Sunday, February 8, 2009

When a big Ox gets sick.

Tom's Journal.

Even the farmer's big, strong Ox can get sick and die !
I used to call my beloved big 2004 GoldWing motorcycle, 1800 cc's, 6 cylinders, my 'Black Ox.' Now that Spring is near-- I wonder if I made a big mistake in selling hoo. I have been a 'horse trader' for many years and got many good deals, so if I have some money I might get a smaller, fuel efficient, safer bike that can 'dodge air heads gals on drugs and cell phones on the highway of death...' LOL. That is one of the reasons I got rid of my big beast, and I had SO MANY CLOSE CALLS AND NEAR MISSES LAST YEAR, that I thought I should quit while I was ahead... Ha! Well, I always have my Dodge Ram 4 by 4 truck, but it sucks more gas.
I am still very sick today, but actually getting along with me wife! Woo Woo!

PTSD Combat : Winning the War Within

Rising Tide: 2008 OEF/OIF Veteran Suicides 28% of Army, Marine Casualties; Jan '09 Army Suicides May Surpass Month's KIA Count

Posted: 08 Feb 2009 12:09 AM CST
The continued rise of OEF/OIF veteran suicides reported by the military over the past weeks isn't very surprising news for longtime followers of this issue; but, it's no less alarming. Swamped with conferences, classes, and organizing a Feb. 13 event, Renaissance by Fire: Returning Veterans, Society & the Forging of a New Enlightenment, at the Chicago Cultural Center as part of the Vet Art.

And don't think Obama will even try to help this matter. I guarantee that he will screw the Veterans even more-- but give massive ENTITLEMENTS to the welfare who don't pay into the system, never did, and illegal aliens instead! Open your eyes!

I still feel miserable today, missed church and for good reason-- not wanting to spread sickness. Have trouble breathing, head and nose full of poison and tired.


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Paula said...

I'm scared to death of motorcycles. Know several people who were killed on them. My double cousin and his thirteen year old son. Also a neighbor's granddaughter whose body was thrown over a tall fence and since no one knew who she was with they didn't find her body until next day. Get well soon.