Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It never ends... until you are in heaven.

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In the picture, I am teaching my wife the finer points of using an Oxy-Acetylene torch to cut steel.
I had a very pleasant day and got about half of what I hoped to do [slow-- old age]. This was one of my 'pay days' and so I moved some money around at my credit union, went shopping for a few things, bought a better, more sturdy music stand, pitch pipe for tuning the guitar, etc, and 2 pieces of stew meat for my dog that stayed in the truck.

I took some pears and bananas to my Marine buddy, named Marvin Ellis and his wife Jan, Marv was sick with infection in his lungs but we practiced with his guitars for a while. My Rottweiler [Deuce] and his bitch Labrador [Jada] had a good time playing in his back yard and both got a nice piece of meat that I brought. There was a round bone in the middle of the meat, one for each dog. I am very popular in that house hold now... lol. Marvin's wife has always been friendly to me and hospitable, and I always treat her with respect, of course. She is a Catholic but Marvin attends the Sunday service were I go--VBC- Victory Baptist church. I feel that if the Lord wants Jan to progress and learn His Word-- it is not up to me to push or shove her-- but to set a good, kind, friendly example. She smokes but not in front of me, out of respect, I guess. And I like that 'live and let live' attitude. I was much more dogmatic in my younger days...and had much to learn about people.. Ha!

My wife asked me to bring back some ground chuck-beef for lunch, and she was in such a much better mood for a change and actually cleaned much of the house!! Her doctor gave her some better meds for her lung problem. Woo Hoo!! That sure put me in a milder, kinder, appreciative mood too! I HATE fights and arguments!

Shoot! We got a phone call a few hours ago --that I have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow morn at 0900 for a teeth cleaning. Then I will make another appointment to have 3 fillings done while I am there. Good old Chrysler changed the rules again so that we have to pay a 'co-pay' when we get most dental treatments. Well, better than a sharp stick in the eye, I guess. It used to all be paid for--part of the union contract. Us retirees took big cuts across the board last year-- 'hard times'.. Ha! BS, I know the greed of the companies, and it will only get worse. The Bible tells me so.

But thank the Lord for all His gentle mercies and blessings. PTL.

We found out that the power chair hoist company [Bruno] installed too small [not powerful enough] a lift motor in my truck that won't lift Sharon's power chair. It actually 'laboured' to lift my lighter power scooter [Golden Avenger]!! I know the old story-- give the customer the cheapest product you can get away with, and it will give out, wear out sooner than it is supposed to. They are supposedly trying to get things done right, duh. Hey, when you all retired you have to watch care takers and workers like a HAWK so that they do their jobs right! That's right! When you are starting to slow down and lose some of your 'faculties' [mind-brains]-- that is when you need them the most! Hint: make friends with a kind, honest, smart younger person to look after some of your affairs... an advocate. It never ends until you are safely tucked in-- heaven.

Tom Tom-- Terrible Tom

Cold, Hard Reality --Paul to Timothy-- Jan Markell.

Let me turn you all on to some good, solid food~!

Can We Drop This Topic? My Head's Spinning!

By Jan Markell

OK, you've heard most of your life that the Lord is returning. He hasn't so you're skeptical now. You might even be bored and irrirated. Besides, studying the topic of eschatology puts your brain into a pretzel. I know, Revelation's bowls, seals and trumpets are tough to grasp. The image in Daniel 7 is equally confusing and uncertain. You've had no solid teaching on this, and it just strikes you as something to skip over. What's the big deal you might be asking?

Maybe you've also had no strong teaching on Israel's importance as she relates to the end-times. Many prophecy scholars believe the end of the end-times began with her rebirth in 1948. But your church just might believe in Replacement Theology; that is, that the Church is the new Israel. Literal Israel, outside of being an important U.S. ally, really doesn't strike you as relevant if the Church has replaced her-a terrible false theology!

Plus, you hear of other Bible prophecy theologies so which one should you believe? They conflict with each other. Yes, it can seem overwhelming to a generation that wants to focus on today and not the future. But tossing the topic away because of some of the above issues is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Now more than ever we need a "blessed hope" (Titus 2:11-13).

So let me throw out a passage of Scripture all can understand: II Timothy 3:1-7 (NAS). It begins with "in the last days" and then lists the characteristics of those days. Mankind will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, and holding only to a form of godliness. Don't you skeptics see all of these in the headlines daily?

In the interest of time and space, let's just consider the love of self and money. What generation has seen the rampant corporate greed that we are seeing today? Executives take millions for themselves, bankrupt employees, and harm the nation. Wall Street and corporate America are looking out only for self, and the country and their employees be darned! The primary reason for today's financial mess is greed. It is just the love of money predicted in II Timothy 3.

I can remember when the corporate motto was "keep the customer satisfied." Now behind closed doors one wonders if some are laughing it up as they count their bonus cash.

I believe God had Paul write these words to Timothy -- that would be so plain about the last days -- because they're tough to argue with! It's hard not to connect the dots. While some are now asking questions, more are scoffing. This was also predicted. (II Peter 3:3)

Please take another look at this topic because it is a faith-builder! As my radio guest last weekend (November 15) Jim Tetlow says -- and I am shortening his comments due to space, "Jesus said that some men would be gripped with fear when some signs occurred (Luke 21:26), while others would look up with hopeful expectations" (Luke 21:28). This hour plus the hour with Tass Saada, a former PLO Arafat man, is posted at "Radio Archives."
Which camp do you fit into? If you're fearful (of world events), there is good news and bad news for you! The bad news is that God will judge every man who breaks even one of His laws. The good news is that God has made a way to freely forgive us so that we may spend eternity with Him in heaven.

If the signs alarm you, thank God, because He wants to awaken you from your spiritual slumber and give you eternal life. He wants you to repent of your sins, place your trust in Jesus Christ, and make Psalm 51 your prayer. God reminds us that He will never let us down.

Eschatology, or the doctrine of the last days, is just such a sign that God keeps His promises! It is a comfort when all things go wrong including our battered economy. It keeps us going when everything is running amok because it keeps our eyes on things of an eternal nature and not bailouts that will never work as well as other troubling issues.

Let me close by saying the Ark door is going to shut again some day. The punch line to this article isn't that you must enjoy Bible prophecy; it's that prophecy outlines things to come. The King is coming again. The blueprint is in the Bible. Are you ready?

I encourage you to visit the category of Prophecy Watch at the Web site. It will answer a lot of your questions and untwist your brain now in a pretzel over prophecy-related issues.

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Awaiting His return,
Jan Markell
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