Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Expaination for being 'short' at times.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Guys and Gals,
I guess that most everyone has got their tolerance and limit of patience, long suffering, and some of us just won't cut it as far as being a grade or high school teacher now days with all the lack of respect and evolutionary agendas and atmosphere. And who likes a 'hostile work climate ?' Personally, I love to teach and share things, education, trades, skills, and I used to teach ESL [English is a Second Language]. There is a limit to God's patience too, as outlined in the Bible, concerning His own people, the Hebrews, and the whole world, for that fact. It seems that even our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, about lost His cool with His beloved apostles a few times-- and right after He got done teaching them simple illustrations... lol. [See: Matt. 18:3-6.]
So, I don't mind spending time with anyone who still hungers for the truth of the scriptures, etc., -- but the very beginning of my Journal's 'mission statement' tells what I endeavor to do and accomplish with the pen/ key pad. This Journal is a Bible based Blog that also tries to help other disabled combat Vets navigate the corrupt VA/ Gov't systems that continually try their best to shaft the Veterans of America. And other things tickle my fancy that I feel are news worthy that I post from time to time. I love good jokes and music and I like to insert some pix as well. But the main thrust of my Journal remains to be the grand promises of God, thru Jesus Christ as revealed in the Word/ Bible. So... when someone comes up with the latest baloney/ trash about some Left Winger, atheist -"scientist", I pretty much know where he is going and what agenda he's pushing. As I mentioned several time, the apostle Paul referred to most of the world's 'junk' as a 'dung heap'-- enough said. Actually, the devil is in the habit of throwing EVERYTHING in our path, especially in these "end times," to trip us up or steal our precious time! I used to be a 'news junky' before and just recently broke that bad habit. Not only the 'weak ones' but even some of the "elect" will be misled! This should serve as a word to the wise-- I pray. I am a sinful human creature too who has to constantly evaluate everything that I come across to make sure of the truth and value. I have been misled a few times in the past before I 'knew the Word' so that I DOUBLE CHECK things now days just to make sure. I love great movies, action, adventure, history-- but I also know that I don't want much to do with the crap Hollywood puts out now days, and I well know THEIR filthy agenda too! Hey! If all the other agendas demand their 'free speech' they can put up with mine too! But it doesn't work that way now that 'messiah' got elected.

Friends, we do not want to miss the boat on this one [of Universal Sovereignty]. This game is for all the marbles-- and the losers get a one-way ride to a really bad alternative. So when I get tempted now-- I stop and think, "is it worth it" to soil my name and record any more with SOMEONE whom I claim to love and honor ??

If I have sounded rude or short tempered with some of the friends' comments-- it's because I am stressed out big time right now and may not 'multi-task' well right now, with my wife going into the hospital system in Kenosha for a possible open heart surgery on 24 March 09. I took her there this morning for blood work, tests, X-Rays and EKG-- pre-admission paper work, etc. But still, I feel that I must stand up for what I know to be true and right... and for that I need not be ashamed or sorry, dear friends.
Well, the VA cleaning lady is here now, and I have to keep an eye on her so she doesn't hide things [as she cleans and organizes] and then we can't find them when we are cooking... lol. My wife can barely walk from one room into another without getting winded-- and she has already lost a lot of weight!
Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.

There are some very bad rumors and actual bills in 18 States that would corrupt and interfere with the sale of ammunition in the U.S., thanks partially to all the HIDDEN bills that obama and the Dims inserted secretly into the Pork Plan that was just passed to "get our economy jump started".. Ha! I doubt if some of the Senate and Congress can read-- let alone read all 1000 pages in 2 days!!
Thank you, Dims and Independents, for putting "your man" in the White House. The DAMAGE is already done, and perhaps irreparably. Most core, bible studied Christian believe that only God can make things straight, so we figure we will stay in the 'boat' like Noah and take the jokes, scorn and ridicule from un-believers. God told Ezekiel that He would make his fore head tough as flint to ward off all the insults, etc. Not a problem--- I am NOT bitter or angry-- just stating the facts as I see them.


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natalie said...

Dear Tom,
Tom you mentioned that your dear wife is going in for surgery March 24, 2009.
Would you think that you would want the folks at Sugar Guido Jeanette and Yasmyn's site to pray for her?
It is a site built purely for that. let me know.