Thursday, March 19, 2009

Please help our friend understand a fact/ truth.

Tom's Journal.

Outrageous.mp3 <<< listen to this !! Wow! Obama HATES the Veterans!


I ask that a few or many of my friends who are Bible- literate to explain to Natalie why she is so wrong about the following subject/ comment, PLEASE, in a spirit of kindness and respect. When you think about the comment on the bottom of this page --it does sound amusing 'that Jesus doesn't actually KNOW/ UNDERSTAND everything in the world/ universe.' Not to be cruel or hard hearted-- but this is exactly what many of my posts deal with... some poor folks don't even know their own language, ie: English, let alone the Bible which is written on a 4th to 5th grade level, and I know many young children who understand and can explain most of the Bible! Only Romans and the book of Hebrews require a 12th grade education, and some translations of the Bible are 'dumbed down' with these things in mind, especially for the USA!
1st Corinthians 6:9 says, "Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals.... will inherit the kingdom of God." And see 1st Timothy 1: 9-10 too. But there is much to say about this subject. There is a difference between making a mistake or being ignorant of what God says about specific wrong -doing -- and knowingly PRACTISING sin on purpose, unrepentantly. And then we have individual weaknesses and propensities [I have many]. When people make the statement: 'I could never do something like that...' I laugh to myself and remember what I learned in the Army and hard jobs that I looked at for the first time... Ha! Go figure: If someone held a gun to someone you loved dearly and told you to do something very hard and/ or dangerous or they would hurt or kill your loved one-- WOULD YOU DO IT?? In school and the military, experts/ leaders KNOW what the human body and mind can do and what it cannot! That is why they screen out those who are not fit in the first place-- and in Basic Training [boot camp] they try to weed out the unfit so they won't crack or give out under stress of real combat! It would be a 'dis- service' to that weak soldier AND to his fellow team mates who have to depend on him in the field of combat, etc. I like the fact that I did well, survived, passed the many tests in my life where others never had what it took to do the deed. Actually, I know that I got hired many times because of my military record, DD-14.

Just because the wayward Dims and 'messiah obama' want to destroy our social moral fabric and bring down America sooner by promoting the Sodomite, so-called 'Gay agenda' and murder the unborn, doesn't make it right! And I expect to be jailed and/ or martyred for having guts enough to post stuff like this in the near future-- but all I am really doing is speaking exactly what the Bible says!! It's not so much me [the messenger] people hate-- but they hate GOD ALMIGHTY and His Word, the Bible. They can't reach or hurt God, so they will and have killed the messenger/ witness as Satan directs them. Nothing new. Just think, if I get killed to doing God's work, I am promised eternal life in heaven! Yes, the second after I expire I KNOW that I shall be with Jesus Christ in heaven! That certainly trumps the few months or years [in pain, stress and agony] I have left on this corrupt, polluted earth!

But it would be so great and special if and when we 'GAIN' a person and lead them to God, soul winning! I would compare that to gaining a pocket full of fine gold, or having all my debts wiped out completely. Woo Woo!

Well, I promised Sharon that I would take her out for Friday fish fry at a near by restaurant in Union Grove for all the fish you can eat-- although Sharon doesn't care for what I eat but she will order Salmon. And if I ask her to shop for a few things-- I will let her use my speedy power scooter that everyone raves about. We had to write to a Senator to hold the company's feet to the fire to get her own power chair fixed... Sad. Someone goofed up again and sent the paper work to the wrong people...again, lol. Obama wants to give jobs to the untrained and unwashed. Remember: Learn how to read, write and speak ENGLISH! Or whatever language YOUR country speaks. If you can't do that-- you must be a Dim [Democrat].


Blogger natalie said...

Dear Tom, I have answered your recent comment in my journal but I will also answer it here.
What did my Lord Jesus Christ stand for?
It was love, compassion and care. He did not believe in judging others as far as their personal choice of a partner.
Mary Magdalene is one of my favorite characters. She was condemned by the Romans at that time for being of ill repute and low down when she was actually a very smart woman who followed Our Lord and who tried to serve him loyally.
I am a better person for knowing her.
This does not eve get near what some homosexuals go through . Jesus did not have the new scientific information about the genetic components of some homosexuals. Some homosexuals have it in their gene pool not to be attracted to the opposite sex.

March 19, 2009 12:57:00 PM PDT



Carolyn said...

I love Natalie (you know I do Nat!) She is a sweet and loving woman who doesn't want to judge or hurt anyone, but I too, have to disagree. Yes- Jesus is SO loving towards us. He would not have bothered to put Himself through the pain, suffering, mocking and death of the cross if He didn't love the world.
That said, and I am not picking on or mocking anyone here,but there are so many people who do not seem to trust Jesus as He IS. HE is God. God is HOLY. God can not abide in sin. He is RIGHTEOUS. He is a HOLY RIGHTEOUS God- the creator of science,and all and everything of the universe. He Created Science, therefore He knows all scientific facts which humans will never fully grasp. Jesus is the WORD. He Came in the flesh- the WORD became flesh (see John chapter 1- in fact, John needs to be read and re read by anyone who wants to know who CHrist is.
It all goes to whether people believe the Bible is the literal WORD of God. Is it God breathed or not? IS the Bible the WORD of God or a nice book with some good ways to live written in it?
If you Believe in Jesus Christ as Savior- you MUST believe on His WORD. His Word is clear on sin- not just homosexuality, but all sin. He loves us, but tells us to go- SIN NO MORE. I too admire Mary Magdalen. I pray that I have the same heart towards the Lord as she did. She was saved from SIN by Jesus- and she loved Him by sinning no more.
Christians really have no right to judge non Christians. We are to show the Good News of the Gospel which is to show that Jesus saved us all from sin, and those who don't know Him can have a relationship with Him, and accept Him as our savior. If we call Him savior- that means He saved us from something. What? He saves us from sin! Sin is a politically incorrect and offensive word these days, but like Tom says- it is not us that preaches sin- it is the WORD of God.
We are, however to judge sinful behavior among other Christians, and that includes Christians who are gay, who commit adultery, lie, slander etc. The WOrd of God is explicit on this- and on homosexuality.
I don't want to hurt anyone either, but I will not put up with people telling me I can not speak the WORD of God.
I don't go around condemning homosexuals or anyone else, however I will speak the truth of the WORD of God, the popular and the unpopular.
I pray for everyone- that tehy will come to know Jesus- the Whole Jesus.

Penny said...

Dearest Natalie, I like to think we are friends. I read your comment here and feel I must speak. You are right that Jesus loves the sinner! He died while we were yet in sin, once for ALL sin. Honey he KNEW our sin before it happened. He is our LIVING savior. Loving Jesus and living for Him means that we must not be soft on sin. We cannot let "science" turn our minds from the Truth of God. If He knew us from the foundation of the world, don't you know He knows all there is to know? I urge you to read the scriptures that Tom and Carolyn have shown and suggested. Read Colossians. Feel free to contact me by email. If you want to talk by phone, contact me and I will call you. In Christ's love, Penny