Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Campbell's Soup supports the Sodomite Agenda!S

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Donald E. Wildmon
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Campbell's Soup refuses to remain neutral, joins gay activists in the culture war

January 7, 2009

Dear Carolyn,

According to an article by Erik Sass in the Dec. 24 edition of the Media Daily News, Campbell's Soup will not be neutral in the culture war. The Media Daily News reports that Campbell's will continue to use its advertising dollars to support homosexual publications pushing the homosexual agenda and same-sex marriage. AFA had asked the company to remain neutral in the culture war.

The company sponsored two pages of ads in both the December 2008 and January 2009 issues of The Advocate, the nation’s largest homosexual magazine. The ads featured the company's Swanson line of broth.

The Media Daily News article said the soup company will continue to support the homosexual agenda: "A Campbell spokesman was quoted as saying, 'Our plans for the Swanson brand include additional placements in The Advocate'."

To show their commitment to same-sex marriage, Campbell's featured two "married" lesbians and their son in one of the ads.

Take Action!

Send an e-mail to Campbell Soup Company President Douglas Conant. Tell him you are disappointed that Campbell's Soup has decided to support the homosexual agenda in the culture war.

After sending your e-mail, please call Campbell Soup Company (1-800-257-8443) and their Swanson division (1-800-442-7684) and express your disappointment that Campbell's is supporting same-sex marriage.

Forward this e-mail to your friends and family so they will know about Campbell's support of same-sex marriage and the homosexual agenda.

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1 comment:

krissy knox said...

I just sent the email on to others.

Of course we know having a homosexual orientation is not a sin. But practicing homosexual sex is. Campbell's is clearly supporting homosexual sex, if you listen to their statements, and consider their use of a "married lesbian couple" (no such thing) in their ad, (with a son to confuse, no less).

Wow, Campbell's used to be so wholesome, with the little boy and the little girl on it. What a crying shame. I guess I won't be eating it anymore. And that's too bad, because it was one of the few quality products left. If enough of us boycott, perhaps they'll change their minds...

krissy knox
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