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Sieze the Day and Time.

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Mexican Gangs Taking Over America !!!!!!!!!!

Hello Friends and Readers!
I was just reading 2nd Peter 3:9, "The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance. [10] But the day of the Lord will come like a thief..." For this reason and to magnify His holy name and glorify Himself-- THIS IS THE ONLY REASON THAT GOD HAS NOT SMOKED US YET. If this is so--our main priority in life as Christians is to PREACH, SHARE and WITNESS to everyone we can while we still have time! This is JOB ONE!
Well, it's been fun and exciting showing the spot light on that clown in the White House and the goofy, greedy, insane Dems [] who are trying to see how fast they can destroy our Republic by taking away ALL of our Freedoms and Constitutional Rights....and getting us as deep in debt as they can. But I am growing 'obama-weary' now and as our 'world ship' is going down with all the torpedoes sinking her, my eyes turn heaven-ward. Thank you all my friends for all your support and kindness in my struggles and tribulations. But even the worldly 'unbelieving' world of humanity can see the 'hand writing on the wall.' Yet, the majority of people still THINK that THEY can save the planet/ old system by forming a 'One World Gov't and Religion' with human hands and minds. This is pure folly, arrogance, stupidity and human pride, and the devil is behind the whole thing.

Watching the 3 ring circus here in the USA, we may not see that the rest of the world is going down the tube and Governments dissolving and overthrown--Pakistan and Mexico are about ready to implode with radical elements ready to step in and take over... even the good ones that I like.. Iceland, Greece, etc, and it won't take much to make the 'house of cards' fall down. It's like the 'torpedo' analogy I just mentioned; we may be able to still float with one explosion, but 2 or 3 will surely sink us. The world's greed, selfishness, corruption, violence, lawlessness are all bringing us down like a pack of wolves taking down a huge moose. I am still trying my best to be vocal, sign petitions, write my Congressmen and Senators, etc., for help in my fight against wrongs, and Gov't take overs, taxes, but I am just one, old, disabled man. Most others are too cowardly and lazy to get involved even as the 'Congress' itself sits on it's hands as we are being invaded on the Mexican border, in the market place, taxes, abortion and God haters, and the Gay agenda.

I also need to step up my witnessing with small Christian tracts and bibles that I hand out to everyday strangers,etc. I would love to participate in some "Tea Parties" just for fun and excitement..but I would have to be in my super power scooter.. lol. My 'Golden Avenger' that I had to pay for out of my own pocket, thanks for the corrupt VA, gives me so much more 'quality of life' and freedom as my arthritis and bad back/ knees get worse! But I still consider myself a rich man, of sorts... PTL!

I will not run with the herd of Obama worshipers or Lemmings who have not the brains to follow the scriptures and promises of God Almighty. Join me if you like and we can put our heads together in a 'think tank' to form some sort of co-operative for survival-- saving our money and resources, helpful hints and ideas about taxes, 'do it yourself' home make things as the 'storm' continues to make things more rough. Prayers are key and essential. We "ain't seen nothin' yet !" The short books of 1st and 2nd Peter are so exciting and profitable for us right now. I can read both of them in a half hour! This is timely information as we move into our 'life boats' and hunker down-- but also continuing the preaching/ witnessing activity.

Only 17 degrees F. in Wisconsin today/ this morning and my wife is still in bed at 11:11 AM. I filled up my truck with gas yesterday for about $1.83/gallon and I sure expect that precious commodity to rise back to $4/gal this Summer.. but I hope I am wrong. I dread Tax time as things get so complicated that the Congress can't figure it out either...Ha! They could NOT HAVE READ the 'Pork Bill" either before 'Messiah' signed it!! Where are the 'TEA PARTIES' ?? Where are the red blooded Americans? One thing for sure is that Obama and the 'Dims' want to strip all combat Veterans of their Right to bear Arms, and I personally know that many would rather die or go to jail rather than let that happen. Many Vets are already dying from Agent Orange and diabetes so they probably figure that dying for a righteous cause would be preferable than living like a beaten slave to that monkey in the White House.
Mexican Gangs Taking Over America !!!!!!!!!!


The Foundation of My Faith

Posted: 28 Feb 2009 07:51 AM PST

By Todd StrandbergIt is absolutely vital for believers to have a solid understanding of why they are members of the Christian faith. Millions of people think they are part of the body of Christ, but they have no idea what it really means to be saved. I've known dozens of people who confessed to be Christians for a time, but who later simply wandered away from the flock. It is like their faith in

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