Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going to the VA is stressful for me.

Tom's Journal.

Well, so far I have heard so much baloney about the inauguration and I am sure that there will always be many sore losers after the Prez election just as there were the last two terms of G.W. I don't trust the man as far as I can spit and he was not my choice and I didn't vote for him. My last post was hard for me to do because of the a for mentioned reasons-- but I have to follow the bible rather than my own feelings. I simply cannot trust the Dems nor the Reps anymore after all the BS that has come down the pike for as long as I can remember.. but the Dems have a great reputation for 'tax and spend-- and Roosevelt and Carter didn't do that well in economics.' I know that hindsight is always 20/20, plus we are in the fight of our enomic lives right now. I am sure that there is enough blame to go around too. And I am sick to death of talking/ writing about politics already! Worry not-- I will still watch Obama like a hawk if just to see what "promises" he will push through or not in the near future.

I also still believe [according to scripture] that God 'ordains' or allows people to rule and govern for different reasons-- even to magnify His name [King Nebuchadnezzar, etc.] and have His Will and mission accomplished. Remember that God used and allowed the Babylonians to conquer and punish HIS OWN PEOPLE, the Israelites, when they rejected Him!! He latter let the Babylonians be over run by the Medo-Persian empire {Iran area], and His own people repatriated back to Israel to rebuild the Temple and start over. Israel was again leveled just as Jesus foretold in 70 CE by General Titus and the Romans. God ALWAYS gives ample warning before He punishes! We are being more than warned right now-- but few will listen. If I do the best that I can by participating in this 21st Century warning according to the command in the Bible by Christ-- I should have no shame or remorse when Jesus comes soon to "Shepard the Nations with an Iron rod..." and heaven and hell is involved for the winners and losers. So, when people [goats] tell me to back off, stop preaching, sharing the Bible... I say, ''OK", and knock the dust off my clothes and take the message else where. The Holy Spirit directs me, and from this good work I get love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness and some self control.

The woman doctor at the Milwaukee VA, Cindy, told us that my blood work up/ lab work was great, but I know that a person can get that good report, go home and die of a heart I found out that she and her hubby both drive their own Harley motorcycles! I seem to get along with her, but it is the VA Pharmacy that screws up and drops the ball on a monthly basis... and lies to me. Sharon is all pooped out from walking because her power chair is still broke and her 'repair' company--[poor design and repair staff] is jerking her around. Actually, we are both worn out after the stress of going to the VA hospital, emotionally and otherwise. There is nothing but manure on TV and we have cable, so I think I will go to bed early. We agreed that Sharon should take tomorrow off to recoup and rest.

I still have a very bad taste in my mouth about Obama and his apostate agenda and buddies. I just have that sneaky feeling that he will do much worse than G.W. Bush, for a number of personal reasons that I shall keep to myself for now. Call me a hypocrite and sinner-- but I will find it very hard to pray for him.
I figure that: If we are not FOR God--than we must be against God. So far, no matter what he may claim, it seems to me that he is serving the 'spirit of darkness.'
But that's just my own opinion.

My nephews and nieces call me,

Uncle Tom
Iraq Veterans poisoned-- while contractors knew about it. is a locally-owned news service for Salem - Oregon's
capitol city and the region surrounding it.

Jan-13-2009 12:38
Iraq Veterans Poisoned: War Contractors Knew But Concealed
Dr. Phillip Leveque
Phillip Leveque has spent his life as a Combat Infantryman, Physician,
Pharmacologist and Toxicologist.

Photo courtesy: Indiana National Guard

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - The Oregonian Newspaper headlined Oregon Troops
exposed to toxic chemicals by Julie Sullivan January 9th 2009. She wrote
that KBR, a Halliburton company, disregarded and downplayed the extreme
danger especially of lung cancer.

The chemical was Hexavalent Chromium Salts best exemplified by various
Dichromate salts usually used to remove ALL traces of organic material
by chemically burning them from any other material.

This corrosive action also acts on human skin where it causes severe
irritation and especially the nose, trachea and lungs where it causes
nosebleeds, coughing, pain on breathing and headaches, but especially
lung cancer.

She reported that no blood or urine tests were performed but Chromic
compounds would not stay in the blood. They would settle in the lungs,
liver or kidneys where they will stay permanently and cause damage.

She also reported that soldiers of the Indiana National Guard were most
heavily exposed. One Indiana soldier died of lung cancer in July 2008.
One more soldier is near death and several more suffer rashes, tumors
and breathing problems.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Mike Doyle, a Texas attorney, is
representing the Indiana Guardsmen. Their commander, Lt. Col. James
Gentry said that the toxic Sodium Dichromate was all over the plant
guarded by the soldiers and was up to four feet deep in places. The
chemical dust clings to skin, clothes and boots so that the soldiers
were exposed to the poisons on a full-time basis.

The Indiana Guardsmen were not alerted about the problem until they saw
KBR employees in full protective masks and suits.

This goes to show that soldiers are totally expendable.

They were not protected by KBR and apparently their own officers
concluded it was yellow sand even though the troops were coughing,
wheezing and getting skin rashes.

Lt. Col. Gentry is now hospitalized with lung cancer.

According to industrial toxicologists including myself, troops who have
been exposed should all have chest x-rays now and at least yearly for
the next few years.

Our troops went to Iraq to protect and fight, not to be poisoned.

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garnett109 said...

My buddy went to the va in tampa for gulf war syndrome yesterday his file got mixed up and they where going to do a study on his kidneys and the stuff that they were going to pump into him would of killed him , he told them that he refused the test ,he was not there for a kidney study and wanted to see his doctor then they realized their mistake