should be WELCOME so that they might turn their lives around and become SAVED!
And please pray for my wife's condition of Sarcoidosis, a killer disease that eats up and tears down the body with painful episodes, etc. Bless all believers and my faithful readers and visitors too.

Warm Regards,