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Veterans Resources-- thank you, Sheila.

Tom's Journal.


The 2009 edition of the Federal Benefits for Veterans and their Dependents has been released in pdf format.

It can be found at our website at:

and at the VA website at:
Stop & See The Agent Orange Quilt Of Tears
May 21st - 25th 2009
L.Z. Rainelle - West Virginia Veterans Reunion
Rainelle, West Virginia

Agent Orange Victims & Widows Support Network
Home Of The Agent Orange Quilt Of Tears

Sacrifice is meaningless without remembrance


Do you know how to tell a real, true biblical Christian from one who only gives some lip service, or a 'CINO'?? The REAL Christians have enough 'Fruits of the Spirit', a relationship with Jesus Christ so that they preach, witness and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! Yes, some of us are gifted more than others-- but it's the Holy Spirit that really enables a born-again Christian to speak the correct words he/ she knows to be true. Of course the real Christian MAKES THE TIME TO READ/ STUDY THE BIBLE ON A REGULAR BASIS to put that knowledge in his/ her head, so the Spirit can draw it out at the proper time-- just like putting money into your checking account BEFORE you write out the bills!
Time is so short. Please help others find the Lord while there is still time,and God will reward you, big time, with everlasting life!
If you have any questions or need some help on how to get saved right now by Jesus Christ-- just email me: If I cannot help you, I know plenty of people who can.

Thank you.

Tom Schuckman

'Jesus is Lord.'

Chrysler could go down the tube.... Oh well.

Tom's Journal.

A close friend who used to work with me on the AMC/ Chrysler assembly line called me a half hour ago and had some sad news for me concerning a union meeting he just attended. Looks like everyone there will get screwed and tattooed including the retirees who worked and paid into the system for 30 years or more....and because they recently signed a pact with the "devil" in D.C. they now have to dance when ever 'he' whistles. There is no free lunch, unless you are in a favored, specially connected group, but even the Dims will start changing their tune soon. Well, I still don't know all the details, nor did I even hear about the Union meeting until an hour ago. But I figure that we will be poor pretty soon and the union contract-- just like the Constitution, is nothing more than a scrap of paper. But those Union boys shouted from the top of their lungs how great messiah obama was going to be for our Union-- Local 72 UAW in Kenosha, WI !! 'Party with the Devil...' and then pay thru the nose latter... Ha!

Not that Mr. McCain was so much better, or less corrupt, and he would have only 'prolonged the inevitable' -- crash of the world markets, etc., but I believe that he had more respect for the 1st and 2nd Amendments and the rest of the U.S. Constitution. What always gets my goat is how humans will always grab at anything to save them... except that soon to be outlawed name, Jesus Christ, who is my Lord and Master. Perish the thought that mankind would EVER stoop so low and humble themselves under the mighty hand of God Almighty, Lord of all things. Oh well, I was young and dumb at one time too, and trusted in my own 'power' until God truly humbled me in a vigorous shake up way. But now days with all of the 'signs of the end times' it's hard NOT to see the Bible prophecies coming true, IMHO. I don't believe that what the bible calls pestilence [disease] has visited us except for the Spanish Flu in 1919, and the more recent AIDS epidemic... and the jury is still out on how bad this new Swine Flu will get. But I am not too worried about this Flu thing as we have bigger fish to fry, IMHO. Time will tell.

When I heard years ago [and perhaps from the 'wrong people'] that these last days [end times] before the Trib would be so terrifying with humans running around like headless chickens, or horrified wild life in the jungle when a lion roars... I thought to my self...' "Self", it can't be all that bad.' -- and I have been in combat before. But when there is a real prospect of losing your health insurance, money, investments, job and pension for yourself and family, and maybe your house and car... maybe that would get you rattled. And go figure that most of our US News is filtered so that we don't really know how bad the rest of the world is doing-- collapsing , and sliding down the slippery slope. So our Gov't isn't all that clean and pure as the white driven snow-- but by the time most Americans wake up to figure that out-- it will be too late. And by the time most Americans and the world finds out that Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer to mankind's problems-- IT WILL BE TOO LATE. Because after the Rapture-- people 'left behind' will be S.O.L. [surely out of luck...]. To be sure, Christians will suffer just like everyone else-- but for a season [a shorter time]... but our pain will be temporal, and we have the Holy Spirit to sustain/ strengthen/ help us. But we might get skinny and lean, and we won't be so fussy either.

Like I have posted a hundred times, it's a matter of humans having too much PRIDE and arrogance, and being so full of themselves-- so that they just cannot/ will not HUMBLE themselves to accept JESUS! I believe that is the long and the short of it, friends and readers. It only took me the last 30 years to figure that out too. Another analogy is medical surgery, where you are humble enough to make an intelligent choice to endure the short term pain of surgery to remove a cancer, etc., or just let it consume you with an even more prolonged, painful death. And you have to put your TRUST in some imperfect 'doctor!' How much better to put ALL of your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ? Yes, it does take a certain amount of Faith to do both things. But Christian Faith is not 'blind' as the "wise" unbelieving humans say it is. More on that subject latter-- and I really don't have that much time right now, these days, to argue about the 'small stuff' that ignorant unbelievers really don't want an answer to, but they just want to 'steal my time.'

I plan to see my wife tomorrow, and take her home on Friday, according to her doctors, unless they change their minds again. I am starved for good 'human' conversation.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to wash a big hound dog.

Tom's Journal.

Standoff Suspects Surrender in Sheboygan

Two men accused of triggering a long standoff with Sheboygan police that caused neighbors to evacuate have given themselves up. More

Go figure: Sheboygan, WI is considered one of the most clean, pristine small cities in the USA. I think that Reader's Digest said it was in the top 20 places to raise a family in the good old Mid-West USA area. Yes indeed, things are just popping like pop corn these days. It just goes to show that there is no "safe place" to live anymore. Sad.

I called my wife a few times this morning and she said that the CPAP machine helped her sleep last night beautifully! Good sleep is key to repairing the body. A CPAP is a machine that helps people with Sleep Apnea and other COPD problems breathe better at night and I use one too --with oxygen. It uses a constant flow of pressured air that blows past any narrow air way or obstruction so the person doesn't wake up gasping for air 100 times a night. I broke my neck in a truck accident because of sleep apnea, but I was the only one who got hurt, PTL [Praise the Lord]. All my close friends will admit that God saved me so many times for some reason, where "normal" men would have died from shock alone in those near death mishaps! Being a power lifter helped too according to some ER doctors. that was my sport for the past 30 years and I loved the strength and power that helped me do everything easier.

It seems like 2 years in combat aviation in Vietnam: 1968-70 was NOTHING compared to the next 40 years back at home, and that's saying a lot. The stresses of divorce, kids getting into trouble, losing a job, having a spouse get sick, etc., can be just over whelming, IMHO. But the constant bombardment of negative things that happen to people, even when you are doing everything 'by the book', being careful, obeying the rules and laws-- can grind you into powder!

If it were not for Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit-- I would have given up long ago and blown away with the wind. Constant prayer and bible reading/ study, IMHO, are key to survival.

Well, now the doctors say that Sharon MIGHT come home on Friday or Saturday.

I will believe it when I see it... LOL.

Question: How do you get a big stubborn Rottweiler hound to GET INTO THE BATH TUB for a bath ???? That stinky boy really needs to get clean!

More and more, I am solidifying my thoughts on the world troubles in general and the constant stream of 'bad news' that badgers many Americans, with the 'Swine Flu', the great influx of Gov't sanctioned illegal aliens from our Southern border, the economy, forbidding the name "Jesus" to be spoken in prayer by military chaplains, etc. The Prez and the Dims hoping for another national disaster so he can take more control and freedom away from the American people. I am NOT saying that obama is the devil or the anti-Christ--- but God is "allowing" things to happen for a reason!! Just like in Eziekiel where it says that 'God will put hooks into the jaws of Gog of Magog and 'lead him' into a situation that will eventually 'clean his clock' forever! Ony bible students will understand what I am saying. So..... here's the message: Don't let all the razzle dazzle of these startling 'disasters' [and some of them probably 'man made' on purpose...] SIDE TRACK you into distracting you from your [our] Primary Objective--- JESUS!! Been there-- done that. I just want to share something good that took me, personally, 40 years to learn and overcome. Be aware of the news-- but don't be a 'news junky.'

"Be wrathful-- yet do not sin." But.... is it any wonder why America is on God's list: Pro-Life News Report

Wednesday, April 28, 2009
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Current Headlines

Senate Approves Pro-Abortion Obama HHS Nominee Kathleen Sebelius
Pro-Life Groups Urge Senate to Oppose Pro-Abortion David Hamilton
Catholic Cardinal Meets Obama: Says President Denies He's Pro-Abortion
Pro-Abortion GOP Senator Specter Switches Parties, Now a Democrat
Congressional Bill Could Allow Tax Funding of Human Cloning for Research

Planned Parenthood Responds to Sexual Abuse-Abortion Coverup Video
U.S. News Editor Bonnie Erbe Attacks Exposure of Planned Parenthood
• Ohio Court Allows Legislator to Join Abortion-Sexual Abuse Coverup Case
Indiana Democrats Attempt to Sink Bill Limiting Abortion, Protecting Women
Montana Court Gets Pro-Life Legal Brief Opposing Assisted Suicide
Mexico City Sees Swine Flu Virus on Second Anniversary of OKing Abortion
Spokane College Subject of Hearing in Pro-Life Discrimination Case

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Senate Votes to Approve Pro-Abortion Obama HHS Nominee Kathleen Sebelius
Washington, DC ( -- The Senate voted on a lopsided 2-1 margin in favor of pro-abortion Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to become the next Health Secretary. Pro-life groups had opposed her nomination because of her lengthy pro-abortion record voting pro-life bills and her close connection with a late-term abortion practitioner. Senators voted 65 to 31 on Tuesday to confirm Sebelius as the secretary of Health and Human Services, approving yet another of President Barack Obama's pro-abortion nominees. As the health secretary, Sebelius could have an impact in crafting a health care plan that could cover abortions with taxpayer funds or require insurance companies to cover abortions in their plans. Sebelius could also issue new regulations overturning the protections President Bush put in place that protect pro-life doctors and medical centers as the Obama administration has proposed doing. During the debate leading abortion advocates promoted her for the position and used the recent swine flu epidemic as rationale to support her. See how your senators voted by going to the Full story at

Coalition of Pro-Life Groups Urges Senate to Oppose Pro-Abortion David Hamilton
Washington, DC ( -- A coalition of pro-life groups sent a letter to members of the Senate today urging them to oppose the nomination of Judge David Hamilton to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Hamilton is President Barack Obama's first judicial nominee and he has handed down a decision blocking a key pro-life law. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on Wednesday on his nomination. Hamilton was initially appointed by President Clinton to a district judgeship in Indiana in 1994 even though the ABA gave him a “not qualified” rating. In that position, Hamilton issued a series of rulings over seven years that prevented Indiana from implementing its informed consent law that would give women information about abortion's risks and alternatives. The letter, signed by leaders with Con


Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Note.

Tom's Journal.

Quick note. I drove the 200 mile round trip to have my scooter repaired 'up North' in Sheboygan, WI., by a giant man named Matt whom I get along with pretty well, and brought my dog too. It took him 2 hours to repair the loose female receptacle that accepts the charger plug -in pig tail. Who ever made/ installed that part FORGOT to secure it with glue! We think that it or parts may have been made in China.... Ha! I was happy that we got it fixed and for free-- but also ticked off that the manufacturer didn't do it right the first time. Matt said, "Poor Quality control." My scooter is a big, strong tank compared to most of the other small scooters and is made to go out doors more so, and speedy, about 7 mph +.
I called Sharon when I got home and she said the doctors now want to keep her a few MORE days to make sure that her Tracheotomy incision is healed all the way to accept the full force of her CPAP machine that allows her to breathe right when she sleeps.
I don't want to sound winy but this is getting old.... lol. I am sure that Sharon is tired of the lonely hospital too after a month of pain and suffering. Some folks would prefer to just die rather than suffer through all of that trauma. She thanked me for calling.

I am kind of worn out already and it's only 11 AM, but I need to do a few chores before I relax too much.

Please offer prayers for my dear friends Robb and Penny, Ventura, CA, who also suffer with physical pains and discomfort. Robb is a Vietnam Vet too, and you better know that if WE don't stick together and support one another-- who will ?? Penny is still very active in her preaching and witnessing work.

Have a great day!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Freedoms lost.

Tom's Journal.

Please visit Dirk's fine Blog:


Did it ever occur to you that Mr. Obama and his Dims henchmen/ women are trying hard to push the U.S. people into some kind of open and perhaps violent revolt by passing all sorts of un-Constitutional baloney-- so he can seize control of EVERYTHING and cut the rest of our liberties and freedoms out in one big sweep??! Or is it just me, and Fox News?

Per Bible students-- we already know the end game and what WILL happen-- but we don't exactly know HOW it will happen and what provokes the lynch pin. After all, 48% of the so-called "Conservatives" must have a belly full of the Presidents mischief by now, and when he 'presses the magic button' some will rebel, IMHO. Personally, I don't look forward to violence and civil unrest, but we still have a few laws on the books that have not been over turned, yet. Yet few will take up the cause and voice their rights. And go figure, why is Obama having special 'camps' built and the New Hitler Youth Org getting established, and an extra 70K special home defense troop being set in place? Duh... can we see the 'hand writing on the wall?' Like I have repeated my mantra so many times... 'History is not one of our stronger points in the good old USA.'

But you all heard how to boil a frog, I hope you remember. Put him in a cool bucket of water.. and slowly turn up the heat.

Maybe I am just barking into the wind-- but it's funny how the majority of Americans just watch their freedoms get ripped off and nice and slow.


'Common Sense is not part of our social fabric these days.'

Tom's Journal.

I heard a good one today: 'Common Sense is not part of our social fabric these days.'

I learned and collected many good and funny slogans, sayings, proverbs and truisms in my life and sought after wisdom-- only to find out that only a real understanding of God and the Bible will yield that.
And even with some smart and experience, I still get 'stuck' too many times-- but I can at least diminish the rip offs a bit due to 'lessons learned.' I figure the height of all stupidity would be going to hell forever. Even a person in the career Army, or someone doing time in jail [except a lifer] knows that some day he will be free if he keeps his nose clean, IMHO.

I fear that Sharon doesn't have many to talk to in her private room/ hospital, and her mind is not being 'sharpened.' Remember Proverbs 27:17, 'Iron sharpens Iron' ?? I am happy that she has good books to read, but her mind may not be used to good conversational talking, yet. I miss that too, and my dog has his limitations...LOL. I did spend some time with him outside and got too much sun on my face and chest as I baptized the gas grill with 2 great sirloin steaks, plus I roasted a leg of lamb in the oven-- as I am finally getting the hang of it's operation. I will also try to charge my scooter batteries with a special motorcycle trickle charger in the morning. I will be sure to make it to church this Sunday too. And I can't believe that the indoor air temperature is 79 inside my house right now! I would HATE to turn on my A/C in April, but I do have a few good fans.

I guess I will have to drive to the scooter dealer to get the wiring or short repaired next week anyway, and I wish I could get my 'old batteries' back from the store that replaced them. It's stuff like this that frustrates me and puts me in a foul mood-- and it's the lack of good available service on products we buy now days!

Well, Chrysler really looks like it's in dire straights and bad shape right now. Go figure, we have a contractual agreement where we were promised benefits and money for our retirement THAT WE ALSO CONTRIBUTED ALL OUR WORKING YEARS-- LIKE 30 years worth, and we stand a chance to lose it now! It's a crime, and even those pension funds are guaranteed by the Federal Gov't !! I bet that will humble plenty of people and anger a few red necks [no offense intended], and I just might be one of them. I don't EVER want to hear from some myopic wimp that we were over payed, because few men or women can pull that heavy weight day after day! I have seen a few hundred new hires come in one day, and a few dozen walked out at noon and never came back.... to rough of a job. Just think if the Gov't did that to the military [but never the Congress..Ha!] after their retirement 20-30 years after they put their lives on the line. I bet there would be a new president in a heart beat..Ha! Do you suppose Janet Napolitano knows something that we don't ?
Just another 'Dim' dog like Pelosi. Oppps, that wasn't any negativity coming out-- just the plain old TRUTH! I don't have much respect for the RINO's either [Republicans in name only] as most of them are corrupt too.

I figure that Sharon is getting bored enough and well enough to ask for an early parole from the hospital-- and then we can relax and sort it all out. The pix I took of her are worth gold to me and it reminds me how much she suffered. The German cleaning lady told me today that she would never dream of going thru all that torture-- but that she would rather just die! I love the Germans and their language. But they constantly look for perfection-- and being imperfect humans, they go around frustrated all their lives, IMHO. I am German too, but I strive for excellence-- not perfection, on earth. I am not about to have a heart attack or stroke trying to impress any human. The Bible teaches us to be BALANCED! And many people who appear to be perfect are often hypocrites with 'secret sins' that they hide. As a Christian matures biblically and spiritually -- he often improves, and everyone has a different speed that they mature, and still have things to work on up until they die. It's not up to me to judge people, however, I can see, hear and observe what people do. But-- not to worry. We all have bigger fish to fry right now as we all lose everything-- unless we are one of the few--well connected Dims, or 'special groups' that got their boy elected. Right now I am making huge bets with people that we won't have the same currency a year from now. Nobody will take my bets...
Keep your squirrel rifles well oiled and clean, and your bibles and gun powder dry. Don't trust too many 'stocks and bonds,' but pay OFF your bills and plastic NOW! You will all WISH you were still here in April 2009... one year from now. You are going to see many so-called 'friends' abandoned you in your hour of need, especially if you call your self 'Christian.' We will be the 'New Order's' pariah, and there will be a huge 'separating work' done on earth as never before. Judging by how the 12 Apostles died, things won't look so rosy, but rest assured that our salvation is very near. When I ran track and field in high school, we had some great coaches who taught us to focus on one thing-- winning! It's a mental discipline that soldiers are taught too. If you DON'T pay attention-- you might become a casualty of the roaring lions that walks the earth-- Satan. Don't be fooled by that wily old cat. Keep your clothes on and stay alert. There will be time enough to rest in heaven, my friends.

God bless all believers! And I am afraid that excludes most of my own family. Sad. But everyone has a choice.

Sharon just called me to say good night-- so I will too. I will try hard to visit her soon, maybe Sunday. She is trying to 'shelter' me from undesirable news, etc., so I won't blow a fuse or have a cow, but I need to know all troubles, secrets and failings to make the correct decisions to protect us from evil.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Progress-- and more set backs.

Tom's Journal.

More good news according to my wife. The doctors say that Sharon just MAY be home next Wednesday or Thursday, and they have just removed all the stitches, and the tracheotomy pipe and cap so that it's starting to heal closed now. I call her about 4 times a day to see how she is doing, and also to find out information concerning WHERE TO FIND THINGS AT HOME...LOL ! She will continue to convalesce at home and we will take things nice and slow. We have a great hound-- but he just can't have a conversation with me, yet. And the cat is too independent and does what she wants-- a fancy cat. I enjoy dialogue and companionship, and I don't care to eat alone. Sharon is a better cook than I am and I like the way she cooks my eggs and toast in the morning. You could say that we both know what the other likes and how to please-- but also how to 'push each others' buttons.' We will also work on communicating better, and be happy and content.

Another disappointment for me is that the new charger and new batteries for my power scooter were NOT the problem-- it's somewhere in the electrical wiring! Now to find a place closer to home that will fix it for me, and I am so frustrated at spending all that money I didn't have to. RULE: Never buy something that isn't serviced close to home!! I got the exact scooter for me, but driving 100 miles up North to Sheboygan, WI., is a stretch for me, and I just had to fill up the Ram gas tank for $49./ 23 gallons. I used to work on my own motorcycles and old autos years ago before they got too complicated, but I just can't be knowledgeable in everything that gets built now days. I will study the manual anyway to learn more.

Well, this means that I can't use my scooter for a while, and I am so glad I took the items to Sharon the other day and visited with her.
I was just thinking how much I appreciate my Christian Radio station, WVCY, 107.7 FM, when ever I get up or go to bed, and when I am on the road, especially lately. I hear the unvarnished, raw truth in news and what's really going on in the world-- and how it applies to Bible prophecy and these 'end times.' When the rest of the world is running around like '3 blind mice' and a chicken with it's head cut off, real Christians should be happy and joyful that our salvation is near!! We don't take delight in all the human suffering, but humans are to blame, not God! And we are ALL affected by human imperfection, suffering, illness and death of loved ones.
Too, if we are indeed soldiers of Christ-- perhaps we won't complain so much about our lot in life... and that's something I need to work on. But I just try to share facts for my friends to keep in contact.. and I enjoy knowing what they are up to-- and we all pray and encourage one another. Some of them are MUCH closer to me than my own family! I also send 'snail mail' -- that lost art. And typing is easier on my fingers that writing long hand.
Even when a guy makes a good plan and does everything by the book-- we still have Murphy's Law. One of my fav. scriptures is Ecclesiastes 9: 11... "I saw again under the sun that the race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the warriors, and neither is bread to the wise nor wealth to the discerning nor favor to men of ability; for time and chance overtake them all." Ain't it the truth!? And sometimes you yourself actually have to do the research and become an expert just to get things done these days! The so-called 'service' is so bad with incompetent employees who only want to unload and sell the products, not service them..Ha! For that reason, young folks ought to LISTEN to their elders, parents-- unless they want to make the same mistakes and find out the hard way by spending all their money. I TRIED to tell that to my 3, and my own father made fun of me to even trying to teach them. When kids get to be in their mid-30's, only then will they come back to you and tell you that you were right,and that they love you. As intelligent and good looking my grown up children are, unfortunately they still have much to learn. The 'magic number' for a child is age 13-- and they may go either way, toward God or Satan, EVEN IF YOU TRAINED THEM RIGHT! BUT, if you raised them according to the Bible, as least they will have something to come back to, like the prodigal son! And if you don't raise a child to have a skill-- you are sending that person out into the world without any "TOOLS."

OK, tomorrow is another long day to figure out how to fix my scooter, and maybe I can get my 'old batteries' back from the store just for a 2nd set.
These nights alone, I prefer to start getting ready for bed about 9PM.... and the dog wakes me up early in the morning to go outside by planting his cold wet nose on my arm hanging out of the bed... and that's enough to wake up a dead man. He also has a powerful head and neck to actually move the whole bed, and you know he's got 4 wheel drive traction where humans only have 2 wheel drive. "Man's best friend."


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I think I'm getting the picture.

Tom's Journal.

I think I'm getting the picture.... lol.
Being old have a few perks [very few...] like being able to compare the present time with the past in your own life time. And as I have discussed before, a good student of History and the Bible has plenty of insight as to what will surely be repeated, what works and what won't. And a person can get good and sharp as a razor with the Bible just as it's referred to as a "Sword [Hebrews 4:12]." It can be used to cut, but also to HEAL, just like a surgeon's scalpel! And I had a few chances to witness today with the "Sword" and indeed, even a sinner that I am, according to the scriptures that is our fundamental JOB as Christians! We don't having any 'bragging rights' in heaven, but who wants to go before he Lord with an 'empty sack ?'

Well, today was one of those days when a person can just work the phone and computer most of the morning to yield just a few small grains of silver... work actually done/ accomplished. Sharon was usually the one who did that part for us and got good at it. We figured that in less than one year of owning my Golden Avenger power scooter that the chances were slim that the batteries would go bad-- so I bought the battery charger for $115., and the scooter still didn't charge-- so I called the tech guy up in Sheboygan, WI where I bought the fine chariot and he concurred that it must be the batteries which cost me another $144 ea. for 2 of them at Batteries Plus in Kenosha. And those 2 guys were about to quit when they couldn't figure out how to pop the seat and cowling from the chassis, but I held their feet to the fire.. gently.. and we all got it done. Darn!! Do I know how to spend money!! But I was hamstrung with out my scooter, and I wanted to see Sharon to bring her some needed items so she wouldn't have to walk around nude... and I gave her all the 'get well cards', etc too, plus a few presents. And we both needed to visit, pray and see each other. She is always improving and doing better and the physical therapists work her regularly, daily, so that she actually hurt her arm and shoulder from doing too much PT [exercise].

I had the hound dog along with me today in the truck and left the old cleaning lady home to finish cleaning the house. It hasn't been so clean in years-- and that's the way I like it! She is also teaching me more German which I love to learn, as she came over here from Germany about 1968. She told me the word for DUMB [as in stupid] today... lol.

I am coming to grips with some last 'fears' or realizations about the U.S. and world situation that no human can fix or correct... and just when you think you understood or had your mind and heart ready for the big boom-- there is a little 'sadness' in some of our hearts-- about leaving life as we know it on wicked, corrupt old earth. It's as if we know what will happen as we re-read and studied these prophecies for most of our lives-- but may have been lulled into a lazy restful sleep-- just like the intense boredom in Vietnam, and then all of a sudden: BOOM, BANG, POW-- you are in a surprise instant battle that gets people killed and blown up !! The scriptures talk a lot about NOT falling asleep on guard duty. And who of us is not tired of all the stress of the rat race of life, and wants to kick back and have a cold one for a day or two? And the devil doesn't make it any easier on us... Ha! We KNOW that there will be ultimate joy and happiness in heaven forever with Jesus that we prayed for all our Christian lives, but for some of mankind [especially in oppresive lands] the Rapture couldn't come fast enough to end the hunger, pain, sorrow. and misery of oppression, torture and killings of Chrisitans who try to practice their Faith, even quietly. American is too fat and ignorant to know about such things, except for many soldiers who have seen the 3rd world. My Dad and my uncle John saw such hunger and poverty while in the service/ over seas, and I did too. For the most part, I was used to working hard, paying bills and having what I wanted, PTL. But it's more than just being well fed and having the nice house and car [toys, and Steaks on the Bar- B -Q] now days-- it's the lust for POWER and CONTROL over other people! "Man has ruled man-- to his injury." Eccl. And it never ends... ever since Cain killed Abel.

Most Bible scholars and students I know think that the Rapture will come in the beginning of the 'Great Tribulation', so that means we will also endure want, persecution and hardship-- if not martyrdom too, to some extent-- but any way, we are in it for the long haul. Actually, that part is going on right now in the world! But we should not be fearful or preoccupied about this, but hold our heads HIGH because we realize that our SALVATION is near! Go figure, if most so-called 'Christians' [ CINO's] pray that prayer in Matt. 6:9... 'Our Father' all the time, are they not asking for 'God's Kingdom to Come??' But are they REALLY ready or desiring it?? In a strange, twisted way, Mr. Obama was correct that America is not as 'Christian nation' --if that is what he said -- [now] as the majority have chosen to vote for the big supporter of abortion... murder of the unborn and exporting it to other countries as well, plus all the other un-Godly perversions we now have-- if indeed that was his context. And I heard that Obama's new Hitler youth thing is under way and paid for now too. 'Get 'em while they're young and turn them against God!' Yep! Things are moving right alone and no body has what it takes to stop obama's machine, I guess. Am I the only one who sees these things, and why is it only the old and infirm/ disabled who have to pound on the doors of D.C. ??

Pretty soon I will be out of breath and blue in the face.

The doctors 'capped Sharon's Trach surgery in her throat tand removed the Trach tubes in her lungs, so they will just use some oxygen at night with her CPAP breathing machine and see how that works. If her oxygen level goes below a certain point the alarms will go off and a nurse will come in to check on her. I don't know if I told you all, but Sharon also has diabetes, and a few other goodies. I am finding out more bits and pieces about her surgery as time goes on, like the docs glued her sternum back together so there would not be such a scar. They took out all the other stitches today too. She is still wobbly on her feet. Oh the joys of getting old and retiring! Woo Woo! And my gas tank is empty again, but praise the Lord that we still have 'cheap gasoline' yet.



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Re-inventing the Wheel.

Tom's Journal.

<<< I am sharing a treat with my hound, "Deuce" the Rotty. This is where I sit when I post articles on my Journal.

There are plenty of movies/ comedies about it, but when the woman is gone, sick or missing from the relationship/ house-- many times the man has to re-learn or 're-invent the wheel' about many things and operations at home... LOL. Well, it's like everything else, people become experts of sorts in their own little worlds/ stations in life, as things are delegated, and they also have developed a "system" of where they put things!! Ha! Frankly, I am partly hamstrung in finding things and how to run things in my own house because my dear wife agreed to always 'take care of that stuff.' But now that she is more 'vocal' on the phone and in person, I am learning how to do things and where she hides things.

I have also learned [or it finally sunk in my head] that, like Charles F. Stanley and Adrienne Rogers say, 'God will hurt you-- but never harm you.' To His own believing children/ followers in Jesus, God will let us suffer for going down the wrong path in the short run-- so we don't miss out on everlasting life in the long run--eternity. It's not much different that a loving human father who might inflict a little pain in a boy's youthful behind so the lad doesn't go down the foolish path leading to destruction. When ever you meet up with people who have a chip on their shoulder or a messed up emotional system-- chances are that they came from a dysfunctional or truncated family, usually from a broken home [or PTSD from combat..] . But right now in the year 2009, there is so much demonic and destructive worldly human influences that it's a wonder any of our kids even survive!! They should have gone to school when and where I did... lol, Waterford High School--class of 1967, in Wisconsin! The teachers were not above slapping the snot out of 'tough guys' and jokers.

But I don't care to live in the past anymore; I must force myself to look to the near future. Just THINK of how fast things are moving in the present, with corrupt politics, shredding of our Constitution, American way of life, and other countries failing too, economics. Most people are just plain scared, confused or just so ignorant and looking for personal gain or a HAND OUT FROM THE OBAMA GOV'T--- to take note that this was all foretold. I confess that I don't have faith in ANY political party, system or human on earth-- no matter if he/ she is looking to help and fix things. NO HUMAN CAN DO IT! Only Jesus can remedy the world wide situtation! Too bad I have not completely understood the details of God's Will until recently when Jesus woke me up through a traumatic event, the help of a friend and new church. It was easier for me to put my faith and trust in 'tangible' visible things and people, like most other humans on earth [and all through out history]. People in my own family still think this way, and I have been beating up myself for 'not being able' to adjust their illogical, agnostic mind sets and reasoning.... But just read Matt. chapters 10 and 11 to figure out that this stuff will happen-- where families will be split up and everyone is a 'free moral agent' able to make up their own minds and hearts as to what and who to believe in. Most will choose anything BUT being accountable to God in Heaven!! PRIDE is a bad, dangerous sin, and our worst enemy. I used to be very prideful-- and that's why it took so long for me to get right with God and be a REAL follower of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. And now I am seeing more progress, with the Holy Spirit calming me down with more 'fruits of the Spirit.' ~Gal. 5:22.

If any of my friends and readers can identify with what I am saying, or have a similar story, please forward it to me. I will not publish it unless you give me your permission. But I think it's good to bare the soul, if just to show others and demonstrate how humility works in our Christian lives. I have even taken a few pointers from people who abused and tried to destroy me, choosing to accept the tiny nuggets of truth in their poison! In the book of Hebrews-- there is a place where 'God scourges those whom He loves.' Someone help me with that, please.

We believe that Sharon might be on target to come home in 2 weeks-- if she continues to progress as well as she has. I talk to her on the phone about 3 times a day. As soon as I can charge the batteries on my power scooter-- I will see her in person and visit longer. Thank you for all of your prayers.



Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting a new battery charger for the Golden Avenger scooter.

Tom's Journal.

You have to see these pictures:

This set of pix was sent to me from some old friends, Steve and Barb Brulport. thanks!

After searching for the place in Sheboygan, WI where I bought my Golden Avenger
power scooter on-line, I talked
to the big guy, Matt, who helped me reason that my problem might be the battery
charger, and not the batteries
so I ordered another charger that should be here in 2 days. More money... lol.
I called Sharon to tell her these things and promised that if I can re-charge the
batteries with my own trickle charger designed for motorcycle batteries, I will
visit her tomorrow.
She wants me to bring her some things, like a house coat, etc.

Sharon tells me that they treat her very well, kind, and expect her to make fine
progress so she can come home finally.
However, yesterday a nurse's aid forgot to re-plug Sharon's respirator back in
and Sharon had a hard time breathing!
While everyone makes mistakes-- when the 'medical profession' does so-- people
die or get injured! [See: VA hospitals]
I told her to report this to the head shift RN, not to punish the girl, but to make
sure it
does not happen again. How would that NA feel if some patient died because
she wasn't paying attention to her job?? Sharon became sick because of the
'mistake' and was
cut off from her oxygen for 4 hours.
Other than that small incident, Sharon has no complaints, even about the food,
and she said
that she gets right up by herself and walks to the nurse's station outside her room
to ask for help or info, and the staff is pleased with her progress. The next
important step
is for her to get rid of the tracheotomy tube, etc, with respirator. That will be
big step, and then she
needs to work on her endurance to get her strength back to try and lead a more
normal life.

I have adapted somewhat to my 'single' living alone, but it's still kind of lonely.
Now I realize how much dogs and cats comfort people. And our wonder dog, 'Deuce'
is more obedient to me alone, knowing that I am kind and loving-- but I mean
business-- but |I have what is called, a "command voice" that gets his attention,
so the
dog trainer said when she let us adopt the dog from Rottweiler Rescue. She
was a smart
trainer and loves her job, and the dogs.
Yet, Deuce and the cat have lost some weight in the past 3 weeks because I believe
they miss
their mistress, Sharon. I believe that they mourn just as humans do-- but I may
be wrong and am not an expert on dog emotions.
I still have a busy day ahead of me and better get cracking even in the cold rain.
Got to go to the post office, store, and work in the garage in the back yard.
It's a muddy quagmire in the back yard in the Spring time, but Sharon claims
that we
need the rain.
I call her up several times a day, and she likes that.

Don't be afraid to comment. I publish them as soon as I read them--
and it's only for a few
dumb losers/ perverts that I even have this new screening system in use.
I really enjoy all your comments and kindness and will be commenting more on
from now on-- now that things on the home front have settled down! PTL.

Have a great day!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sharing something Good.

Another note to my friends, readers and fellow soldiers in Christ, before I hit the hay. If anyone knows something about power chairs and/ or power scooters that help disabled ones get around, I am having a problem charging my scooter, a Golden Avenger that I like. I tried re-setting the kick out button in back of the seat, and tried changing the fuse in the charger itself, but it still won't charge-- and that will prevent me from seeing my wife in Milwaukee because it's so far from where I park my truck, and my knees and back are screaming at me already. I am not complaining-- just stating a fact, and that is why I have my power scooter that helps me get around and gives me/ us, quality of life! I know that I will have new joints in heaven, if not from the VA...

I also want to share a few points of interest with my dear friends who have to deal with abusive or unbelieving spouses who make things hard for the Christian to practice their Faith and be a good, loving spouse. I can speak about my own failings and many mistakes in relationships -- and maybe someday I may put them in a book-- a big book, lol. I like to communicate with people on my 'own level' in a quick, descriptive, intelligent manner, and that's why I appreciate most combat Veterans and Bible students who know how to speak my ENGLISH language, and I always had a love for languages in high school, studying Latin, French and German. But I like people to pay attention and respond in good order, and try to answer my questions with truth and clarity the FIRST time!
I hate to have to ask 10 questions to get a simple answer, and I don't like to play mind games.
Back to unbelieving spouses who just don't have the humility or desire to accept the Lord and do His will... I want to recall Jesus' words in Matthew 10: 32..... "Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is in heaven. But who ever denies ME before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven. Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter in law against her mother in law; 36. and a man's enemies will be enemies of his household. 37. He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. 38. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of me.

Friends, and brother/ sister in Christ, you don't hear too many preachers and churches talk about 'this side of Jesus' now days-- yet His words have a big time application now in the 'end times' more than EVER!! This is not doom and gloom preaching, this is the stark reality of spiritual warfare! Soldiers and Patriots should understand this the best. Like I said before, Jesus doesn't want any cowards in heaven [see Rev. 21: 8... and the first type of people mentioned there...] --COWARDS! Actually, it takes a lot of guts/ courage to speak about something very unpopular and even die for a belief. But go figure, the heathen and atheist may fight and die for what they believe-- but guess where they are going for all eternity according to Jesus in the bible?? Either you believe in Jesus and the Bible -- or you don't! If WE suffer and/ or die for Christ's sake, WE are PROMISED a reward for all eternity. And in my case and my wife, Sharon [and she thought she had a 'vision' during the operation... but I told her that sometimes for lack of oxygen-- the mind plays tricks on us. But I am NOT discounting her story of course, and she said it was a very positive experience that gave her strength in the Lord!] we are older, when the strong body starts to break down and we realize just how mortal we are. We are really only a heart beat away from eternity!! Ask my wife!

I like to reason that this whole world is going down he toilet [ although you sure won't get that 'news' from main line TV...or the Gov't...] and NO HUMAN CAN PUT IT BACK ON THE RIGHT COURSE! Prideful men and greedy 'leaders' will say they can, but who are they really fooling? Certainly not the well read, studied Christian who loves Jesus and accepts Him!
For the unbelieving spouse, husband or wife, God sees our constant fight to maintain our love, respect, integrity, and obedience to the 'Golden Rule', and we WILL be rewarded in due season. I well know that sometimes 30-40 years may seem like eternity, but even 100 years is just a drop in the bucket compared to everlasting life with God-- or in nasty hell, and Jesus actually spoke more about hell than He did heaven. Yet, some of us will continue in selfish lusts of the present Satanic system--giving in to the temptations of humans and demons daily, instant gratification, immoral behavior, wrongful deaths, crime, greed, and corruption. They are NOT 'sick' as the pill popping liberals and 'doctors' -- want everyone to believe-- they are just plan wicked and evil !!

Some of you people from the Inter Net, friends, have really helped me deal with a great depression and dilemma with my wife almost croaking on me and leaving me alone-- but she got a '2nd chance'-- PTL, and now we are both thrilled at the prospect of starting over, but concentrating on Jesus this time . In a way, it's like combat, where you know you could be killed ANY day from a number of things, and you promise yourself that if you ever get back home alive to the USA-- you will live the rest of your life a different way.

It was a pleasure and privilege posting this message, and I know that some will embrace it and be thankful as it hits home. I want to share my 'good things' with people I care about and encourage them as they have done to me.

Thank you, friends!


Walking to a Different Drum Beat now.

Tom's Journal.

A close friend sent this to me, and I took it to heart-- because it's true and right.
I will make a pact with myself to try harder to avoid fanning the fears of many, and not post so many daily horrors, and loss of our U.S. Constitutional Rights and Liberties that befall our country, especially since Mr. Obama was elected-- even though I get a thrill by holding him and the Dims up to scrutiny and light... lol. >>> Thank you, Penny and Robb, for the good advice and kind council.


We've talked about this. We are praying. We're happy to hear that Sharon has found her voice. In Jesus, Penny

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From: James Moss <>



To my fav. friend in Kansas.

Tom's Journal.

A letter to my fav. cousin and friend in Kansas.

Hi Cousin Wanda,

The air temp in WI is 72, but it will get cloudy latter and maybe rain tomorrow.
I just got back from visiting Sharon today for about 2 hours, and we had a very pleasant day. The nurses wanted her to have her tennis shoes as they intend to take her walking a lot more, and she is leaning into doing what ever she must to get out soon!
She told me that she had 3 nurses in her room before the shift change and they were all talking about the bible, after Sharon showed them the 'Book' in her room. So she is very Jesus oriented and thinks that God let her live for a good reason-- to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then I gave her a NASB study bible, her purse, shoes, etc. she was so consumed with talking to me that she forgot to order her lunch! But I put a few oranges near her, and she loves them.
She was proud to show off that she could stand up by herself and give me a good bye hug and kiss. I know that from now on I must not stress her, but I think that the two of us have already made the big, necessary changes and mindsets.
Let me tell you the "secret" I have learned... I know that God gave us the brain, knowledge to figure things out by ourselves-- but the beginning of UNDERSTANDING AND WISDOM comes from GOD, and we [I] must depend on Him for all of our understanding and direction. That's is about where the PRIDE has to go. Things really didn't work for me until I finally got rid of a lot of pride. But just look at all the famous people who are so full of themselves in this selfish , greedy society... and how about our Gov't and Congress.. lol? The more dependent we are on God's truth and leadership [found only in the Bible] -- the closer that we will get to Jesus and we will fare well in this life and the next. The majority of humans on earth simply WILL NOT do what I just said!! All we can do now is to continue the Gospel work and try to set a good example as a Christian, and leave the rest up to God. It sounds simply to we Christians-- but worldly, unbelievers WILL NOT AND CAN NOT UNDERSTAND.
For one thing, they need the Holy Spirit before they can understand the scriptures, but they will not set aside their PRIDE to even ASK for the Spirit to come into their hearts!!
We don't completely understand the Lemmings going over the cliff either....
Cousin, I just learned this the hard way and it took a major life and death ordeal of a loved one to finally pound it thru my hard head... lol.
;-) You are probably well aware of every thing I just said-- but I just wanted to put it in this email.
One more thing that I explained to Sharon today was that, we must also root all the evil, hatred and mental violence out of our heart too.... but just remember Matt. 7:6, that some people are just plain wicked and want NO part of Jesus or the Bible. My own mom told me a few months ago that Jesus and the Bible are just a big fairy tale... and the rest of my family don't give a hoot either. Sad. God took a sow's ear like me and made something useful out of it... and He is still working on me-- and other Christians until we walk straight-- but we are already assured that we will be in heaven-- NOT because of any 'goodness' we have or merit -- but because we have bonded to Jesus and accepted Him as our only Lord and Savior! We imperfect humans will continue to sin -- but because of Jesus' sacrifice-- we are FORGIVEN and heaven bound!
:-D Don't you all think that this is worth sharing ?? Actually, ALL Christian are COMMANDED to do this sharing work! That's what separates the 'men from the boys-- being humble enough to accept this charge, this primary directive. Our enemies may kill our bodies-- but not our soul. So really, what it there to fear? Jesus Christ doesn't want cowards in heaven-- He wants humble, yet able, soldiers who hear and obey to the best of their abilities. Ponder on this, please. We will not all have the ability to use the "Talents" [gifts] the same way or to the fullest extent. But just like the book of Malachi-- would you even think of giving a gift or taxes to your governor that is diseased or flawed or filthy??
I like this message so much that I will post it on my Journal.
God bless you and make you fruitful. Sharon is half way done with the new book I gave her, "Simply Jesus" and said that she learned a lot too! I need to capture some of this joy and happiness and stick it in a bottle for latter... lol! I would like to see YOUR comments on my Journal too.

Latter Friend,

Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama: 'America not a Chrisitan nation.'

Tom's Journal.

Well, technically speaking, maybe Mr. Obama is right about his statement below. Judging by the 52% of goofy Americans who voted for his lies and promises, free money, welfare for illegal aliens, and bail outs for anyone who doesn't care to pay his At the risk of repeating myself, divine warnings say that there 'will be many false brothers who attend some church but prove false to it's power' as they are there to sow seeds of discontent and false doctrine. Seems to me that they are starting to show their true colors right now! How about Rick Warren and his flip flop of what marriage is all about? But when I asked questions about him and his great money making book, 'Purpose Driven Church', a few years ago, I got stoned and booed by many!! I am not all that smart-- I just know the bible pretty well after 30 years of serious study, which is why red flags go up when I hear something UN- SCRIPTURAL and strange! Like I said so many times, the Bible is written on a 4th to 5th grade level for the most part--- so are people that stupid or that lazy?!
If a person doesn't read or know the whole truth of what the bible says about these important issues-- how will he/ she know when some 'church leader' says something that is unscriptural?? It's not my intention to pick people and / or churches apart right now--- just lay down the cold hard , basic facts, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Kind of strange how the Obamas just can't be bothered with church these days AFTER the election is over. I don't need to be hit over the head with a sledge hammer...LOL! Ha! Forgive me... but it's kind of like G.W. Bush not knowing that people were dropping like flies from heat and thirst in New Orleans during Katrina, or FEMA DELIVERING TRUCKS of ice to Michigan during the Katrina disaster. Our precious rescued Rottweiler, 'Deuce" escaped that death dealing storm and was pretty much skin and bones when we adopted him. Now he is a super dog, and a 'service animal' trained well by my wife, Sharon.

I am so happy that my wife has her power of speech back today!! Woo Woo! PTL! I am just starting to relax and let my guard down again. I took many notes during our own crises these past few weeks, and observed how every one acted/ responded, dropped the ball-- and those who became heros... I learned so much about human nature and false 'Christians' --CINO's.
Good Night.

April 16, 2009

Obama: America Not a Christian Nation

John Eidsmoe / The New American:
Obama stated at a press conference in Turkey last week that we Americans "do not consider ourselves a Christian nation, or a Muslim nation, but rather, a nation of citizens who are, uh, bound by a set of values." Obama has made similar statements in the past. In June 2007, he told CBS, "Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation -- at least, not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers." Note the progression. In 2007, he said we are no longer "just" a Christian nation. Now, in 2009, he says we "do not consider ourselves a Christian nation" at all.

Posted by Editor at April 16, 2009 03:04 AM

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Sharon has gained her speech back today.

Tom's Journal.

Sharon finally got her voice back although higher pitched and she can only use short sentences because of reduced lung/ air displacement. She told me to bring her tennis shoes tomorrow and some other items. It was good to hear her voice again, even if she balled me out for not showing up today... lol. I was totally burned out from driving and traveling every day of the week, getting in and out of the truck and unloading the power scooter multiple times, etc., going to many and special stores to get her wants and needs. She is doing more walking now and it's important to get her legs firmed up and back in shape.

Well, maybe it is too soon to tell, but perhaps she will have to be on oxygen for the rest of her life... but that's OK with me, and we have the means to take good care of her. PTL. The older VA appointed cleaning lady was here to clean our house again today, but I have not messed up too much in 2 days time, plus I am more independent now in figuring out how to do and find things at home. However, when Sharon gets home, we shall sit down and learn exactly where she hides everything so I don't have to run out and buy more. The house is much more neat and clean now with room to walk freely, and I try to keep things clean and orderly. Sharon was very sick before with the heart valve ailment, etc., but both of us didn't totally understand just how bad it was! Things will be much different now that we know what our limitations are.

I heard long ago that people become more emotional after they have had heart surgery, but I don't know if that is true or not.... something to do with the 'bundle of Hiss.' I also know that Psalms says that God 'screens off' some of the graphic events that take place in the body, unborn developing infants, etc., and so the medical people induce a deep, forgetful sleep so that the patient doesn't have to endure and witness the surgery and recovery. I truly admire and respect the new techniques and skills, developments of modern medicine, except that sometimes their [doctors and nurses] egos get too big and they are so full of themselves. With all the complexity and damage of Sharon's organs, etc., we know that 200 years ago, she simply would have died long ago, and perhaps me too,with all of my injuries. But now, we may very well see the Rapture, or at the very least-- be able to witness and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others for a season. We figure that God must have had some reason for allowing us to live on thru all of our injuries and operations/ accidents. I figure that a smart, well read Christian ought to take advantage of this gift of life and do as much more for the Lord, instead of pursuing his/ her own interests and pursuits, or at least be balanced.

Years ago I had worked long, saved, invested and looked forward to the time when I could retire comfortably and enjoy some of the fruits of my labors. Recently my way of thinking has changed-- as we are alive to work for the Lord until He sees fit to call us home. Jesus is to have the major prominence in our lives! but many so-called 'churches' have truly failed Him and watered down the Gosple, especially these past 100 years! Like the parable in Matt about the Servants and the Talents-- I hope that I [we] can use the last remaining days and season of these 'end times' to produce more 'fruit' for the Master, forsaking the rest of the worldly refuse, like Paul said in Philippians. I re-read that small book today while sitting on the picnic table in the back yard with my T-shirt off, getting some much needed sun.

I have been going to bed very early these days to catch up with lost sleep and rest.

Darlene Zschech - Shout To The Lord


Honored by a good friend, Dirk.

Tom's Journal.

14 April 2009


Listen to this article. Powered by

I was very pleasantly surprised to get an e-mail the other day informing me a couple of awards had been passed on to me.

ZURAMA, who writes SUNRISE IN HAVANA, sent me two awards she posted in the Spanish language version of Sunrise in Havana. Please go visit Zurama's blogs. They're a very good read, and she has items in Sunrise in Havana that you most definitely will NOT see in the mainstream news media! Zurama has a couple of other blogs, one about the life of her autistic son, and another where she displays examples of her artwork. When you visit, leave comments. Zurama's blogs are well worth adding to your reader too.
The first award Zurama passed on was the Apache Award 2009. This one is for being an untiring fighter against Communism.
Next is the 31 De Marco Award which refers
to the overthrow of the left-wing socialist Brazilian government on March 31, 1964. Now this isn't advocating doing anything of the sort here, but what this refers to is taking a stand against socialism and exposing the socialist agenda of the government (which goes back around forty-years when it really gained momentum although socialist-style entitlements and policies go back much farther than that).
When one receives an award, it's customary to nominate others, so here goes.
The Apache 2009 award goes to Tom, who writes TOM'S JOURNAL. Tom is a Vietnam veteran who served our country as a helicopter door gunner. He fought for freedom then, and he continues to the fight but in a very different way - the power of the pen. He also takes a very strong stand for being a Christian man, and makes absolutely no apologies for it regardless of the consequences. His Bible study articles are excellent. Tom also reports on what is going on in his day-to-day life, and currently he is focused on his wife who recently had some very serious surgery and is in for a very long and hard recovery. Please stop by, visit, and leave a comment of support. I know he'll appreciate it very much.
The 31 de Marco award goes to Kevin, THE BLACK SPHERE. He writes an excellent political journal that always has a humorous twist. It's always an easy read, and Kevin definitely does not blindly accept what the mainstream news media feeds the American public. Kevin also has a show on Blog Talk Radio. Be sure to stop by and comment. I think you will enjoy his writing very much.
Thank you, Zurama! I appreciate the honor very much!


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The 'Sharon Chronicles,' -- Thursday, 4-16-09

Tom's Journal.

Hello Guys and Gals,
I saw Sharon today and will email all the 'Faithful' about the details about where she is now. It's a nice place, very calm, clean and comfortable, quiet, and I left the new book I was raving about that Wayne B gave me so she has something to do constructively. Maybe the other reason she lost so much weight is because of her diabetic diet [super bland.. lol], but she is not complaining and does not want me to bring any 'extras.' She does have the bananas and oranges yet. I am feeding her cat, 'Cuddles' some of my personal stock of sardines, and she ate half a can today when I got home from my daily 'road trip.' A few neighbors in Union Grove are now asking about my wife's welfare and progress too.

The new place of Rehab is so huge that it's easy for me to get lost, but I have no fear or pride asking anyone I grab for info, and all are kind and cheerful.

Sunny day, 58 degrees F. and beautiful!! I am counting my blessings and putting my quiet home time to good use in reading the new study NASB bible I just bought-- but I will give that one away to Sharon tomorrow, and her purse, etc. I also purchased another NASB bible on-line last night, plus 2 more "Simply Jesus" books and a complete bible NASB on CD's to listen to while relaxing--- big spender. I think I will buy 1/10th of a Troy ounce of fine gold for my wife, with part of our Fed check tax return bread-- so I can give her something tangible that won't lose it's value, no matter what happens, for about $120., and that's a deal ! There will be plenty of cold cash for her too when she comes home if she wants to go shopping... lol. We just may save up for an 'Oxygen concentrator' to help her breathe in case our insurance gets 'obama-tized' inthe future, even though we have my Chrysler Ins, etc., but I like to plan ahead, and not leave our survival left up the the Gov't ... after what happened in New Orleans during Katrina... lol. I am just waiting to see how the 'next calamity is handled by this new administration. They would be the last people I would trust with our welfare, as FEMA just couldn't cut it last time!

I brought her little fan from home to keep her cool today that she requested via nurse last night -- and that was a 'God-send' for her, as she cannot tolerate heat. She asked me NOT to send or bring flowers... just my kisses and hugs. I better start making a list right now for my run in the morning. Good Night, friends.

Auf Dich Nur Wart' Ich Immerzu - Dusty Springfield