Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rick Warren OK's Sodomite Bishop to Pray for Obama.

Tom's Journal.

Warren praises Obama for inviting homosexual bishop

Well, America the Beautiful [God shed His Grace on thee...], YOU got exactly what YOU voted for! And... ''you ain't seen nothin'!' [sic].
Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothi...

This reminds me of the prophet Samuel who was crying because the nation of Israel demanded a human king like all the surrounding heathen nations. God told Samuel that Israel was not dumping him-- but God Himself. God said, OK, you shall have your king, but this is what will happen and what he shall do and demand from you. There is ALWAYS a stiff price to pay for rejecting God and His Word! And don't I know it-- I had to learn the hard way too. Many of us finally get the wisdom after it's too late and the better part of our quality, productive lives are spent. But we don't have to come in first in this Christian race-- only finish the race.

Well, we all knew that things would get worse anyway, but when you mock God in this fashion by 'thrusting an unclean, obscene thing up to His nose' -- we can expect all hell to break loose shortly after. This is Tom Schuckman's opinion.

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Carolyn said...

What is sad is God will not hear this "preacher's" prayer. Not only because he is an adulterer and unrepented homosexual- but because his prayer, as he has stated, will not be "overtly Christian" and will be to the "god of all our understanding". There will be a lot of prayers offered up from Wahington this next week- but the Lord God Almighty will not be hearing many of them. It is a shame that this has been hijacked much the same way as the National Day of Prayer was. Maybe some day these people will understand what being a Christian really is, but until then, they can't expect Christ to intercede. God Bless you Tom.