Friday, November 21, 2008

I Ordered some more Guitar Music.

It's just a good feeling to be active and learning again with my buddy, Marvin Ellis, and I stuck a few bucks into my guitar, Amp, and music that I figure is something wholesome and worth while. I intend to start taking guitar lessons like Marv to learn from the bottom -up, even though I played in 2 small rock groups when I was a teenager on the farm. I already know many chords but want to learn how to read music the right way. I have asked many people at church to teach me how to read, learn music and feel that I have a good singing voice [Bass]-- but they all said 'no' and 'didn't have the time'-- even though I said that I would bring my wife along and pay them what ever they wanted. Seems like they are too full of themselves, into their little circles/ cliques, or don't want to share the 'lime light' of singing and playing at church... Ha! No matter where you go- you are going to find such insecure people, selfish ... lol. There is no perfect church, so we have to continue to love and put up with each other, and leave things in God's hands.
As for me, I never let small or big 'bumps in the road' stop me, in fact that kind of business always spurred me on!
Being relatively new in the biblical Christian church [coming out of a terrible JW cult- 'church of the poisoned mind' after 22 years] I have had to learn all new hymns and Christian songs so that I felt that I was at a disadvantage some what. Sure, it's easy for some people who have studied music in college for many years to know all the right notes and songs, while the rest of the new people have to play "catch up." Singing praises to the Lord is part of our worship, and I believe that we should give it our best shot and be happy in their worship and serve to God! I don't ever want to 'compete' at church -- just be a part of the congregation of praise.

So much to learn, but I start with putting the first foot forward.

Thomas G. Schuckman
Heli-gunner Tom.
"Life is a Vapor" -James 4:14

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Indigo plant may treat chronic skin disease

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Indigo naturalis, a dark blue plant used in traditional Chinese medicine, appears to be effective in treating psoriasis, a study in Taiwan has found.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease for which no cure is known, though some therapies bring about a remission. It causes red scaly patches, or plaques, which take on a silvery-white appearance and often occur on the arms, elbows, knees and legs.

A study of the findings of a clinical trial involving 42 patients who had had the condition for at least two years was published in the latest issue of Archives of Dermatology.

The researchers found that indigo naturalis in the form of an ointment was safe and effective in treating psoriasis.

"Current steroid-based medication may cause side effects like thinning of the skin, but this (indigo naturalis) has much less side effects," lead researcher Yin-Ku Lin of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Chang Gung University in Taoyuan, Taiwan, told Reuters by telephone.

None of the patients in the trial had serious adverse effects, though some experienced a mild skin allergy.

They applied indigo naturalis ointment on one side of their bodies and a placebo, or non-medicated, ointment on the other.

Doctors checked on their condition at the start of the treatment and after two, four, six, eight, 10 and 12 weeks.

"The indigo naturalis ointment-treated lesions showed an 81 percent improvement, the (non-medicated) ointment-treated lesions showed a 26 percent improvement," the authors wrote.

For 25 of the patients, plaques that were treated with the indigo were completely or nearly completely cleared.

Indigo naturalis has long been used, externally or ingested, to treat various infections and inflammatory diseases in China and Taiwan, such as mumps, pharyngitis and eczema.

Long-term systemic use has been linked to irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and liver problems, the researchers said. They called for more studies on ways of improving absorption of the ointme


More...I FINALLY got a chance to finish up this journal entry! I've been working on it for since the 13th, but time has been at a premium here lately. This entry is about a civilian national defense force that Obama wants to put into place. It would be a mandatory three months of "training" for everyone 18-25 years of age. I also touched on Rahm Emanuel's position on Israel - not so pro-Israel as many be

Check it out and thanks for reading!