Saturday, December 27, 2008

Life's Good things and Struggles.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

posted by Marie at Marie Cooks Britain - 4 hours ago
With the onset of cold winter weather, one automatically longs to immerse oneself in comfort and part of that is comfort foods such as soups and stews and rich desserts or puddings as they call them over...
I just had to post this lady's recipe! When I was young my father told me about all his travels when he was in the Navy--WW-2 and how he ate all the strange, different foods around the world. If was always my opinion that the Military was "one way" to get an education, skills and a well rounded back ground and resume. You also get some help and benefits after you get out and the respect of other service people... like a special club of friends. My prior armed service in the Army does NOT define me, but it does/ has given me a "leg up" and I know that many employers have hired me, in part, because of this back ground and accomplishment. If a man can learn, survive in combat-- surely he can adapt to civilian life and other job descriptions [MOS's], in my opinion.

However, some soldiers and Marines have had a hard time re-adjusting to civilian life, including me. Not to cry in my beer today-- for |I was lucky [using that worldly term] to have had some well paying long term employment most of my life and now enjoy a good pension and other 'bennies.' As I have told many others trying to help them cope with hard times and personal disasters--we have to work with what ever cards we are dealt-- rich or poor, sickness and health, lonely or in a relationship. I find it interesting to hear about other people lives, successes and failures so I can judge/ measure/ compare myself to see if I am 'normal.' I know that sounds funny. My compass is the bible and I do have a nice 'support group' of Christians of like mind. It's funny, I think that most of my friends are more happy, content and better off than me-- but they like, respect, admire me and point to 'my toys'.. lol. It's amazing how much money we piss away on foolsih things and then wonder why we are broke...Ha!

One of my most urgent, important desires in life was to amass a nice, big nest egg of 'emergency money/ funds' for things that break, fail, paying income taxes and insurance, etc. But then something unexpected out of the blue strikes and empties my sack of silver $$$.

Time to eat lunch while it's hot. More latter.