Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bedtime Post.

Tom's Journal.

<<<> I know that I am taking a big risk in saying this and if I lose some friends-- all that means is they were not true blue friends to begin with. 'I am proud of my service to my country, America, but I would NOT die for America anymore. I still support and defend the U.S. Constitution, my Christians brothers and family... but I have seen and studied too much these past few years to know and believe that God has left the American scene because of the complete corruption, shredding of the U.S. Constitution- liberties and freedoms, with greed, murder of innocent unborn children, over overwhelmingly [the majority--just like ancient Sodom] voting for people who support and promote the Sodomite, so-called Gay agenda, evolution lies in schools and threats to our Christian life/ way of life! It is not God's divine nature to "bless those who curse and dishonor Him, even as He has been so patient, forgiving and merciful to those who do repent-- and God desires ALL to repent and embrace the Son, Jesus, but the bible tells us that FEW actually will repent, and even the so-called Christians-- and that is just a 'buzz word' now days. He must keep His promises [as always in the Bible--recorded for all to read] to save His own Christian warriors and true believers-- and to do that He must punish the wicked incorrigible God hating people. There IS A LIMIT TO GOD'S KIND,GENTLE MERCIES and His sword may strike at any time now! [ I want God to correct me in His love-- and NOT in His anger]. He would certainly be within His proclaimed righteous Love, Justice, Wisdom and Power-- to damn our corrupt American country and culture of drugs, immorality, violence and death-- and all the rest of the sadistic world right now. I personally believe the only thing stopping Him now is the few remaining humans in the corrupt world to get [Saved] with the program and get right with God, now, before the 'doors of the proverbial Ark close and shut' [BEFORE the Trib] ! If I win just ONE soul with this post-- it will have been worth the time and effort.

It has finally, and lately 'dawned' on my hard head that doing God's Will by praising and witnessing about Jesus Christ first and fore most this Sunday, March 15th, 2009, and nothing else has this holy [sanctified] priority.. nothing! The Kingdom and the Gospel must come first-- and that means walking thru the cramped and narrow path to everlasting life. According to the apostle Paul, 'everything else is just a dung heap!' Why are the goofy people wasting valuable time, effort and treasure, spending and buying and celebrating even as they see the dark storm approaching??
No one dislikes 'change' or departing from the 'comfort zone' and earned, worked for retirement than Tom Schuckman, and now my body is very disabled and full of hurt from arthritis, back problems, Fibromyalgia, old wounds and injuries, PTSD, old before my time, etc. Actually, I hoped that God would allow me a few years AFTER retirement to enjoy what I worked for all my life in having a small place, a garden, ownership under the sun, and indeed I do own a small piece of property in WI... but I feel sort of immobilized and stranded without my power scooter -- that I am happy to still have, but my wife power chair is still broke and the repair company is jerking her around, playing games.
Well, it was predicted/ prophesied and had to happen one way or another-- but 'messiah' obama and the Dims have really helped destroy this nation and in a short time. However, both and all political parties were and are to blame, with Republicans voting on 30% of the pork and bad policies and/ or dragging their butts when they were in power thru the years. Europe and Asia are already consumed by Satan, and the USA is not far behind a Socialist, 'One-World-- One Gov't' plan/ system, and the "man of lawlessness" is lurking in the shadows, IMHO.
So now, I am finally putting all my 'chips' on God and His invincible Army. Yes, at this moment, we can't see them. But we can't see electricity or the wind either-- and yet we know it's there. We modern day people have the complete Bible where as most people in centuries past didn't or could not read it upon penalty of death.
I am not depending or putting my faith on any man, preacher, church or organization-- and I learned that the hard way.. lol. Yet, the 'telescope' [Bible] that I am putting to my eyes is getting into 'focus' recently, and I am happy, joyful and grateful for that as I was praying for help and guidance for a long time from the Holy Spirit! Happily, it doesn't matter how fast or what order we 'cross that line' that leads to eternity- life in heaven... just so we DO cross the finish line before the game is over!

After watching too much stupid TV movies, etc, today, I felt the need to post this message while it was fresh in my mind-- and it's also therapeutic for me to write in my Journal--emotional health, etc. My wife was so exhausted from today that she went to bed at 8 PM tonight. If we didn't have Oxygen for her-- I feel that she would be dead now. that's my opinion. It's very frightening to be chocking and gasping for air all the time. There was not even one phone call from the other, old church where we used to attend... shame. Oh well-- time to move on to newer and better things. Trust NO human.
I hope that some of my readers and friends will comment about this post on my blog, but also email me with their personal thoughts and view points, please. Have a good restful night.

Hugs, and Warm Regards,


"For to me, To live is Christ, And to die is Gain." --Phil. 1:21

Olivia Newton John - Hopelessly devoted to you

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Mate I hope this movie come to Australia.
Bob "Bomber" Gibson
Australian Vietnam Veteran
Gold Coast
I cannot wait to see this movie. Gary Sinise is behind it, and according to one Army wife I know, it is outstanding! Click the link and read Ebert's review on the side as well. It was supposed to open here in Chicago yesterday. Finally. Fairness.

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Carolyn said...

It will be as in the days of Noah- even unfortunately for a lot of Christians. Tom, it's amazing to me how many people I know who say they are Christian, and they genuinely care about people and are charitable etc. but they never read the Bible. Many have at least one, but they don't pick it up! So many pray, but again, they can't really know how to pray without knowing His Word! So many believe in the "quiet Christian" life, not "foisting" their religion on others, but again, not knowing GOD"S WORD they don't see that it is necessary to tell others about Jesus. If it weren't , not many of us would be Christians! Someone cared enough to "foist" Him on us, and we need to do the same. I know I'm a lousy one for going out and proclaiming, but I am trying to do it more and more. I pray so much more now than ever before. People will be like in the days of Noah. God gave them a hundred years to repent- but they laughed at Noah- Hey man, what are you doing there?! What are you doing building that big ol' boat in the middle of the land for?! You moron!
People will respond the same now, and only worse, because so many are blinded by obamessiah and others to save them. They refuse to see the True and Living Messiah- for comfort and material things now- including so many Christians. I sometimes still think oh, it would be so nice to have some extra money so we can afford this or that. I realize a lot quicker though now, I don't care about how nice of a house I could have, what toys and extravagances I could have, the BEST LIFE NOW type of happy feel good "christianity". No matter how nice of things I can have now? DON"T Compare at all to what being in the Glory and Presence of my Savior in Heaven!!!! God Bless you Tom! Keep it up! And Cheer every time someone disses you for these messages! It's all for Jesus' sake you speak it. God Bless~
“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in and steal; for where your treasure is, there is your heart also.”
Matthew 6:19-21,