Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Censorship in the USA."

Tom's Journal.


Every once in a while I post an article or my own point of view that might be somewhat unpopular or "politically incorrect", and then I notice that a few of my "blog followers" drop off and disappear. This has happened several times, probably because I offended some one's sensibilities, or the real truth hit a nerve.

Well, I was expecting 'Big Brother' to censor our thoughts, ideas and opinions here in the good old USA, just like our friends to the North-- Canada, and maybe now that we have an extreme Left new President, 'Big Brother' is on the fast track with more power to censor us. I have not always agreed with Rev. Ted Pike's opinions or ideas, but he recently piqued my interest as he used the Bible to back up his ideas about the human racial differences and history. Blogspot erased most of the 'meat' of the body of the post text!! Some big, powerful entity finally 'got to' the Blogspot folks and prevented my 1st Amendment Rights from be exercised. If I was a Nazi, Muslim, Communist, Jew, or a Sodomite anything I printed would be published! But not a Christian! The "Thought Police" are already installed and on the job now!

Well, I would like you all to at least check out Ted Pikes's article that you can catch from my last few posts but you will have to dig on your own, go to his web site to get it-- if that hasn't been banned already. I fought hard and put my life and limb in mortal danger for this country in a War that the Gov't , etc tried to dismiss, cover up and sweep under the rug. I love America very much and hope that it will endure for a long time. But I know fully well what the Bible says about the near future and what MUST transpire according to Scripture. Puny men/ mere humans think that they can shape the future of our country and the 'One World Gov't' and 'One World international Religion' is what their secret agenda is. But God has made it abundantly clear that He will have His way in the end! The FOOL has said, "There is no God." I may lose all my readers and that's OK, but this is MY forum, my thoughts and I try hard to stay true unto God and His Word, for this is my sole duty. America MUST come 2nd, all the other Nations on earth MUST come 2nd to God's Will. His plan is that Jesus Christ will shortly come back to earth to claim his chosen followers and take them to heaven in the Rapture, and then bring them back to earth to "set things right" and deal with the world of mankind who do not believe and follow Him. This divine warning was long ago and everyone has had a chance to embrace the truth and salvation of Jesus-- but as history repeats it self, the vast majority will be selfish, greedy, God-haters who will suffer the consequences of their extreme wickedness.

To that end, my ONLY purpose of being alive is to serve as a 'mouth piece' and disseminate these biblical warnings and information. I believe in my heart of hearts that this is the ONLY reason God has 'Saved' [in more ways than one...] me from eminent death of horrific accidents, war/ battle, severe injuries, broken neck, multiple fractures, mishaps, etc. Even my mom tells me that but she choses to use the term 'luck' -- but I know the real "reason" and cause of my survival... Though I am a sinner, nothing special, God has allowed me to live even to age 60 [ in a few weeks], when certain hereditary disease, pre-conditions in my genes dictate that I am near the 'end of my tour' on earth.

It's been my personal experience that many folks in America don't realize that the term 'racial discrimination' can apply to blacks, yellows, browns JUST AS WELL AS WHITE FOLKS! Some folks, racial groups, may think that they will reap all kinds of special perks, benefits, endowments, bail outs and handouts now that a gentleman of color sits in the highest office of our land. This may be true for a short time-- but someone has to 'pay the piper' and we can't just continue to print more money and borrow from China. Other countries are 'imploding' and falling apart, with Governments taking over banks, and Socialism is replacing Democracies and Republics. What makes us think that we are so different and special?? We are commanded to pray for the king [or President, now days] so that he will be just and kind to we Christians as we walk in peace, obeying the laws of the land--IF they do not go against God's Laws and commandments. But Mr. Obama has proved what his agenda is in just a few weeks and he has done more damage than good already concerning the abortion issue, etc!

One last thing... people wonder in amazement how I can talk about extreme woe and bad times coming-- and still be happy and joyful. It's because I have taken advantage of God's mercy and salvation by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior! You see, the MAJORITY of people on earth WILL NOT humble themselves to do that. They don't want to be 'accountable' to anyone!
I hope that THIS Blog post will be published, or else I will seek out a new provider.



Dirk said...
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Dirk said...

If you lose all your other readers, you'll always have at least two - Nelishia and I! This isn't surprising. Kevin Jackson, who writes THE BLACK SPHERE (, which by the way is an excellent read that I think you would really enjoy, got kicked off DIGG.

The First Amendment only applies to those who line up with government policy. And speaking of lining up with government policy, when they reinstate the "Fairness Doctrine", then if Rahm Emanuel gets his way in controlling the Internet, it's only about a half-step beyond the "Fairness Doctrine" to make blogs like yours and mine illegal, because, after all, we're just not fair!