Wednesday, February 11, 2009

'We cannot Spend our Way Out of this Economic Meltdown.'

Tom's Journal.

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I find myself growing more hostile, aggressive, irritated at what the 'Dem Gov't' is trying hard to sneak thru behind closed doors concerning the so-called "Stimulus Pork Package" that I/ we will be paying for. I hear that they are trying to shove national type health insurance into it and racially leaning bias contracts to minority contractors too! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the fat cat CEO's can't really explain what and where the TARP banking money is or was spent on. Some of the new 'Stimulus package' might be used to pay illegal aliens for work that Americans would gladly do !! Wise men predict that there WILL BE A FLASHBACK WHEN AMERICANS ARE COMPLETELY FED UP WITH [and find out the real truth] THE PRESENT ADMINISTRATION AND THE DEM CONGRESS'S TOTAL B.S. I see some of the illegal aliens [Mexicans] starting to act very pushy and belligerent already--thinking that they have the 'numbers' to hurt Americans. But as long as we still have the 2nd Amendment-- that won't happen.

I am starting to like Glenn Beck, on Fox News TV and how he interviews experts of various subject matter, like: The CIA considers Pakistan AND Mexico to both be very unstable and maybe a "flash point" that might ignite the next big disaster. Michael Scheuer, former CIA agent working on the Osama Bin Laden task force, said that our Gov't KNOWS how many Arab terrorist types are coming over the Mexican border who could deliver a crippling blow to us. It's almost like our Gov't wants these things to happen, and one of the Arabs' considered prime target is Houston! Any military person knows what prime targets of opportunity would be in the sights of terrorists in that area... crippling our oil supply and refineries, etc. Once the Dems get done messing up our military with the cut backs, etc, we will probably be fighting with hammers and water pistols... Ha!

Women's Libbers won't like this, but then, they never had any love for God's Word, the Ephesians 5:22 says, "Wives, be subject to your won husbands, as to the Lord." Adam was created first [we didn't ASK for the], and he was appointed head of the family by God. In a real Christan family where everyone co-operates and follows scripture, things can be very nice, comfortable, and respect and kindness abound. When you think of it, everyone is in subjection to somebody, so why not get it right by following Jesus' fine example as the loving Shepard? The main reason that I am bring this up is because American families will fall apart unless all the members pull and work together in a real time of crisis! If I claim to be a soldier of Christ, I should love, cherish, and take care of my wife just as I do myself. But I am not a perfect soldier and am still learning patience, take over many household responsibities with a sick and lazy wife, and sanding off the 'rough spots' of my personality. I guess this is my burden, life and I must learn to bear up and carry this load, even with my own health concerns. Some of my flaws are that I am too generous and a good provider, so that women love to take advantage of me. Remember, they will only leave you AFTER they take your last dollar.. LOL! -- I keep repeating my MANTRA... if things are bad now with Satan bombarding Christians every single day-- wait until the REAL fight comes with the upcoming national disaster and melt down. What are you going to do when you can't pay the rent or mortgage and your family is hungry?? I will tell you, up here in a cold Wisconsin Winter people/ families can die really quick. But also remember that ILLEGAL aliens will be getting preferential treatment, free heat in the Winter, and Gov't subsidies, food, while we carry the high tax load. I am just so darned surprised at how IGNORANT people can be-- but they prefer to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that the Gov't will somehow 'bail us out.'

I can only hope that most of my readers will cut me some slack when I am posting my guts out. Of course my 'inner core' / long time friends who know that I try to love everyone
and I am NOT a racist understand that I am just reciting facts as I see them, and that I have been a student of History and the Bible for many years. It sure will not be fun to go thru another big crisis at my old age of 60! I know what it is not to own your house and to lose everything you have worked for, be unemployed and take low paying jobs even with good trade skills. I know what it's like to be without a car so that you can't even get to the good paying jobs in a city that you are qualified for. I know what it is to go hungry and eat at missions with street people and winos who need a bath. Now, I probably make/ earn more money than MOST of my Blog readers-- but I also know that in this unstable environment-- I could lose it all in a heart beat!
The one thing that gives me courage is the fact that God has always kept ALL of His promises, and that if I love and acknowledge Jesus as my personal Savior-- I AM Saved. But most people on earth CHOOSE NOT for follow the 'Son.' They are like, "Big Bird" , IMHO.

So.... what are some of the things that you/ we can share and contribute that WE can do now, before the storm?? I hope that some of you will pool your thoughts/ advice at how to be self sufficient, wise, personally, besides light up the phone lines of conservative Congress people and email them-- if there are any. I will tell you confidentially that one nasty woman that I had a relationship with, charged everything with big bills piling up, even secretly, and while I was working 2nd shift, welding, she had her goofy relatives/ family "clean out" our apartment, and then left me with ALL the bills, stole all the money as she ran away to the West [Left] coast back in the mid- 90's. So I know what it means to "Pay the Piper." Well now, our Gov't is doing the same darn thing right now, and I am telling you that we cannot SPEND our way out of this economic mess! If WE don't pay thru the nose-- our kids will.

Thank you for all of your kind, considerate comments and encouragements.



Carolyn said...

Hey Tom- I agree with so much of what you've posted here, I can't add much more to it. It is true that much of the "actual jobs" that may be created by the bloated government will be going towards the unions (to pay them back for all the mosney they gave to the dems campaigns) to the minorities and yes, even the illegals. I am not a racist either, so it makes me upset to see reverse racism. My husband is a hard worker, excellent at what he does, cares about a job well done, and honest. He knows equipment and takes care of the eqipment he uses. He has done the same work all his life- but now because he is not a union member, white and has had a steady empoyment record- he will be passed over because some in obama's admin have said construction jobs are to go to minorities and the underskilled first. Yeah- that's fair. For all the talk from the left about racism on the part of whites and the right- it is ALWAYS the left which makes skin color an issue!
Also, gotta love the billions going to new "energy efficiant" cars to government employees and to groups such as obama's acorn (who are under indictment in a few states for voter fraud) and to planned parenthood (which already rakes in billions a year)- oh, and like a few hundred thousand dollars to the national endowment for the arts is going to stimulate the economy?! Think a crucifix in a bottle of urine as art- and you have the NEA. Anyway Tom- yes, we are all coming on harder times- you know that massive government debt is going to catch up to the rest of us soon enough. We are blessed to have an acre we can plant crops on, and we know how to fish- Michael can start hunting again if need be. Not all are able to do these things though. All I can suggest, if you haven't already- cut up the credit cards, pay yourself 10 percent first if you have a job, tithe 10 percent and pay off any debt as fast as you can. Save money, spend wisely, look to buy store brand things instead of name brands, look for sales, mends and patch your own clothes, learn to get back to basics! I have been making my own bread (a basic recipe which doesn't take too long in the oven) e mail me if you want the recipe) and making a lot of cassarole type dishes which make many meals to freeze. Buy whole cut up chicken and peal the skin off yourself- deal with the bones. It's worth it compared 4.99for a whole chicken to 10.00 for boneless skinless. Eat more rice, and lentils- they are full of protien, and cheap by the bag. OK- sorry, this is way too long. God Bless you Tom.

sober white women said...

I was just taking about this money issue with my 16 year old daughter!
I do trust my husband to take care of me and to provide for our family. Is that so 1950's? I can burn my bra with the best of them, but in the end my husband is our rock.
Also people should remember that while we should listen to our husbands the Bible also says that husbands should listen to the wisdom of thier wives.
Husband and wives should be a good team.

Lou said...

thanks for your comment on my blog. I work in health care, so that is the area I'm most familiar with, and big brother is coming. Soon big brother may decide when you are too old or disabled to receive rationed health care.(this already happens in Canada & UK) The government is already doing this via medicare reimbursements. If a doctor in PRIVATE practice does not do what the government says, he will not be allowed to be a Medicare provider. This is huge, doctors cannot lose that "market". There is also an unfunded mandate called EMTALA, that's crippling hospitals. I could go on at length, but you know what is going on. Look what a good job the government does with health care at the VA.
Thanks for letting me get my 2 cents out, and keep putting out the Christian message.