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Know the Signs of COPD.

I and my siblings suffer from Sleep Apnea and so this short health article is important. Sleep Apnea was the cause of a horrible truck collision that broke my neck [C1 and C2 anterior] in 1997 that could have paralyzed or killed me. Go figure... What if I had not know God, nor accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior back then and died?? In fact I was just leaning the truth about the Gospel and being "SAVED." Wow! That was surely a 'wake-up call' for me! Actually, it changed my whole way of thinking and set new priorities for my life after that accident. Only I was hurt in that accident. PTL.

Know the signs of COPD
COPD—Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease—kills one American every 4 minutes. It’s the 4th leading cause of death in the United States. Millions of Americans have the disease and don’t even know it. Don’t be one of them—learn the 4 risk factors, 4 things you can do if you’re at risk for COPD, and 4 things to help manage it, at the National Institutes of Health COPD Awareness Month site.

What is the Gospel ?

What Is the Gospel?

What is the gospel? Knowing the answer to this question is vital if one is to receive salvation and have a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, ... - 31k - Similar pages

To begin with, I don't know of ANYBODY who knows everything there is to know about the Bible no matter how many Ph., D's and Doctorates he/she has. But all relatively 'normal' human beings who profess to be followers and believers of Jesus Christ -- [and I have seen people who have a very small I.Q.'s and very young children] know the basics of the GOSPEL [and are SAVED] and strive to learn more our whole lives thru. As I have said many times, 'you have to put money in the bank before you can withdraw some... duh' You have to put the good stuff [the bible/ pure scripture] in your head if you want to summon it up latter to share with others and also defend your Faith in Jesus!

The basics of the "Gospel" are: that Jesus Christ came to earth and was born of a virgin, without sin, perfect, suffered a horrible death on the cross for all mankind's sins, was buried, and then was resurrected 3 days latter. That is the long and short of it. The True Gospel comes ONLY from God's Word-- the Bible, and NO WHERE ELSE! There is a nasty curse attached to those who would spread a FALSE GOSPEL! If we make simple, innocent errors [before Christian maturity--lack of proper knowledge], we will be corrected in God's love. Therefore we need to remain humble and 'innocent as doves' while continually seeking first the Gospel knowledge. And that takes some work. In a lazy, fat, spoiled, selfish society-- that may be a real challenge for many... lol.

I gave a talk at an AWANA group in church last night and those kids, in their early teens and below were smart and knowledgeable! I could see the desire in their eyes and pride that they had studied hard and long to "be approved" in God's eyes" and another credit to them is that they are fed the KJV ! Reason: Too many adults in the U.S. are functionally illiterate, or worse, and how can they understand old King James English written about 1610-1611, if they don't even have a 5th grade understanding?? Yet the leaders and helpers at AWANA scrifice their time and effort [and sometimes 'burn-out'] to help these kids learn the Bible lessons, etc. The reason I know reading I.Q. levels is because I taught English [and ESL] to adults and had to have special training and certification at the Kenosha Literary Council. I just love teaching hungry people ! It's not another notch in my belt-- but it sure gives me a personal, secret warm feeling in my heart to help others make something of themselves!

LOL, I also like to carry a few pocket bibles in my pockets when I go out --to give away free to people I may meet at the VA and any where else. BTW, they are somewhat 'bullet proof" too.

There is a good deal of research- able info in the upper article I attached and I hope that some of you will TAKE THE TIME TO JUST SIT DOWN IN A COMFORTABLE CHAIR TO LOOK UP SOME OF THE CITED SCRIPTURES... that will make you very happy about your [eternal] future-- no matter what comes down the human/ earthy pike. It will also equip YOU to share this important gift with others. According to Jesus, this should be our MAIN WORK on earth! Jesus alsoforetold that the path leadingto everlastinglife would be cramped and narrow-- but wide and spacious is the path leading to DESTRUCTION. Ah, yes, we all have "choices" in life. That is the 'polictically correct' way of putting it now days.... Ha! That kind of language makes me sick, but I thought I would throw it in this post for kicks... lol.
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Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70.


Agent Orange WebSite-- Resources for Vets.

Agent Orange Web Site:

Pictures are coming in of The Agent Orange Balloon Release,
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Agent Orange Victims & Widows Support Network
Home Of The Agent Orange Quilt Of Tears


Timely article by Joe Galloway

Timely article by Joe Galloway

(For those that do not know and some of our widows in our groups may not; Mr. Galloway was the real reporter that was depicted in “We Were Soldiers Once.” The film with Mel Gibson about the first contact the US Army (1st Cavalry Division) had with the North Vietnamese Army in the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam as the war in South Vietnam escalated under Johnson. Mr. Galloway is the only civilian that I know of that was decorated with a Bronze Star with V-device for Valor for his combat actions during that engagement. While I do not agree with all of his sentiments there is a lot to unite around especially in the earned benefits for not only our disabled and dying Veterans but also their widows as well for which Veterans and Widows alike have to fight. Fight our own entire government who is as tenacious as any enemy a US campaigning Army has ever faced. At least in some cases the enemy had honor; our government does not when it comes to Veterans Affairs.

Support you nation 100% of the time and your government when they earn it. So far in 40 plus years for the Vietnam Veteran they have not and why we keep sending the same tired old politically corrupt folks back up there to do nothing to resolve our issues is the real question. Congress says there is little they can do with VA but I bet if they started filing criminal charges and filing with the attorney general it would help. Also if they got rid of the Feres Doctrine, which Congress allowed, then we could take care of the light work against Veterans Affairs in criminal charges ourselves.

So Congress do not say there is little you can do. It may require some guts but there is plenty you can do if the intestinal fortitude is available!

Anyway a timely sentiment and very appropriate in the highlighted sections.)

For What Did They Die?
By Joseph L. Galloway

November 11, 2008 - "McClatchy Newspapers" -- It is autumn, and the air is crisp and cool at night at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

It gets very quiet at The Wall around midnight. The tourists have gone home, and are all tucked into bed.

A homeless Vietnam veteran patrols the black granite panels. He tells us that he has cancer and is having a hard time getting any benefits from the Veterans Administration. He lives in a mission that houses those who have nowhere else to go, but the doors don't open until 11 p.m.

He sees my interest in Panel 3-East, the third panel to the east of the apex of the memorial, and he asks if I was there at the Ia Drang Valley battles that contributed 305 of the names that are on that panel. I nod, and he grows animated. "Oh, I know these guys well. Or at least I know their names." He begins calling the roll to prove it: "Henry T. Herrick, John Geoghegan, Willie Godboldt, Travis Poss, Carl Palmer, Wilbur Curry, Thomas C. Metsker . . . ."

Twenty, then 30 of the names trip off his lips. "I tell people about them when they ask."

So do I..

We slip a few bucks into his hand for something to eat and he wanders off into the night, heading for the mission and a cot where he can rest his head until 7 a.m., when he and the other homeless are shooed out to begin another day of waiting for something good, finally, to happen to them.

I hope that he lives long enough to collect some benefits and get some medical help from the VA, although given the 6- 8-month backlog in processing veterans' claims, there's no guarantee that he will.

I stand before Panel 3-East and slowly scan those names, remembering their stories, their hometowns, their wives and children, remembering, too, how and where they died and what it all means.

Did they die so that a brother veteran can die waiting in line for a little help from the nation that sent them all off to war in the prime of their youth?

Did they die so that four decades later, an American president and his cronies could start another needless war in a far-off land, a war that to date has dragged on almost as long as the one they fought in Southeast Asia?

Did they die so that wounded veterans of that war could come home to a lot of "Welcome Home" greetings and a lot of "Support Our Troops" bumper stickers, but facing the same fight that America's veterans have always faced when they try to get treatment and benefits from our Army and our Veterans Administration?

Did they die so that an administration full of draft dodgers and draft avoiders and almost bereft of anyone who ever wore a uniform or heard a shot fired in anger could prance around presenting themselves as wartime leaders?

Did they die so that 10,000 craven politicians could stand on bandstands and make speeches full of empty praise for those who protect and defend this country and make empty promises of how they guarantee that our wounded, our new veterans, will be treated better than their fathers and grandfathers were when they came home from their wars?

The men and women who wear the uniform today are, many of them, on their fourth or fifth combat tours in Afghanistan or Iraq. They and their families do all the suffering and sacrificing for the rest of us.

Meanwhile over in the Pentagon, the bean counters run their computers and come up with the good news: The economic meltdown in America, the growing ranks of the unemployed, the complete lack of work or prospect of a decent future in the rural and urban backwaters of a great nation make for a boom in enlistments in our voluntary military.

If you sign on the bottom line because you have no other alternative, no other way out of nowhereville, are you really a volunteer?

The bands will play, and the old veterans will march proudly and the politicians will run their mouths this Veterans Day, just as they do every Veterans Day.

And the 400,000 dead of World War II and the 40,000 dead of Korea and the 58,260 dead of Vietnam and the 4,500 dead of Iraq and Afghanistan will rest silent and uneasy under the modest white marble tombstones that a grateful nation has provided them free of charge.

Across town, an old and ailing veteran of one of those wars will line up tonight for a cot in a mission and wonder whether he can live long enough to collect from the bureaucrats what we owe him.

On Army posts around the nation, the battalions and brigades and divisions are either just coming home after a year or more at war while other battalions and brigades are just saying their goodbyes and heading back out on their third or fourth or fifth deployments.

"Where have all the flowers gone?
Gone for soldiers, every one.
When will they ever learn?"


Here are some pix of my youngest daughter, Sarah in Colorado with her 2 children.

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