Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brother John Faukner turned age 80 yesterday!

Poor old Sharon said she had trouble breathing this morning [from nasty fumes and smoke a few doors down yesterday, and we complained to the authorities] -- but she stayed up all night doing whatever...and didn't sleep... so I don't know what makes ladies/ wives

So I ended up going to church by myself, and we had a guest speaker that was here about 37 years ago when Victory Baptist church first started in a 'farm building' in a corn field. God made it grow, and He used some special faithful men, like Brother John Faukner, who just turned age 80 yesterday! He has always been the back bone and 'key holder' of the congregation, and very kind and supportive to me. We missed his 'secret' birthday party at church yesterday, but I gave him a 'clean' camouflaged Army kerchief and $20 today, belated gift. There were a few tears shed this morning as the guest pastor/ speaker related the 'good old days' when John Faukner and him used to wrestle and hang out, preach and build this congregation. He also talked about death, departing to heaven and strong friendships this morning. At least one of John's son's was over in Vietnam, in an Army Airborne Division-- I met him once and told him, "Welcome Home!" It seems like our congregation is well represented by combat soldiers and Vets, past and present, and we always keep them in our prayers. We truly celebrate stuff like Veteran's Day, 4th of July and other Patriotic stuff.

We are commanded [in the bible] to pray for our President, Congress, etc, [the bible uses the term, 'King'... and other 'rulers'] -- that they may keep us safe and uphold the laws and freedoms of the land that still give us Liberty and Freedom to worship, gather in groups, worship, our 2nd and 1st Amendment. That is not to say that we agree with, or like the Gov't 'servants'-- but we must show respect for their 'rank and 'station in life,' as they [according to the Bible- according to Romans] are "appointed by God to rule over us" {TEMPORARILY} until Jesus returns in Glory with His mighty Army of angels and Saints/ servants... to 'Shepard the worldly humans/ unbelievers with a rod of iron.' Not to worry-- because God will surely judge them for their actions.... pro-abortion, greed, supporting and promoting of the Gay agenda, corruption, etc. So.. Christians don't have to get all heated up with high blood pressure, anger, worry, stressed out when all these big national and world tragedies, extreme bad news about the economy, war and aggression hit the news!! Many times Christians/ God's servants are commanded to just stand still while God does all the fighting. Sometimes that takes just as much courage and faith as grabbing the sword!

All WE want is to continue our low key, peaceful, law abiding, simple lives, in praising our Lord, Jesus Christ, and sharing this 'Good News' [Gospel] with others in a firm but gentle way-- truthful, respectful way. If they say 'no', we just move on. Is that simple or what ?! Woo Hoo! As a history buff and serious bible student most of my life-- that has been the way of Christians for ever! When enemies of the State/ Nation, Home and Hearth threaten us-- we don't have a problem with picking up a rifle [or sword] and defending our American way of life. Many of us carry the "Good book" in our inner pockets [sewn- in pocket on the left side of our BDU's or shirts] to protect us from harm-- in 'more ways than one'... lol. My wife just happens to be an excellent seamstress and I bought her two fine, well made, sewing machines a few years ago. My lady is never in want, and I keep her supplied in fresh fruit, fine clothes, transportation, bread [$$], and goodies all the time! My fault is that I 'spoil' her too much! We have a special, nice, cordial lady friend who is a professional house cleaner, and I paid her $100 yesterday to clean most of the house! I can't afford that except maybe once a month! I like her, and we have had her and her daughter over this past Summer for a steak cook out in our back yard. Nice woman, and friend.

Well, I just wanted to let you know about our happiness and celebrations these past couple of days-- and the close comraderie at church and close personal friendships and strong bonds. I promote these sort of things, and try hard to instill strong friendships in or small congregation. I am not in any big leadership roles anymore. Those were my old [younger] days of many years ago. I think my role now days is one of support and kindness... and maybe teaching down the road.g
Turkey shopping tomorrow~! Making a list and checking it twice-- and getting 'strict instructions' from my wife , what she needs to make the dinner and specialty items for HOME MADE COOKIES for Christmas!! She knows what I love... 'pecan fingers' cookies, and she is a GREAT cook! I guess that I will phone my 2 nephews to see if they have a place to eat turkey on Thursday, and they are welcome at out humble hovel anytime. So are my own precious grown up children.