Friday, January 2, 2009

Someone ran into my Truck today!

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

<<< Here is my older 1997 Dodge Ram 4 by 4 truck that I bought new while I was still working at Chrysler-- and I had my own small welding shop at home in Kenosha, WI.

I ended up canceling my last 2 blog posts thinking that would solve a technical When it rains-- it pours. What a bummer! Some things come EZ for me and other things come slow as I end up re-reading them... or ask my wife for help...Ha!

We were out and about again today spreading some money around and bought an expensive leg of Lamb. I know-- if you were not brought up to enjoy the taste of something, it sounds bizarre and scary. I just can't wait 'till Springtime to cook out side in the back yard!
Well, on the way home a young punk [17 1/2 years old] turned into MY lane and scratched my new truck!! He even kept driving slowly ahead until I honked my loud Dodge Ram 'Big Horn' and flashed my bright lights. I was angry but controlled my self and copied his license info on a paper. When I asked him if he wanted me to call the cops he said 'no' and I thought that there prob was not too much damage, so I gave him my business card and went home. I will ask if he wants to settle out of court and told him that I wanted to call his parents latter. He was well mannered and asked if I was hurt and that always goes a long way. If he would have given me any trouble or sass at all I would have called the police and that would have hurt his driving record $$$. He just "transferred" some of his blue paint onto my left front wheel well and perhaps threw off my alignment. I know that accidents happen and so does 'Murphy's Law'-- and maybe this is another 'wake up call' for me to drive even more cautiously from now on.

I am the kind of guy who has a cool head at the scene of an accident-- but I get excited after I get home.. lol. Same way in battle.
It should rain icy precipitation tonight and so the roads might be very icy tomorrow-- and the current air temp is 13 F.
Sharon is making 3 times more of my fav. 'Pecan fingers' cookies now, and the med from the VA arrived today-- a few days late, as usual... Time to kick back and count our blessings. I been slacking off in my usual bible study lately so it's about time I kick myself in the butt to 'get back into that good habit again.' Or else I get rusty like everyone else. I don't feel that I am better than anyone else who reads my posts, and unfortunately, I can't afford to 'let my guard down' either lest Satan gets in a few jabs at my ribs. He's got to be on steroids! The Holy Spirit braces me up for battle with tht old devil.

Thank all the 'new people' who joined my blog as 'followers/ readers' and I use my dashboard and the emails they send me to visit/ contact them often too. Nice to have friends, huh? For the record, I don't always agree with everything my closest friends say either, but that has never stopped me from loving, trusting and respecting them.

Thank you for your helpful, kind, constructive comments.


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