Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home Coming-- Sunny Day.

Tom's Journal.

Ballad of The Green Beret

ABadCatDay.wmv -- great, funny video.

My wife is back home now unpacking and she seems to be in a thankful, respectful, humble mood-- and I am thankful for that. Deuce, the Rottweiler is happy again too, chewing on his bone. I asked Sharon to please run to the store to buy us some soda [just what I need on my] and some ground Chuck. The price of fresh fruit has really gone up $ lately, and although that disturbs me a bit-- I will still buy bananas, oranges, apples, etc. to keep my [our] resistance up to ward off Flu and Colds, etc. She offered to get me a Submarine sandwich at the local Quiznos, or Subway place. I guess we will celebrate a little and tomorrow is my 60th Birthday, and I think we should dine out at a very fine German restaurant in Kenosha, down by Lake Michigan. Kenosha is a nice town of about 88,000, between Milwaukee and Chicago, and used to have many great places to work, raise a family and live in a clean, less crime area. Unfortunately, many Illegal Aliens [Mexicans] have multiplied with more DRUGS-Big Time!!, anchor babies on Welfare, more illegal guns on the street, more crime and violence-- and I believe that the police still practice "Catch and Release." And now that thriving city on the Lake has more problems-- and 'Paradise Lost.' Sad...and you just know that the illegals don't carry liability car insurance and kill people with there drunk, drugged up driving! More on that subject latter. I lived there for 30 years, bought two houses and raised my 3 kids. Almost the "American Dream." There was well know factories and companies like Jockey Underwear, AMC/ Chrysler, American Brass, Simmons mattress factory, McWhite steel wire company, and a Fire truck factory too, etc. The town is also famous for many great Italian restaurants, parks, Lakeside beaches, and good place to raise/ build a family.

I am going to sit down with my wife and gently, respectfully, discuss where we went wrong and how we can mend/ fix things so they don't unravel again. I will write on paper, "Cider House Rules" and see if we can figure out a fair/ just way to do the house cleaning and other duties so there is not so much pressure. But thank God and the VA for my 'free' once a week cleaning lady who helps on Wednesdays! Woo Woo! But I already told my wife that from now on there will be NO LYING from her ever, never! No more charging stuff behind my back-- and guess what came in the mail today... she charged more material again with the Capital One credit card that she cut up, but still had the number written down on the sly! She said she did that because I made her angry. Jeepers! There is a huge 'stink storm' on the horizon that will destroy many countries with food riots and Gov't collapsing and I just DO NOT NEED problems at home! Well, I promised myself [hello, Self] that I would do what ever I need to make things work at home...and one way or another I will be on God's side, wife or no wife. Actually, this short separation was good in a way. If there is a 'next time' I will know exactly what to do, and it will be a lasting final action-- no more reconciliation-- poof, she's on her own. Sorry... my heart can't stand more, unless I have a 'death wish.'

So, today is a happy day for me and I am going to be 'NICE' and put on the Christian personality like I should have before. Things just got out of hand, and I think we both learned a lot. PTL
It's a Sunny Day in WI, but the air temp is 15 above. Cool!
Thank you all for your well wishes and many kindnesses and prayers.

Warm Regards,


garnett109 said...

Glad you guys are back on track , Enjoy your B-Day Dinner!

sober white women said...

Happy Birthday!
I do hopoe that you guys can work out the cleaning thing.
Here is how it works at my house.
everyone has to wash what they use, or at least load it into the dish washer.
If you need clean clothes then wash them. I do Ryans laundry.
I do no heavy lifting! LOL I figure that is what I have a hubby for. The rest id just fair game.
I must say that I do clean more then hubby, but I am home all day, so I don't complain. Hubby actually thinks the house is to clean.
We have the same problem here. Read today entry and a comment by Betty.

Lou said...

God Bless you both! Happy Birthday.

Paula said...

Happy Birthday Tom and many many more.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Tom: Great blog you have here. I am going to link up to you on my favorites....keep 'em coming.

Deuce the rottweiler. I love that seeing I am a HUGE Kiss fan!