Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sharon is lonely tonight in the Hospital.

Tom's Journal.

Tom's Journal.

Well, Sharon just called me again and said she was lonely, but gave me a new update on the agenda tomorrow. She said that the main doctor in charge is looking at a Thursday or Friday window for aortic heart valve surgery-- where as they thought they might do it tomorrow. He wants me to be there in the morning tomorrow so he can talk to both of us at the same time to explain some things. My sister, Susan, who flew up from Tucson, AZ, told me that she would stay at my house in the morning to supervise the VA cleaning lady who is scheduled to clean my house for 3 hours on Wednesday morning, and then she will drive to Kenosha to visit my wife too,.
Two fine Christian brothers from Victory Baptist church went to visit and pray with Sharon shortly after I left her at 11:30 today... and we both thought that was very important and nice; Chip Mitchell and a younger gentleman who is very smart named Tod, from OH., and both close friends of mine.
So these things/ schedules have changed a few times already so that nothing is written in stone, especially when it has to do with hospitals and doctors. I will be nice today and say that things went OK...lol. Sharon wants some 'real' food, and her clothes brought to her tomorrow plus her own CPAP machine and fresh fruit and cheese, etc. A close friend, Penny and her hubby, Rob called me up from CA before, but she had such a bad sore throat that it was hard for me to understand it all. She prays for us all the time and she used to be a missionary in Mexico for many years. I have made so many fundamental, biblical Christian friends these past few months and they are a blessing to Sharon and I, and Sharon's son, Jamie, and fine daughter in law, Tammy from OH email and pray for us often too. But you have to cast your net often to find the fish-- and people to lead to the Lord, and make the right friends with! It's called the "Good Work," spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ far and wide! Then the blessing will flow from God.

Deuce, our Rottweiler, was very happy to see me come home around 1 PM today, so he could go outside in the rain to 'relieve' himself, and then I fed him. If we know we are going to be gone for a few hours, we don't feed him but he always has plenty of fresh, clean water, and he is so smart as not to eat any food when we are gone -- as he knows that he just may have to' dump' before we get back-- and the dude has a good brain! I shared a can of Sardines with the cat [Cuddles] and the dog, and now I am about to have a few pickled Herring to sooth my stomach soon. The dog is pretty good natured as he stretches out on the floor, and he is my servant and look out tonight. It's like having a soldier on guard duty while I rest and sleep. I can trust him far more than any of the Dims [Democrat]... lol, and I bet he has a higher IQ too
So it was a long, busy,emotional day for Sharon and I.

More latter,


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March 24, 2009

America's Bastard Percentage Increases Again

In 2007 in America almost 40% (39.7%) of children born are born to unwed mothers. This is an increase of 1.2% from the statistics of 2006. For those who attended government schools this means that almost 4 out of 10 (2 out of 5 if you never learned fractions) babies were born to unwed mothers. The statistic reveal that from 2005-2007 the number of children born in these United States to married women has declined 0.3% while the number born to unmarried women has mushroomed to 12.3%.
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