Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday -- 4-12-09.

Tom's Journal.

What a great Sunday church meeting-- actually 2, the early bible study and then the main worship service in the Sanctuary, [tandem]. We have 2 of each because the RBC is so big [and I hope and pray that they never split off to build another church, because I love them ALL!

I told Sharon, as I always do, share and report my excursions and adventures every day to bring some light and brightness into her boring world of "house/ hospital arrest", about all the people who showed up at church, an up coming marriage, all the fresh goodies and hot coffee that they brought, the many prayers, comments, what we studied.. Proverbs 28 today. And the last prayer that pastor/ leader, Wayne Bielgaard, said, including the phase that, "This may be our LAST Easter..." and all the hugs even the guys give each other, who seem so dedicated and well anchored to Jesus Christ, above all! Sharon re-lives all of these things thru my colorful words and renditions.

Sharon seems to be getting better day by day, making progress and gaining some independence. She will have speech therapy soon in maybe a week. I bet neither of us didn't plan or realize just how long the healing/ recovery process would be-- but then the hospital staff and doctors would NEVER tell us that in the beginning for fear that the patient might think he/she may be better off just giving up and dying. But every day of progress, however slight, is good. I caught myself starting to say something negative but jerked my mouth out of gear and told her something else that was up building and positive. Sharon's days and night are boring and gloomy enough, with hardly any other fellowship, conversation or speech, visiting, so she doesn't need more of that trash. And some folks actually NEED to be screened out.... long story. She says that she hardly ever watches TV-- that's trash too, according to her [YOU GO --GIRL!!], no cable TV.

I told her that I was planning to buy her a new Laptop PC after she gets situated in rehab. She is the one in the family who is more PC savvy, mechanical, legal eagle, able to put things together, than me, and I don't mind that at all. I taught her carpentry with power tools, and she even wanted to learn welding and cutting! She has helped me make outdoor furniture, woodworking, gardening and other technical stuff, and I love and respect her for that. We have much in common and my attorney even mentioned that he thought she was a 'fine catch' wanting to do all the things that I do! Tomahawks are too heavy for her, but she has learned to throw knives at the back yard target pretty well. She is a great sewing expert and sews almost all her clothes! The food she makes is something to kill for.. lol, and I love to spoil her with every new modern appliance she asks for. We have some other target hobbies and skills that I might tell you about someday... maybe, but it may not be "politically correct"-- but I bet she would make a good mountain woman if she was younger and less dysfunctional.

Now days we are content to live from my pension and other means, and getting closer to the Lord right now trumps all other things. Priorities are key. Go figure: would you paint your house if you knew it would be torn down in a week?? We are trying to trim down and shed every kind of entanglements and weighty fleshly thing that the human eyes desire... and instead look and work toward spiritual things of Christ and Heaven. I expect that 98% of the world will think we are loony and crazed, but that's OK. Since when did my happiness or welfare depend on what other 'worldly people' think of me ??? Since when did they actually give a hoot, enough to call, email or visit-- except the true friends we have now??? God and His Christian church are just about all we need to be happy and content. He is our Father. Jesus is our Saviour.

Tomorrow is another day. Praise the Lord. 'Lord, correct us in your loving kindness and not in your anger..' Just like a soldier in training for combat-- we want to learn how to be razor sharp ready for any action, and able to follow the Lord's commands now, and not after the battle begins! Never let us be caught sleeping on guard [Marines would call it, 'Gun Watch'] or sidetracked by the devil or showy, glittery trash of the world, which will end shortly as prophesied in the bible.
Draw nigh to the Lord and He will draw nigh [near] to you.

Warm Regards,

Tom Schuckman
South East Wisconsin, USA.

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garnett109 said...

Hey Tom, I just bought some throwing knives what kind of a target can i buy for the yard, something that'll last along time?
I'm happy that Sharon is doing well.