Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who is running the VA shop? A bunch of Monkeys?

Tom's Journal.

Well, there is a 'P.S.' to yesterday's rant about the Milwaukee VA Pharmacy problem, of course. I called them again today and was 'super cordial' to 'Debbie' and she said that the meds were to arrive at my house on next Tuesday-- 4 days latter than scheduled-thenthey should have been-- BUT, I could drive the 30 miles thru congested ghetto traffic and pick them up myself on this Friday. I pleasantly said that 'I would do just that, thank you'... click. Let me see now, this has to be the 12th time I went thru this kind of crap in the past 12 months after THEY dropped the ball. I told my wife that I really didn't want to fight with them today and I thanked them [for screwing]. It's good and humorous that I can laugh at it now...Ha Ha Ha. Never mind, for the present, that my letter to the Congressman is working itself thru the mail system [smile].

Don't think it hasn't crossed out scheming little combat Veterans' minds that the VA probably calculates that some of us suffer heart attacks and strokes from all out constant strife, fights and frustrations with the VA staff bums... lol, so that they can save millions of dollars? But then, having been in Finance and Investments, I KNOW that the IRS produces the same effect [for the common man who is NOT well connected in D.C.] on many people. I have heard the figure put at HUNDREDS of poor people in the greater Milwaukee area. But Charlie Rangel need not worry...

A close Christian friend and fellow Journalist told me that I might be better off if I refrain from posting conservative 'sensitive' articles about abortion, Gay and Constitution issues that are hotly contended in the "News Media" now days, and it's almost impossible to escape the Web Site's prying eyes-- 'Big Brother' thingy. Suffice it to say that I was actually typing, writing, and printing letters on my own and handing them out door to door concerning the hot issue: Eminent Domain in our little one horse town of Union Grove, WI, 2 years ago and got PUBLISHED in the Racine, WI Journal [News Paper] that really grabbed hold in the 'grass roots' of our town that actually REVERSED what the crooked 'village fathers' planned to screw us over and steal our private property for a stupid idea,for a supposed higher 'tax base', thanks to that dumb, Liberal lady Supreme Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor [sp?]. Well, then, the different states including ours quickly passed better Eminent Domain laws that protected the citizens after that. People say that I was somewhat responsible for that Victory.

Let me tell you something. It usually takes a crazy combat Veteran to train the sheep how to fight back for their Constitutional, God-given RIGHTS! Hey, I am no hero, and I honestly believe that I am not long for this earth, but... God saved my life many times from certain death for SOME REASON...!

I also have an incredible sense of smell that detect things from far away. But that too can be a powerful "trigger" that can awaken some PTSD issues, in a heart beat. Go figure: God made our human brains so capable-- and some experts say that when we die we might have used about 1 or 2% of it. Genesis teaches us that the man was created to live FOREVER! Sin intervened. And to see and hear about young kids sniffing glue and paint to make idiots out of themselves and burdens to the rest of society. Shame--Waste. But then, we are not robots, but free moral agents that can choose bad or good. Without a loving but firm Mom and Dad teaching us, how can we learn. Seems to me that the Lefty Libby Dems want to bust up the, One Man- One Woman Marriage traditional arrangement set up by God in Genesis, and instead give 'Ted and Ed' a shot at it... lol. What if that were true in Japan, Italy and some other nations that are running out of their own 'natives' to re-populate? Hey, I know, the Dems want to import monkeys, Just kidding... only a joke.

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sober white women said...

Oh the joys of dealing with the VA. We have our own stories about them. I must say that for the most part they have been good about mailing my husbands meds.
About offending people. Here is a link to a shirt I wore yesterday. I am sure it offended someone.


Carolyn said...

Hi Tom- I say keep on posting it as you can. Don't self censor and try hard to keep trying to post them as you get them. I read that article by Chuck Baldwin you sent out and I agree with him that we need to keep fighting (even if Jesus is coming soon!) We need to fight for what's right, not give up because it seems futile. You do a big part here Tom. Keep it going! :-) God Bless~