Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Subject--Homelessness in the USA.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.
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Here is a picture of me, Tom, about 7 years ago and 100 pounds lighter, when I was still working at Chrysler in Kenosha, WI, plus I had my own small welding shop business. The WI IRA harassed me so much that I legally turned it into a "HOBBY" and got them to go fly a kite! When you try to do things legally by the book you still get screwed by the Gov't and over taxed no matter how much you didn't earn! And that is the new Economics 101-- rob the working class to "re-distribute" to the non-industrious ones who won't work. Ain't that a hoot

Enough with the America-haters and jealousy for a while, please. Onto new and better things today. Kelli piqued my interest about something that I keep in a small compartment of my inner mind, HOMELESSNESS in the U.S. Yes, the "Untouchables" who exist only in the shadows, streets, under highway bridges and abandoned houses, etc. Only in America, where the Prez-elect just hired a pro-Amnesty Labor Secretary...Ha!.. and won't that be interesting. There are fakes and lazy drunks/ addicts who DON'T WANT TO EVER WORK, and then there are thousands of messed up, suffering returning soldiers with big time PTSD and TBI [traumatic brain injury] who can't concentrate enough to hold a simple job, or are 'over qualified', or who fall thru the cracks of this depressed economic system.

For what ever reason we Americans think that they only need two good hot meals a year--Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know what it is like because I have actually been there for a short time in the Milwaukee Winter of 1994-95, and I am still a bit bitter for having been treated like a worthless leper! Especially when I thought I had a good education, skills, talents and back ground. Without a steady "Base Camp" of support, home, and transportation, a person is 'DOA'- dead on arrival, in my opinion. The apostle Paul said, in 2 Thessalonians 3: 10, "For when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either." NASB. And the Bible has a lot more to say about the evils of laziness, poverty. In the Old Law Covenant, however, there were provisions for the poor folks. The farmers were told to not harvest all the grain on the edges of their fields so that the poor people could 'glean' -harvest enough to feed themselves. Well, that meant that they had to at least 'work' to gather their own food. No welfare checks or food stamps... sorry...LOL. But here in America, illegal aliens get all kinds of Fed. and State perks-- while the disabled Veteran, injured, and the unemployable get much less! Shame...

In a true Christian culture/ community/ situation, people in our congregation all chip in to the church food pantry and on Sunday night after the service ANYONE can go there to get two bags of food items without giving their name or address or any other information. We also support many missionaries in many countries. I have personally donated the use of my pick up truck, fuel/ gas, time and effort to haul tons of food from the large Milwaukee '2nd Harvest' back to our church food pantry. That is not a brag-- just facts. Our pastor also helps people find jobs and teaches them spiritually how stay away from things they don't need and to better conserve their money and assets. A few of my good friends still smoke and I love them much as my Christian brothers and sisters--no problem. But do you all know that if a person has the habit of smoking just one pack of smokes per day-- that amounts for $100/ month spent/ lost?! Two packs= $200/mo. , and so on. Eating out, drinking too much booze, gambling also add up to money gone when you need to pay the rent or house payment. I used to smoke in the Army, and for 5 years of my life and quit in 1973. I still enjoy a small glass of wine, champagne or cool German beer with my Prime, and I think a tiny bit is good for my heart. But if I never drank again-- it would be OK with me too. I waste money still and I SHOULD know better having taught finance and investments. We are still a rich, fat nation.. sorry.. we are still spoiled but also have been blessed by the Lord God, in my humble opinion.

I have given money, food, clothes to people who were hungry and starving before-- and it gave me a good feeling. But sometimes it's very hard to separate the fakers from the 'needers.' Jimmy, help me with my grammar, I love smart people!
God loves a cheerful giver, and really--God owns all the silver, diamonds and gold anyway, and we are just renters on His earth temporarily. After I was finally awarded my full 100% service-connected disability from he VA [a small miracle], I felt a bit guilty that other deserving disabled Soldiers and Marines were perhaps worse of than I [missing eyes, arms and legs...or dying of Agent Orange] --but they got 'passed over' and cheated by the VA. Some of my own Aviation brothers from the 240th AHC [Assault Hel. Co.-- my old Army unit in Viet Nam] told me NOT to feel way, but that it was a normal response to feel the way I did. I am NOT rich, but I pay all my bills and try not to make more. And I could certainly LOSE MY SHIRT IN A HEART BEAT --in this present economic environment! It happened before and threw me for a loop! Nothing is certain except death, taxes and God's mercy and love!

So the Old Law Covenant had laws to help the poor, and the New Testament Covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ still has principles binding on all Christians to help their FELLOW BELIEVERS
in times of need and emergency, if they possibly can. We also would want to help even our 'ENEMIES' if they are in trouble ... but I still have to work hard on that idea... lol. I was 'raised a different way.' OK, I will explain one "act of love"... if your enemy slaps you on the cheek [and in the old days that was considered an big insult- not a move on your life], you would show "love" on YOUR part by NOT retaliating and putting a 'hay maker' between his eyes. But-- now if the nasty boy wanted to rob you, kill you or mess with your wife or dog-- you have the right to put him on the floor and protect yourself and family. Forget about calling the cops.. they will be in that donut shop drinking coffee.. lol... oh--that's an OLD JOKE... [Actually, I have MANY close friends who are good, strong, smart cops and they save lives... lol-- just a joke to get them fired up so they don't fall asleep and drool on the key board] I doubt if anyone is going to harm us or our large, mighty, well fed Rottweiler anyway. What a magnificent noble beast, friend, protector, comrade he is! 'Deuce' -- the Rotty, the wonder dog! Woof Woof!

OK, we have paid reservations to the yearly Christmas party/ dinner for the "KAVV" [-Kenosha Area Vietnam Veterans-] tonight. They always put out tons of the finest food, drink and entertainment, awards, raffles and close, meaningful camaraderie, healing. Woo Woo! You have to have been an "in-country" Viet Nam Combat Vet to be able to join that club. AND I AM NOT ASHAMED TO HAVE SERVED MY COUNTRY! The time will soon come, I believe, when we wish we had 'thrice' [sic] the amount of combat ready ARMY, NAVY, etc. There are a lot of jealous, hateful people in the world that we support with food, money, etc., who still hate us enough to annihilate us completely of the face of the earth! The last few posts on this Journal proves it.
It will snow again tonight. Take care, friends.

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