Tuesday, February 3, 2009

'Old Soldiers Never Die....'

Tom's Journal.

I finally had enough abuse and lies from the Milwaukee VA Pharmacy today after they jerked me around as I politely asked about the timely delivery of my monthly pain medications. I should not have to hold their hand every stinking month, and then get verbally abused, hung up on, passed around in their 'good old boys' SOP goose chase, lied to, etc ! Already having the correct legal document from my Congressman Paul Ryan [WI], who was on TV a few nights ago in D.C. [opposing Obama's PORK spending], that gives him permission to access my med. records, etc, so that he can now proceed to take action, I wrote him a good letter explaining my complaints with the VA Pharmacy.

A couple of weeks ago while meeting with my PCP, Nurse Practitioner [ a caring nice lady who supports me and cares for me well] , with my wife present [as a witness], she confided in me that many other Veterans have complained to her about the same abusive, rough shod treatment from the lax, disorganized VA Pharmacy in Milwaukee, and I can only assume other places in the U.S. What the heck-- we are only disabled combat Vets... ! I can also assume that the VA will be plenty pissed off at me for bringing their dereliction to the public eye and perhaps making life hard for me, or trying to take away/ steal my benefits. Unfortunately, many Vets are afraid to do what I just did today for the same very reason. They don't want to be stuck under a bridge in a Milwaukee Winter-- and I personally know a few guys that had that distinct experience! Except for the VVA, we are not so well connected as the TAX-CHEATERS in Congress... lol. Some of our ranks include professionals, but I figure most of us are hard working, tax paying, middle class workers who are retired about now, like me.

BTW, I really have to watch what I post these days after having my posts censored and the main text gutted by Blogspot/ Blogger. So... if I disappear off the face of the earth, or suddenly quit posting, I want you to remember THIS post, and know why. I was merely cutting and pasting a few Christian articles from a few authors that I respect and found interesting, if not a bit controversial. But I must have stepped on somebody's toes... lol. Now that Mr. O in in the O office, I believe that we Americans can expect many Freedoms to 'fade away..' Just my opinion.

Friends, I hope I don't sound like 'Chicken Little' or an alarmist [but better that I look foolish than NOT sound the warning for all our souls..], but as a very serious student of the Bible for the past 30 years-- I can't help but match up all the Old and New Testament prophecies with the bullet fast series of events that have happened in the last 4 months! And the reality of possible war in one or more of MANY troubled spots like anytime,anyday, Mexico-- busting apart with drug cartels [see Glenn Beck], 'Concentration camps' being built in the USA, and the threat of another gun-banning bill on the Senate floor right now. We had a brilliant Greek teacher in high school Am. History who pounded that mantra into our heads that, "who ever doesn't know their history- will be condemned to repeat it!" Things are becoming so clear for serious, fundamentalist Christians right now!! But I also know that few on earth will believe and follow Jesus ... 'narrow and cramped will be the road leading to everlasting life...' Matt.
I am not so worried anymore, although I still feel the need to share the Word, until I am "relieved of my post." The lazy, tried, crippled old man inside me wishes that the Lord would take me up out of here tonight in my sleep. I have led a very full, super active life, and now I am very tired, weary and totally disgusted with what I see on earth on TV and InterNet. When I pass on there will be ten others to take my place and perhaps do a better job. But, as the saying goes: 'Old Soldiers Never Die... they just fade away.'
Thank you all for your comments.

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Janie said...

Sorry for the abuse. I am finding more and more abuse from all companies recently?? Hope you have a blessed week. Janie

Paula said...

Sorry you aren't getting the good treatment you deserve.

garnett109 said...

I think all the V.A.s are like this
Keep up the fight!