Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rejoice and Praise God for what you have NOW.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

Maria - Brooks & Dunn - Subtitled

I want all my readers and visiters to understand that I am taking on my old title of: 'Old Soldier Tom's Journal' as it was back in AOL.. please.
Thank you.

'Some times I feel like a nut-- sometimes I don't.' Sometimes I feel like a Hypocrite -- sometimes I feel like I am doing the right, correct thing and being a 'good soldier.' In my family, someone who surpassed our parents' station in life, became better educated, served honorably in the Armed Forces, became a hard, honest worker who got ahead and was a good moral husband and father.. was looked up to, respected and honored. Someone who was a lazy bum was shunned. That's just how is was in the 1960's, when I was growing up, in my opinion.
You see, it's all how you were RAISED by your parents or who ever brought you up-- that shapes your mind and heart, IMHO. Although some kids were raised in an abusive family situation, or were never disciplined, spoiled rotten or trained to respect themselves or authority, God still loves them and wants them to be SAVED and do His will. They may have a tougher time understanding what Almighty God wants of them... but it's surely not impossible. In fact those who have been trampled down, broken and poor make the best Christians who now rejoice in the Lord Jesus where they know they are loved, honored and unbeatable! they put on the 'new person', change their ways and succeed in most everything they do! Bless them.

I recently found out that the 'middle' of the Bible is, Psalm 118:8, "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man." [9] "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes." Especially in view of the avalanche of this year's 2008 WOES and crashes, how TRUE this is !! I DON'T want to get the reputation of a 'doom's day-er' , some one who is always 'singing the blues' , a fatalist, a negative person. I know that some folks predict that we Americans shall see a coming up surge in the economy in one year that will seem like things will be better. That would be NICE, GREAT!! But when a person has been on earth for about 50 years or so, they get wise and experienced enough to 'read' the Market and compared to times in past history concerning the 'cyclic' ways of the Market/ Economy', about so-called 'Corrections', Adjustments, etc. All those years of hard study to get my Fed. Securities license for investments are now worth nothing in my eyes. I have dumped and cashed in all my Securities investments because I have seen too many close friends and relatives lose their shirt recently-- their LIFE SAVINGS! I usually have a pretty good 'nose' for these things and made a good hunk of money from quality Mutual Funds in the past. Now I have a real problem and lack of trust/ credibility with 'Wall Street.' NOW IT'S DIFFERENT, it's bad and it's ugly.

And these 'Purpose Driven Churches' who teach the 'wealth gospel' will get their 'anatomy in the ringer' when things go South and their congregations look for them with a stick in their hands....Ha! The 'Princes' mentioned in Psalm 118:9 are the modern day high, lofty, corrupt, greedy "Captains of Industry", fat cat CEO'S, dirty, corrupt Gov't heads of state, Senators and Congressmen to use their offices to milk the life blood out of the working man, who have built their fortunes on the backs of the working class, who tried to work and play by the rules, invested, saved for a dignified retirement and set up an 'UGMA' for his kids [that means a 'Uniform Gift to Minors Acct' type investment for your kids' education]. It's a house of cards, friends! Yes, we SHOULD invest and save, but do it smart. Matt. 18 tells us to 'lay up our treasures in HEAVEN.' Here is the point, if a man works hard all his life to build up his investments but then dies-- and has nothing good toward Lord, or has no belief nor obligation or respect of Jesus Christ and then dies suddenly-- it's all for nothing. He is instantly in 'eternal hot water' because he didn't have his PRIORITIES RIGHT. |He is an 'unbeliever' or a fake, or one who has heard the Word of God, but then abandoned it for worldy riches.

And then in the same Chapter 119:18, "The Lord hath chastened me sore: but He hath not given me over unto death." KJV. The cross reference to this is 1 Corinthians 11: 32, which says, "But when we are judged, we are disciplined by the Lord so that we will NOT be condemned along with the world." Meaning-- it's much better to be trained and disciplined [this can and does include getting a good whipping from the Lord-- as a loving father would so instruct his kids not to go down the wrong path...of death'] now in this earthly life by a loving Lord instead of being 'toast' in the next world... Go figure, what is an earthly life of being poor and weary for 70-90 years compared to
being in an eternal state of high thirst for the rest of time?? That should be a no-brainer, yet we already KNOW that the bible says MOST of humankind will be headed down the 'wide and spacious road to destruction', and that includes a large portion of people who 'faithfully attend some church!' Read Matt. 18.

Actually, scripture says that we Christians are temporary aliens on earth but citizens of heaven! We don't quite fit in with all the merry making, godless, lawlesss, abortion promoting people who support those super Left Liberal 'kings and princes'.. lol. How do we see ourselves in the mirror? Do we LOOK LIKE THE WORLD, dress like the world, talk and act like the worldly folks?? I know I still have a long way to go but I am going to keep on fighting the devil until the Lord comes back to liberate me. Remember, Satan is stirring up such a terrible mess now on earth because he knows his time in short. I will bet a big chunk of change that nest year, 2009, will be ten times worse then this year. Rejoice and praise God for what you have now and remember it when you have less or nothing latter. If possible, help your bothers and sisters in the Lord.