Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why chase our tails ?

Tom's Journal.

TerryKelly.wmv nice Aussie song from Bob, a Aussie Vietnam Vet.

Gloomy Saturday and still on 'Sick Call.' My wife is still hacking all the time,
but I am slowly on the mend. I can't even remember being sick with the
Flu/ Lung Congestion for [a whole week now] this length of time.
If I get this sick, I can imagine others with a compromised immune
system, dying without the right health care, especially the old and the young.
And by that statement
I mean the working poor and middle class who probably voted Conservative.

There is a KAVV [Kenosha Area Vietnam Veterans] sponsored 'Cabin Fever Dance'
tonight at the Union Hall, Local 72- UAW, with free beer, soda, chips
and popcorn, and live music. But the cigarette smoke is always thick
enough to cut with a knife, and that would really mess up our sick
lungs even more. I would sure like to make it to church tomorrow to
see my friends and get 'charged up' again. "Where two or more are
gathered in my name, there will be the Holy Spirit." It has taken years
to make/ build close friendships at Victory B.C., but we live far away
and can't take part in many church activities because of the 22 mile one way
drive. There are churches in my own area, even blocks away from my house, but
few give such serious attention to actually cracking the Bible open
and preaching/ teaching pure scriptural Gospel. Many will claim to be servants of
God, but Jesus will reject them as He knows their treacherous hearts. It's true that all those
who follow and serve Jesus Christ in word and deed will be forgiven their sins. But now days
there is so much evil in the world and God haters who take delight in
doing things [practice] that are big time wicked in God's eyes, even in America!
I was just thinking about the Liberal, Lefty trend to close/ shut down conservative
and Christian
TV and radio programs soon, like Glenn Beck, and WVCY- 107.7 FM. If Christian
churches are forbidden to preach the truth, many will suffer! Scripture speaks
about mind boggling events that will happen so fast and out of the blue-- that they
will shake, rattle, roll--
and shock people out of their wits! This is not a political party problem like the Dems
and Reps,-- but
an International MORAL
problem that has been festering for years with no body brave enough to
'face the Giants',
except the few biblical Christians who do the Lord's work.
The devil has
got most of us so busy
'chasing our tails' with the Gov't corruption and economy $$ that we
take no note
of the most important thing in the world-- the 2nd coming of the Lord,
that will trump
everything else in the world! It's like two stupid adults arguing in a car
stopped on the train
tracks while the powerful locomotive is about to ram the car. See: The
Flood in Noah's day--101.

In the meantime, most of the world are too busy killing the prophets, missionaries,
and true Christians,
merry making,

and getting so involved in
petty politics while God's

Plan is unfolding. And you
must understand that
even some so-called
'good legislation',
Bills that help working families
are also taking up our time from getting closer to God in these 'end times.'
let us reason

on this matter now. There certainly are many important things that need
to be addressed, done, fixed,

righted, corrected now in Feb. 2009. but where does it end. Many things are
designed to steal and take up all of our waking time. If a person spends 4-5 hours
a day watching TV or computer stuff, there might not be ANY time to read the Bible!
All the 'time thieves' activities don't have near the importance
of getting right with God, helping other to find God and get SAVED, and following the
Son, Jesus Christ! Why am I so persistent and goal oriented about this subject?
Go figure:


You would have to admit that you [we] messed up big time somehow, someway!!
If a person drinks too much and has a traffic accident and kills someone--
it's too late to do it over!
The damage is ALREADY DONE! And once you are dead
you will have to
face eternity in
one place or the other. Period. Luck has NOTHING to do with it. YOU
have a choice-- just like
Adam and Eve did. Most humans WILL take the path of least resistance..
and 'go with the flow' like a
dead fish.
What are you waiting for?
For those who want to talk with me personally, just email me and I will call
you on the phone.

Best Regards,


garnett109 said...

I've been sick for about 10 days now.

madison said...

I'm still caughing like crazy from this cold. This is the longest cold I've ever had.