Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Hate Taxes!

Tom's Journal.

Our back yard is a muddy quagmire, and the neighbor lady had to call a tow truck to pull her car out... lol. She has front wheel drive but pulled straight in forward and got stuck in the mud that way. We think her hubby left her or they may be separated. High winds are pounding our windows tonight, up to 50 MPH as predicted, and there is some flooding in our part of WI. When will people ever learn NOT to build houses in river flood planes? One good thing the VA does is to forbid and protect a family/ Veteran from building or buying an unsafe home.

I will have to wait for March 30th to get my two knee injections of medicine. Actually the just standing in the post office yesterday, leaning over a desk made my knees snap,crackle and pop audibly, and I was a bit embarrassed. My Mom tells me to have surgery-- but she doesn't know or understand that many 'bionic' knee replacements don't always turn out for the best-- and then it's too late and you're stuck. Also the VA has a reputation of cutting off the WRONG body part while the patient is under....lol. They are too busy talking about golf or fishing to do the job right. And if they make a mistake-- you can't sue the Gov't! And they will either lie out of it or say, 'Oops, I'm sorry.' In my case, I know that the shots in the knees help me-- for a couple of months, if the doctor shows up for work that day.

It will be a busy, hard day for me tomorrow when my nephew, who is laid off indefinitely, will come over to help me with a few things. He is young and strong! And I have to drop a forgotten/ misplaced paper off at my CPA for taxes. Go figure: We working people pay them-- but the Congressmen don't.. Ha! I Hate Taxes, and tax time! But it may be better for us this year-- and much worse for the NATION these next few years thanks to Messiah and the Dims... and to think that my tax CPA lady, Kim, voted for no-bama and also started smoking! I bit my tongue when I heard this, for fear that she might be angry with my taxes... lol. but I gently asked her, 'if you knew that a candidate supported and pushed abortion-- would you not bear some sort of "community responsiblity??" ' You never insult the cook or barber either-- as I learn many years ago.

Time to brush my teeth again and sack out. I hate to even get up on my feet because I know that my knees and back wil say, "HELLO!" I am waiting and praying for heaven.



Janie said...

Who in the world loves taxes??!! lol My taxes have DOUBLED in 3 years on our land and manufactured home! Took it to court, but who ever wins against the county?? lol My step dad went to church with this guy and was going to have his knee fixed. They got him mixed up with the guy next to him. Ruined his good leg!! Isn't that terrible!! We need rain in Kansas very much!! Hope you have a blessed day. Janie

sober white women said...

We are getting hit with new taxes and I can't stand it! We are considered the working poor. Soon we will just be poor, but I bet we still won't be able to get any help! LOL