Friday, January 16, 2009

'Half of the U.S. doesn't care about Christ.'

Tom's Journal.

Well, Folks, there you have it ! Half the country doesn't give a hoot about the Biblical Christianity in America anymore. Technically, we are still a 'Republic' but a 'majority' of stinky people in congress could change a lot-- in a short amount of time... A word to the wise: Stand Ready, Beware, Keep your shot gun and your Bible handy... lol. ALL REAL CHRISTIANS SHOULD HAVE BEEN AWARE OF THIS YEARS AGO... unless you are new to the Faith.
I am tired of blowing MY horn, and when I am 'gone' some of you will have remembered my words.


Americans accept 'array of faiths,' abandon biblical teaching
Allie Martin - OneNewsNow - 1/16/2009 6:30:00 AMBookmark and Share

surveyA new survey finds Christianity is no longer the default faith of most Americans.

The survey was conducted by The Barna Group, which found that half of Americans believe Christianity is just one of many options for genuine faith. George Barna, the group's founder, believes the study confirms that more Americans are adopting a pluralistic mindset.

"Americans are increasingly very accepting of a diverse array of faiths," he notes. "They're less likely to think that Christianity is right or accurate in what it teaches."

According to Barna, the survey also finds that many Americans are adopting their own ideas about faith, apart from God's Holy Word.

George Barna"What we find is that people are deriving their biblical literacy and their views of spirituality from conversations that they have with friends, and they give that equal weight to things they might get in church or from other religious settings," he points out. "They'll get their faith views from their own personal reflections as well as from their personal experiences and observations."

The survey reveals that most Americans still call their faith an important source of personal and moral guidance.

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madison said...

Imho, I think people don't want to face reality. They want everything sugar coated for them. Faith is one thing you have to be realistic about.